Nov 9th, 2010

Even though the G2 was quickly rooted, a bug prevented the method from sticking. (T-Mobile originally called this a feature, but Cyanogen called foul. Looks like he was right after all.) Since then, ingenious developers at XDA have come up with solutions to automatically root the phones every time it’s rebooted, and a one-click solution came along to make that process even easier. Now, full and permanent root has been achieved. The breakthrough can probably be attributed to the source code being made public by HTC.

T-Mobile G2_Landscape

No one has posted the newer, updated method yet, but keep your eyes on your favorite rooting community as I’m sure there will be hundreds of eager users utilizing that F5 button how it was meant to be utilized. [XDA via AndroidSpin]

[Update]: Looks like the Desire Z and HD also have their root, as well. With that, project manager Scott Walker has committed new changes to the project’s GitHub repository and we should see this on its way out in no time. [via AC]

[Update 2]: And in no time, we shall. Here’s the link to the new method and the necessary resources in their entirety. [Thanks Chad!]

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