HTC Mecha — AKA Incredible HD — Spied Running on Verizon’s LTE



Who has time to think about things like the Droid 2 Global and Droid Pro when this monster looms in the near future. A new shot of the so-called Incredible HD, the EVO-like device headed to Verizon, confirms what everyone suspected: this thing carries LTE. It also features Android 2.2 and the new HTC Sense. Seeing as this thing will probably be making the rounds at CES, we sure hope it quickly gets upgraded to Gingerbread, which will no doubt be out by then.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. is that a front facing camera? i believe so?

  2. @Casey, becoming more or less standard these days.

    Especially with 2.3 officially supporting it.

  3. I don’t see BING, but that doesn’t mean it’s not on there. On the other hand, if it is a DROID series phone, then perhaps it will be BING-less.

  4. Ah, there’s the love for Big Red. Now lets just hope it isn’t a pain to root and get Sense off of there.

  5. Assuming this phone is dual core, it might just be enough for me to switch from AT&T to Verizon. If the Cyanogenmod community decides to port to the Incredible HD then it is definitely a done deal.

  6. It looks to have Google Maps and if it is part of the DROID line then it wont be Binged (thank God). This phone looks way better than the samsung wannabe nexus crap and its on a carrier that actually has a great network. Not to mention my city (Tampa) is one of the first they will be launching their LTE service in. Im stoked. I knew Big Red wouldn’t let me down. They are worth every penny, I get service anywhere and no dropped calls.

  7. I think I’ll have to pay the ETF on my wonky and constantly crashing incredible to get the incredible hd. I always had Evo envy, and now that I know its going to be VZW with a kickstand, LTE and dual core, you can’t count me the hell in.

  8. Get in line. This is the phone all Android users want.

  9. The first one was sexy as hell, hope the back is still cool and they release a world version.

  10. Ahh, finally! This is what I’ve been waiting for. Anyone know if it has a physical qwerty?

  11. Of course it will be at least another 3 years before LTE has any sort of footprint in the US but don’t let unimportant things like facts get in the way.

  12. this phone looks awesome cant wait for more concrete info like a release date and what not

  13. Any clues as to the release date? My contract is up in December and I would love to not wait long.

  14. I’m not in if the battery can’t go past a 1/2 day.

  15. Why Couldn’t Tmobile Get This Type Of Design Instead Of That Gay MyTouhc4G Look. It Looks Like A Toy. But Im Guessing This Competes With The MyTouch4G & The HTC Merge Competes With The G2 & The Nexus S With The iPhone4.

  16. I may have to tell TMO buh bye. My wife will get my Nexus One.

  17. I see a 3g mobile hotspot icon top left.

  18. WOW, make it black and RED and im getting one.

  19. The current HTC evo on sprint makes the MYTOUCH 4G look like an rookie…HTC rules no question…one of these phones made by HTC is coming to the best network that does the fastest updates to there flagship devices…SPRINT THE NOW NETWORK RULES CARRIERS

  20. To Richard, mytouch is made by HTC too.

  21. If it has quad-band GSM and UMTS as well as CDMA, that’ll be the ticket.

    Fred: Actually, LTE will be in enough urban areas by early next year to cover a significant portion of the US population…perhaps even a majority.

  22. this is my future phone for sure, i hope it comes out around spring 2011 because i have my next upgrade in august and i dont want it to be out dated by the time i get it. this is a BEAST.

  23. @John
    Im the same way i have an upgrade in july and this phone looks like it could be the phone i want if it comes out around then

  24. I think that if it will be branded as an “Incredible” that it should have at least kept an optical pad of some sort, some of us DO use it…

  25. this is great i might get this unless the merge actually has LTE

  26. That better be a front facing camera and please put a track pad or ball but this phone looks BIG SEXXXYYY

  27. I hope it comes out before Christmas and ill definitely get it

  28. Awww… it’s the Droid Incredible all grown up!

  29. This thing is sex. Ill be waiting on dual cores tho. while this is impressive i have and upgrade due in Feb, this should be right on time for me to get one sick bad ass, phone. plus i will finally not have to pay 500+ for a phone!!! will be nice for a change!!

  30. I want vanilla android like on my original Droid. F*ck this MotoBlur on my droidx, F*ck HTC Sense, and F*ck the touchwiz interface.

  31. Ohhhhhh yea…I’ve had Evo envy for awhile now too. This is mine people.

  32. This could and most likely will be a huge seller for verizon hopefully they will have enough stock though maybe thats the reason for delay to be able to build stock up because they dont want to have another debacle like with the inc

  33. Can you say YES PLEASE!

  34. i just used my upgrade and got the droid x should i wait

  35. Whats so different than DROID 2 Global , which has many features business users can use. Its the most powerful phone today with 1.2 Ghz with a nice physical keyboard.
    Even if there is Front facing camera , its less practical as u can see from iPhone 4, which works only on wi-fi network.

  36. uggh, im fcking jealous, coz our family is on at&t..! i think at&t is so lame..! dear dad can we just go with verizon…? LOL :D


  38. I doubt this will be a dual-core though. Qualcomm’s MSMx60 (http://bit.ly/9u1lnO) isn’t ready yet. It will probably use MSM8655 which is essentially the same as Desire HD and myTouch HD.

  39. Waiting for Dan Hesse to make this look like a Childs toy when he Releases the EVO 2

  40. Not sure if anyone has surmised on this yet, but… Putting some pieces together, i.e. LTE 1Q 2011, Verizon rollout in “NFL” cities, the fact that the Superbowl is known for Big New Commercials, might we guess that something big will roll out on Feb. 6, 2011???

  41. ppl really switch carriers just for a new phone?

  42. man, i just got an Incredible

  43. I don’t know about others, but I’ve already been looking at options in terms of other carriers. I’ve been with mine for years and they really pissed me off with their handling of my g2 order, and the fact that they lied to me. Sure it’s just reps who made a choice to be unprofessional, but this, in addition to TMO’s apparent inability to bring in a high end device that meets my requirements, has me looking to jump ship. I’m just watching and waiting as the new devices come out of hiding so I can see if there’s something worth switching carriers for. By the way, the G2 went back. I wasn’t committing to 2 years for something unreliable, and with a questionable build (hinge). I’ve had a Nexus One since its release and the G2 just didn’t impress me. My Nexus doesn’t reboot on its own…even during calls. The upcoming Vz device I really like the build of is the Merge. Waiting to see if it’s LTE, and more hands on reviews.

  44. I want to see a Quadrant on this bad boy. This thing is gonna be sick

  45. I think you’re right about quadrant. I remember seeing the demo of the new Sense at HTC’s London event ( I believe ) and was impressed. Having no ETF or contract obligation at a time with so many cutting edge devices on the horizon requires patience. I will be patient.

  46. @hehornedone
    Not necessarily. Some are waiting on the Tegra 2 Motorola phone.
    And really, if you just got a current phone recently, I would wait to see what the dual core phones offer, if this isnt dual core.

  47. @chris
    I hope not. It should be carrier first, phone 2nd. Like Verizon isnt that good where I work. I plan on moving near my job by Dec 1. If the service isnt good enough, I may have to try Sprint or AT@T. Both of those work better near my job.

  48. @chris

    yes unfortunately people are stupid like that with money. As Jroc said it should be carrier first, phone 2nd.

  49. I would think about getting this, but Tegra 2 Motorola phone is coming out so why not wait for that phone.

  50. I’d like to see the specs on this phone. I’m currently using an Evo, but Sprint’s network is hit or miss, so I’d love to get this phone and leave Sprint.

  51. The Mecha and Incredible HD are TWO DIFFERENT PHONES! What you’re seeing is the Mecha.

  52. @ Brad, because I dont want a shit motorola, with stupid motoblur and a chip that bricks my phone if I decide to root it… not to mention we have seen how well the droid x is doing with 2.2… moto sucks. htc ftw.

  53. facepalm to everybody who says to put a trackball or pad.
    facepalm to everyone who says motorola doesn’t make good phones.
    facepalm to anybody not already on verizon.

  54. This phone looks amazing, but I’m not holding my breath that VZ will support it with decent accessories, given their complete lack of love for the ORIGINAL Incredible.

  55. This is a monster phone but.. like the Facinate Samsung just released into on their new AMOLED screen.. Not glass and now and almost bend in half very flexible.. It will innovate how phones are made. I hope this has the beautiful AMOLED screen this time if not I might wait for the monster Samsung is building and will have gingerbread for sure aka Samsung Elite….

  56. Woooow goodbye and f#%k you tmobile

  57. This phone will be out by the end of this month (November) I just left Verizon and the Rep confirmed that the phone is showing in their inventory system, and he stated by the end of the month…. he didnt give me an exact date just end of month.

  58. Yes! I can use my upgrade from one of my 5 loines in Verizon to dump my Droid X and get this perfect phone!!

  59. Actually Sandy if you knew anything about droid phones you would know that the droid 2 r2d2 has a 1.2 gig processor. and verizon sucks ass! i left verizon where i first had the droid 1, then the incredible- which is the best phone verizon has ever had PERIOD, the got the droid x that sucks ass, then the r2d2 droid 2. the r2d2 pulled 4.0 download and 3.4 upload at speedtest.net no other phone comes close to that. I now have sprint and the evo which is the best phone out today. the nexus s is garbage. verizon is 130 a month for just unlimited text and data and limited minutes on 1 phone. sprint- 2 phones unlimited everything for 130 a month. this is a no brainer. vsprint is 1st to push out ota updates and evo will get gingerbread first which will happen around march. verizon will be lucky to push pout the update before next christmas. read up on your shit before you say something on these forums people. you sound dumber than 1st graders

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