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Registered as part of the ongoing Swype beta? An update is now available for you, so jump on it. The new version brings many improvements, including Speech to Text support, double tap to edit, and continued fixes to accuracy and test input. You will have to download the update manually to your handset by visiting the Swype beta page and entering your info.

Speaking of Swype, in the wake of several top class text-entry alternatives for Android, does it still hold the favor of as many as it used to? Or have people moved on?

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  1. Awesome, my favorite keyboard app and excited to see the speech to text added. One thing I was hoping for and missing from the stock keyboard…. YEAH!

  2. sywpe is definitely a mainstay on my EVO for the above reasons and because of the soft arrow keys.

  3. I still love swype, over some others I’ve tried, such as SwiftKey and 8pen.

    But as many of others, I’m waiting to see what Google will do with BlindType.

  4. swype still beats out the rest, in my eyes!! 8pen takes as long to type on letter as a word takes in swype.

  5. I’ve kind of cooled on Swype after a few months using it. I still use it and like it (for the most part), but there are a lot of little annoyances that add up after a while. The accuracy is lacking for me, which leads to me making corrections of a letter or two here and there, which get logged in the user dictionary as words, which then pop up later when I try typing something else, which results in the godawful “hidden word” popup that’s impossible to suppress…

    I’m using the preinstalled version on the Vibrant though, which is at least a few versions behind. Hopefully the latest and greatest improves or fixes a lot of what I don’t like about it, and maybe that’ll trickle down sometime.

  6. Now how do you get this on a Droid X, which already has Swype pre-installed?

  7. I’ve been trying 8pen, just to see how that is. It didn’t seem too bad, but it won’t be replacing Swype.

    I’ll probably keep 8pen around too though, I’ll leave it as the default, in case I ever leave my phone unattended I won’t have to worry about somebody picking up my phone and typing something embarrassing on facebook, since, odds are, they won’t be able to type on 8pen.

  8. Swype is great, I used it for a long time. I’ve since ‘moved on’ to Swiftkey, though.

  9. I couldn’t tell you since I’ve been unable to get into the beta. I’m happy with Swiftkey, though, so I doubt I’ll even try Swype should they reopen it.

  10. My opinion of swype largely depends on this new version. The lest build was absolute garbage. That said, I’m still using it.

  11. I got annoyed by the manual updates to swype and moved to SwiftKey. I might go back if and when they finally realease it to the market.

  12. Oh thank science. I hope this fixes the issues introduced in the September update that made Swype unbearable to use.

  13. Feel the exact same as Mike #5. Use shapewriter but it has been acting up lately. Actually have gone back to typing and found I get my texts out much faster than with swyping. On swype beta and may download it just to have.

  14. After a quick test, this version seems much improved. I agree with those saying that the last one was awful.

  15. update broke my swype on my EVO… :( says the install was configured for another device, and i can’t swype at all now :( somebody help!

  16. i’m rooted BTW… does it neet to be stock?

  17. Like covert, Update broke my Nexus (well the Swype keyboard, I mean). No Swype at all. Same error message.

  18. Works great! The initial installation was a bit glitchy, but I’m thinkin’ it’s because quite a few people are getting it at once.

    Haven’t really tried using any of the other keyboards sans stock. Why bother? Love it!

  19. How long is this app going to be in beta? Some carriers include it in their phones preinstalled so what gives?

    It really annoys me when I like the version I am using and I am forced to upgrade to a crap version like last time.

  20. Same problem as 16 and 17 above. Swype forum has process tocorrrct, but very long process.

  21. got it to work, Lauren, unistall swype, and the swype installer, and download it again and install the installer then swype and keep doing that till it works, took me three (3) complete downloads

  22. anyone forget about Blindtype? I was waiting for this to come out but it got bought by….google.

  23. Stupid closed beta.

  24. :( it doesnt work on the cliq, at least the new version doesnt…

  25. I have to say swype has been ok until the last update. I am hoping this release is better. I tried swiftkey and did not like it, just a little too over zealous. I have not used 8pen. As for peopl with the stock version, I am confused as to why you would update to this beta unless you are rooted. Your version is supposed to be configured to you MFG rom
    For the most part I have gone back to my keyboard on my moment. It really is the fastest way to type.

  26. YOU NEED TO UNINSTALL PREVIOUS (TWO FILES) and then install this update

  27. Brian Resnik, Community Relations Specialist and Beta Administrator for Swype here…

    For anyone getting the “Configured for another device” error, please make sure that when you hit “Done” after Swype finishes installing, you wait for the “Enable Swype” window to appear.

    DO NOT press the “back” button when you see the “Start Download” button again. The license file is being generated at the time, and exiting the installer will kill the license download.

  28. I’m installing it correctly (i have succesfully installed every update up till now). I am getting constant force closes right when i finish installing swype. Im on a droid 1 and am running Ultimate Droid 2.0.
    Was looking forward to see if this update fixed some of the issues i had with the last release. If anyone can figure out what is wrong that would be great.

  29. Brian, I’m glad to see the update and glad to see it appears to have fixed the accuracy issues that were introduced by the September update. I’m sure you guys are working hard, and thanks for getting the new release out. I was about to pull my hair out with the old version.

  30. “Community Relations Specialist and Beta Administrator” is a bit of a mouthful..

    Should role with an abbreviation CRSBA, or even better CRABS ;-)

    Anyway :-P When is this going to get released on the Market. I pretty much just want to buy it now..

  31. Certainly beats 8Pen. They should have done a beta.

  32. I will wait till Gingerbread hits my Nexus because I will have to reinstall it anyways….always after an Android update. 8pen ….. I can’t figure out how to do it. :(

  33. I’ve got Swype on my Captivate, I’ve tried several keyboards, including Graffiti (Palm refugee) and Swype is by far the fastest and easiest.

  34. Thanks, Brian. Your instructions worked.

    And what do you know! I can Swype ‘because’ now!

  35. I tried other keyboards, nothing has been as good as swype.

  36. Swype is great. I actually exchanged emails with them about my company doing some software development for them, but they’re only willing to do it in house.

    Oh well. Still a Good Product, but so is 8pen.

    Brett Miller

  37. I added the new Swype to phone and after uninstalling both files I get Swpye already installed on device, and not being able to use it, tried this more than once same result..

  38. @15 Covert,
    Just click the link above and on the right it’ll say “Swype Beta” and go there. Login and under the “Phone Info” area, click the link and remove the devices. You can now reinstall Swype. I just did this and it works. I am rooted, although with the stock rom.

  39. I had been using swipe on my DX from day one. Recently I needed to factory reset my device and that reset my input device to the stock multi touch device. I never really gave it chance until this week and I like it better than swype. I know that sounds nuts, and I really do like swype…but I’m enjoying the stock softkey board for now.

  40. For me swype is number 1.I love it.I think for people who have difficulty spelling words, swype might be a problem for them….

  41. I am running a sense ROM on my N1. Previous version installed fine but new version installs then tells you it’s the wrong version. Uninstall & restore time.

  42. Thanks Swype and thanks Brian Resnick!

  43. @19: it will never come out of beta.
    beta swype is not to test the overall product, it’s to test future updates for the swype versions that come pre-installed.

    also, if you had swype pre-installed on your phone, don’t use the beta!
    you will get the update from the manufacturer of your phone once it’s been properly tested.

  44. Brian: thanks for the tip, finally managed to get it working as a result of your comment. I have to say though – WHY ARE YOU PUTTING US THROUGH ALL THIS PAIN? Swype is a fantastic keyboard, but the DRM is truly debilitating. Every time there’s an update, I spend a good hour+ fighting with installing/uninstalling/retrying/rebooting trying to get the damn thing to work. I’d much prefer to pay $5 or so and have smooth market installs, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.

  45. I would pay to not go through the stupid DRM crap myself. You people are being dumb with your product..All it does is annoy customers that would like to give you money for your product. I’m looking for a swype replacement simply because your shit is annoying.

  46. I agree with many here: I love Swype, but hate the never-ending beta and the installer. Android updates break Swype every time, which means another round of remove-remove-install-install. Why can’t Swype behave just like every other app on the platform?

  47. How long is this thing going to be in BETA. This is ridiculous.

  48. @ Brian What if the “enable swype” window doesn’t appear. It just goes back to the swype login page after the “start download” button disappears. Out of all the Beta versions, this is the 1st time it hasn’t gone straight to the “enable swype” window.

    Oh well, it might be time for a “warez” version

  49. got swype one my galaxy s but cant update to the new release looks like samsung have messed it up again

  50. I am so frigging sick of this being in Beta. SELL the dang app for god’s sake.

    SlideIT is a very good alternative. I used it for their free trial period and didn’t miss Swype too much. SlideIT sells for $8.21 US. If I buy it all this waiting will be over. (I’ve been waiting since Windows Mobile 6.1 to BUY Swype. Yes, I’ve used it as a hack, but I truly want to pay for it).

  51. Anyone know which version number this update is? I’ve installed it (at least, I think I did, I never saw the “Enable Swype” appear), but seems to be the same old Swype. Looking at it, the version I show is

    My biggest frustration with Swype is that the dictionary will never delete words. For instance, I once typed MGE in a message, and now, every time I try to swipe ME, it always types MGE. I highlight MGE and hit the Swype key, and confirm that I want MGE deleted from my Swype dictionary. However, it never gets removed. Very annoying.

  52. swype is pretty cool , but when you txt in two languages it gets anoying after a while to be switching languages. instead of having all languages integrated.

  53. Never mind, got it downloaded and installed correctly, now. And if anyone runs into the same question I had regarding version number, here it is:

    Also, this update seems to fix the issue with the dictionary not deleting words. This makes me very happy.

  54. I use Swype on my DX most of the time, but it seems to become more and more inaccurate…particularly since we got Froyo. I get words like “fir” instead of “for” and a number of other annoyances like that where you can’t even remove them from the Swype database. I spend so much time making corrections to words that don’t even exist in any language…I’m not sure where Swype pulls some of these words from when it auto-corrects. I really hope that more improvements are made into the auto-correction and/or text prediction. I definitely believe it has the potential to be the very best keyboard on the market, but it just needs some fixes.

  55. Anyone with a Desire tested this version? I tested a previous version and it was ok, I guess, but it kept screwing up multitouch on my phone (on all apps; maps, browser etc) until I rebooted. It did this repeatedly.

  56. I’ve tested many many Android keyboards and found out that swype is just the best for me.

    I tried to enter the beta, but they still haven’t included me. So since the last time I was able to find a working copy I’m using slideIT… not the same, but at least is similar.

    I found out that, for me, sliding keyboards are the fastest and less prompt to typing errors…

  57. this update means i finally have no reason to use the stock keyboard. this is great!

  58. hi i have a motorola milestone but i cant type of the swype keyboard,, could you please help how to do it but i down everything i have already the keyboard in my cell as a swype keyboard but i cant type. thanks

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