Motorola and T-Mobile Seeking Testers for CLIQ Android 2.1 Release



Motorola and T-Mobile are looking for 2,000 CLIQ owners to beta test the much-anticipated Android 2.1 (Eclair) release for the handset. This should come as a relief to many owners clamoring for the update, and goes right along with reports that the final release will take place right around mid-November. If you want a chance to be one of the lucky few all you need to do is head on over to this link, provide some info, and sit back with fingers crossed that you will be among those selected. We’d suggest every CLIQ owner does this, as the history going along with this update suggests this may be your only chance to get it. I kid, I kid. All CLIQ owners should sleep easier knowing this one is right around the corner.

[via TmoNews]

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  1. Sadly I think the majority of Cliq owners gave up on the possibility of ever getting 2.1 and moved on. I know as soon as the nexus one was available I jumped ship.

    Hope the software update is nice for those who still own a cliq

  2. 2,000 Cliq owners? So most of them.

  3. For 2.1? FAIL Motorola FAIL.

    It is 2010 this should be 2.2.

    So glad I have a phone supported by CM.

  4. Cliq? What’s that? Oh yeah, the “phone” that I replaced 4 times then bailed because I was sick of hearing about some “update in the future” that would fix all the problems… that was 6 months ago!

  5. Hah….took me a long time. Adopted the Galaxy S a few weeks back! Thank god

  6. Gave up on the Cliq two weeks ago and bought a G2. The phone basically became a brick as most of the market apps would not function on it anymore. Had no idea what I had been missing. Love the new phone.

  7. A leaked version of that 2.1 ROM has been running on my rooted Dext very nicely for a while now.
    Smiley because I won’t ever be purchasing or recommending another Motorola product again :)

  8. Shouldn’t they look for Gingerbread testers?

  9. Tia, you took the words out of my mouth!! Punched my xt in the face and got the g2 the next day a couple if weeks back.Seriously much more satisfied with the g.Go vanilla android.


  11. I’m just happy I’ll be able to download apps I can use! Yay for me & nay for Moto. I will never buy a Motorola product again regardless of specs or hoopla. Motorola seems to have forgotten that people purchased their FIRST Android device. They promised of a timely update that took 1 whole YEAR! Then they decide to release there Droid series of phones and well you know the rest. Cliq was actually successful on reintroducing the public back to Moto and has sold just fine. But Motorola is going to really hurt once people realize that there full of hype & empty promises. The market is now saturated with plenty of options for Android and in the end it’s going to be the one manufacture that listens and produces for the customer that will be on top. Those fancy Verizon commercials & will only take you so far Motorola. Bye Bye MOTO!

  12. Well let me see what this new Motorola Defy is all about….Hope i don’t have to wait for android 2.2 as long as i did for 2.1

  13. Got rid of my cliq xt last week for the g2. I’m soooo happy

  14. Downloaded and installed 2.1 for my CLIQ yesterday! I must have been one of the lucky 2000. I have to say this update is AWESOME!! Finally Motorola came through for us!!!

  15. Now, time for the xt! Let’s go Moto. Don’t sell a product u can’t handle.

  16. So…who wants the .Zip file for the beta update? LOL

  17. I hate motorola and i hate they have my 600 dollars. Now, i dont have 600 dollars and i cant afford a new phone. So i am stuck with this SHXT BRICK! I REFUSE TO EVER BUY ANOTHER MOTOROLA PHONE IN MY LIFE. IDC IF IT COMES WITH A DANCING MIDGET! I HATE MOTOROLA.

  18. I was able to download the update during the small window of opportunity this past Friday & have had a chance to play around with it all weekend. To make a long story short its worth the upgrade. Makes the Cliq feel modern & not like an antique. I don’t feel it makes it any faster unfortunately but at the least does make it fun again. This still doesn’t change my mind on Motorola or how they have left the Cliq community down for so long. Of course no more Moto in my future. It does have a few bugs but not enough to make your phone frustrating to use. Its fine for day to day usage and the new Motoblur features are welcoming. I’m sorry for not getting into detail on the new features or general use of the update. The list would be to long to even start on. One thing I will say is that they’re are more PROS than cons. If you do have a chance to download it I say go for it! Enjoy and best wishes my Cliq comrades. :)

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