Nov 12th, 2010


Google Mobile just unleashed a tweet that is sure to rile up the masses craving another sweet Android treat. The tweet read “Our cafes are baking up something sweet” and included a link to the picture above. Those Android-shaped gingerbread cookies look delicious and handsome with their little green bow ties, but it only makes us hungrier than ever for the next Android update. If this little tease is any indication, it could be coming as soon as we are all hoping.

The latest rumors are pegging Android 2.3 for a debut early next week alongside the Nexus S (which is evidenced as getting an in-store Best Buy display on the 14th, though contradicting rumors state the phone has been delayed for a hardware overhaul and Best Buy’s info is outdated). Just give me a big glass of milk, cause I have some cookies to eat.

[via TalkAndroid]