Google Shows Off Gingerbread Cookies, Showing Off Android 2.3 Soon?



Google Mobile just unleashed a tweet that is sure to rile up the masses craving another sweet Android treat. The tweet read “Our cafes are baking up something sweet” and included a link to the picture above. Those Android-shaped gingerbread cookies look delicious and handsome with their little green bow ties, but it only makes us hungrier than ever for the next Android update. If this little tease is any indication, it could be coming as soon as we are all hoping.

The latest rumors are pegging Android 2.3 for a debut early next week alongside the Nexus S (which is evidenced as getting an in-store Best Buy display on the 14th, though contradicting rumors state the phone has been delayed for a hardware overhaul and Best Buy’s info is outdated). Just give me a big glass of milk, cause I have some cookies to eat.

[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. Those teasing bastards!

  2. I wonder how long we’ll have to wait before we start seeing it on other phones. I got an OG Droid siting here hungry for a little gingerbread.

  3. I wonder how close the Hardware is to my Vibrant and when we can expect a XDA member to port it for us. :)

  4. @Rob C until cyanogenmod 7 rolls out. Waiting for OTA is just nuts.

  5. I’m ready!

    My N1 is (un)locked and (fully) loaded!

  6. Come hither sweet Gingerbread, don’t be shy

  7. First!!

  8. Totally got an idea for christmas now…

  9. MMMMMMMMM………… I can’t wait to see the new specs on Nexus S.
    – Cortex-A9 Orion Dual Core
    – 2 Cameras with LED Flash (Probably 1.3mb & 8mb)
    – 4″ Super AMELOD 2 Display
    – 512 MB RAM
    – 16 GB Memory

  10. Why isn’t the android smiling?

  11. Android 2.3 is a rumor why would google come out with such thing when andriod 2.2 is only on 35% android phones!! I see this being release in mid 2011!!!! Google INC must be laughing there ass off!!! If it was true sprint,verizon,att,tmobile would comment on some time line when mass user would get this so great update!! In my opinion Froyo wasnt much to get excited for!! Apple is always ten step ahead!!Google need lots of improvement with their os!! I love my evo but the OS isn’t that great!! Implement video chat something like facetime all the other video chat apps are not even close!!!

  12. Google is evil, very evil. I only use them for search and junk email. Don’t trust them

  13. I predict an Nexus S with the following:
    – Android 2.3 (duh)
    – Orion Cortex A9 Dual-Core 1Ghz Processor
    – 2 Cameras

  14. I want some of them thar android cookie cutters so I can bake and send some gingerbread cookies to my iPhone friends.

  15. If Samsung is making the phone, they probably delayed it to try and fix the GPS!

  16. I would so make cookies like that for Xmas!

  17. @Trevreds- nah Samsung will just release it with broken GPS and be done with it.

  18. @Trevreds

    hahah I get it because your stupid jk but seriously…..
    i doubt anyone could make the same mistake twice and it isn’t like HTC and Moto haven’t messed up on something.

  19. Nexus S might be out Q1 in 2011!!! I can see update for froyo to improve some of the issue and possible add video chat to that updat meaning improving Froyo!!!now that make is more logical!!!

  20. gingerbread makes sense to be released before the holidays shopping season, so before black friday and of course not on thanksgiving, not even the day before, so i think it will be released no later than tuesday, nov 23rd, but hopefully the week before that.

  21. Lupson: Are you drunk? You sound like you are.

  22. Damn I’m hungry! Whatever about the firmware – I just want the cookies!

  23. @12 squirrel, you have the option not to use any of their service. it’s not like google forces you to use their products. You are free to use Bing for searches and hotmail for your emails.

  24. http://bit.ly/dlYcCb — Android 2.3 VERY soon!!

    I can’t wait to ahve that screen off animation that phandroid posted a video of

  25. The picture was taken with a nexus s

  26. Great! I might get this on my Epic 4G a year after I finally get Froyo! :(

  27. why would you complain about how long you have to wait for froyo and gingerbread nothing like the mt3g wait and everyone still doesnt have it…. but i do

  28. @Lupson You’re obviously not in tune with Google’s marketing strategy/history–or any sense of reality for that matter.

  29. Samsung better support their galaxy s and my epic 4g or this is this the last samsung device I will use

    Lazy koreans

  30. Can’t wait to see what Gingerbread has in store. My N1 is anxiously waiting.

  31. @squirrel, so evil you let them index all of your email. Haha


  33. My info prediction:

    – 4,5″ super amoled

    – (orion) arm cortex a9 dual core procecor.

    – 2mp front camera and 8mp behind (hd).

    – ginger bread.

    – 1gb ram and 2gb rom.

  34. Squirrel and Lupson, you must lead really pathetic lives to be hanging out on a blog devoted to Android when you despise Google and/or Android so much. You certainly don’t see Android “fanboys” (as if there was such a thing) posting crap to Apple blogs.

  35. I think the Christmas cookies themselves might be hinting at a mid or late December release. And I’m confused because I thought Gingerbread was 3.0?

    Isn’t the Galaxy Tab supposed to get the Gingerbread first?

  36. @lupson ur an idiot. You have no idea what your talking about

  37. so we should see it on most phones (by the time all these companies port it over to their skins) mid next year :( ?

  38. Lupson must be sick…..to say he has an evo but the os is no good he must not really understand exactly what the htc evo represents and exactly what the operating system can do…Iphone 4 couldnt touch it with a ten foot pole….every android device distroys iphone in every catagory…look on youtube…evo vs iphone 4, droid x vs iphone 4 or g2 vs iphone 4, any android device just kills iphone all the time in speed tests, browser test, navigation, speech to text, true multitasking, and the list goes on and on…..Apple and the iphone 4 will never catch up

  39. I got a G1 hungry for some gingerbread!

  40. I love how Google make releases fun & exciting.

    It does the wifes head in when I go all geeky

  41. Can’t wait for Tegra 2 devices on Gingerbread. It’s the most powerful GPU yet!! 27FPS in Neocore.

  42. @eric +1

  43. It’s Nov. 22, and STILL no Gingerbread…Arggggggghhhh!

    Hope it gets here before Thanksgiving….or maybe Xmas even?

    C’mon HTC and SPRINT!

    Feed my EVO!

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