Facebook Updates with Bug Fixes and Added High Resolution Upload Support


facebook-logoAs if their massive app overhaul from last week wasn’t enough, Facebook is back with yet another update. Actually, it was probably enough, but the Facebook team just wanted to make sure it was working up to snuff. Bugs have been fixed, specifically one that affected Places use in non-English locations. Oh, and the uploader now handles images of higher resolutions. If you have the app, your update is waiting in the wings. If not, grab it from the info below.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Facebook app blows, slow as a sloth. works far better.

  2. “As if their massive app overhaul from last week wasn’t enough”

    Are you kidding, do you even use this app? All they added was pla ce which nobody uses and groups which doesn’t work. While i’m ranting actually, the whole application is a complete joke, they need to scrap the whole lot and start again.

    Does google realise how important it is to get this right if they want to steal market shre from the competition….?

    Right now if a blackberry or iphone user logged into facebook on an android device then it could be make or break if they get the handset. Sad i know but its a fact

  3. Facebook for iPhone blows this out of the water! Im happy with my superior iPhone.

  4. Luffy, why do you think Google has anything to do with this app? Just because Google employees are leaving to work at Facebook?

    Facebook needs to find better programmers – their website and their apps are awful (not to mention their piracy…err, privacy policies).

  5. Luffy, I’m with you, the app is a joke. Ass chipmunks could do a better job making an app. Yes, I just said “ass chipmunks”.

  6. I read a long time ago before android even had an official app that this is not developed by facebook and is in fact by the big G.

    Correct me if i am wrong

  7. Luffy, you are now being corrected. Facebook App for Android is developed by facebook not and not by “the big G”

  8. If a Facebook app for a phone is make or break for someone, they should probably take a hard look at themselves.

  9. @Luffy, I’m pretty sure you’re wrong. TechCrunch reported last Wednesday (November 3rd) that Zuckerburg said that the Facebook app for Android sucks because Google bought the guy who Facebook hired to develop it. So, Google has nothing to do with it, other than owning the original developer, who now isn’t working on it.

  10. @Justin T, spoken like a good follower that needs Apple to tell him how to think

  11. agreed with the above sentiments. the current app sucks absolute donkey balls. it’s embarassing. it doesn’t even fucking work. the only reasonable punishment for the person responsible for it is death really.

  12. Apparently the WP7 app is superior to all other platforms! Go figure…

  13. Keep in mind that Microsoft is a major shareholder in Facebook. It makes sense that they would get a good FB app for WP7.

  14. yeah my windows phone 7
    app for facebook is absolutely

    It doesn’t have chat(that im aware of)
    but the absolute freshness of the UI
    and fluidity
    makes the iphone and android facebook apps look dated….

    But i never really had to much of an issue with android facebook app…i just wanted push notifications

  15. wp7 can go die.

  16. WP7 (code name: Last Hope).

  17. Kevin, I’m honestly curious as to how you could call it a “massive overhaul” when it factually was not. They added places but it’s basically the same. Lots of stupid design choices like the fact that you can’t do landscape mode on the main screen and a lack of obvious features such as poking which have absolutely no reason to not be there.

    Worse, the fact that they have notifications for messages and friend requests but STILL not comments and such is ridiculously lazy. The app is almost useless.

  18. I love my iphone than the Android. Works wonders!

  19. So can I tag photos yet?

    er.. no

    This app really needs some more work, I can’t believe it isn’t up to the same level as the ages old Facebook/BB versions.

  20. Kris: “Keep in mind that Microsoft is a major shareholder in Facebook. It makes sense that they would get a good FB app for WP7.”

    First off, there are no “shares” of Facebook it is privately owned. And secondly, Microsoft paid $240+ Million for what amounts to something like a 2% stake in the company.

  21. I still see no reason to even use this app. Last time I tried it, there was this weird bug where I showed up as online on FB Chat and people even left messages for me which showed up when I logged onto FB on a PC.

    I just use and the Ebuddy app to login to FB chat. Works well that way.

  22. Patients is the key….They will fix what needs to be fixed on the android app honestly I could care less about wp7 facebook app or iphone face book app the bottom line is that we can access facebook through the app or through the browser and all my notifications regardless of what they are come through just fine….Android fans need to relax all will be fine…Android rules regardless the HTC EVO MAKES THE IPHONE 4 LOOK LIKE GARBAGE AND THE HTC HD7 THE ONLY THING IT HAS GOING FOR IT IS THE FACT THAT HTC MADE SO I’LL BACK OF THEM BUT THE REST CAN’T COMPARE TO MY EVO THAT’S FOR SURE

  23. Sorry Richard but tagging photos is a basic feature in Facebook and has been present in other platforms for a long time.
    The Android version is not new either you would think there has been plenty of time to sort it out, i’d happily pay if it meant it got sorted quicker.

  24. When will be able to clear the massive cache that the app generates?

  25. And why can’t they get the android version to operate and do he screen animations that iOS4 does

  26. Why can’t I uninstall this garbage without rooting my phone?

  27. what about the bug that causes battery drain and slow battery charging for incredible users?

    it was taking me 3+ hrs to charge and my phone drained rapidly, even on wifi..

    i found a forum that said i needed to uninstall the facebook update in order to fix it, and sure enough, my charges are back to around 45 min to an hour..

    to me, that is a HUGE problem..

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