Droid Incredible OTA Update Goes Out Today, V Cast Apps Now Available


Verizon should have begun pushing out the new OTA upgrade for the HTC Droid Incredible yesterday as they said it’d be pushed out starting November 8th. (Note the word starting: not everyone will get it at the same time.) Alongside other minor fixes and enhancements, this update will add Verizon’s V Cast Apps  to the device. V Cast Apps probably won’t offer much different from the Android market starting out, which is a good thing for developers who want to get their applications into a less crowded and more accessible market. Not everyone will like V Cast, but you’ll have to deal with it unless you don’t opt for the OTA upgrade. (And unless you root your phone, of course.) Let us know if you guys have received the upgrade OK.

PS: If you actually want V Cast on your Verizon phone but don’t want to wait for the OTA, there’s a .apk file floating about for your convenience.


[via Talk Android]

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  1. Doesn’t work on my Droid 2. Getting an error message:
    “unable to verify account information. please call customer service”

  2. That is the most ‘nonsensical’OTA ever….

  3. Doesn’t work on my Droid X either. Same error message as D2

  4. This Droid Incredible update doesn’t work on Droid 2 or Droid x, amazing.

  5. only verizon can make people so unexcited about an ota update

  6. I got the same error when I tried to install the .apk manually on my LG Ally. I wonder if there are only letting this go to HTC Incredible phones…

  7. update just showed up on my incredible. installing now.

  8. Only Droid Incredible owners will get this update, so I’ve read.

  9. That apk file is probably tied specifically to HTC Incredible phones…

  10. I guess the APK is only for Droid Incredible owners. Ah well.

  11. Yeah OTAs for everyone you guys get this cool update and I get Gingerbread this week.

  12. Are some of you people really that stupid? Jeff says it’s not working on their X, rdrizzle says it does not work on their Droid 2. Hello!! It’s an update for the Incredible. Some people should not own a smartphone. Dumbphones are for the ones listed above.

  13. Sorry rdrizzle. I meant Warren, not you. You have a brain!

  14. i find it more than a little interesting that the vcast app is a blatant port of an iphone app… verizon has generally done a great job making their android apps look like, well, android apps. now all of the sudden they’re making them look like iphone apps for no reason… suspicious.

  15. @Dave: Well said. I was wondering the same thing. Geeez… like people are really missing out on something special.

  16. Duh, its only for HTC Incredible (RIF)

  17. @Dave #12
    Great comment!

  18. @Dave, if you decided to read the whole post rather than jumping straight to the comments, you might have understood that there is a link to the .apk for the vcast app store. Which is not the entire update for the Dinc. Wild guess, but maybe these guys tried to DL the .apk and install it on their own phones…

  19. @KrisPeezy, thanks for not being retarded

  20. @Krispeezy it came from the Incredible OTA it’s indeed for the incredible now the standalone program

  21. I have rooted my Incredible with unrevoked. Can I run this OTA as-is and then re-root? I can’t find anything on the Unrevoked website about the upgrade process.

  22. @KrisPeezy…if YOU decided to read and understand the whole post you’d realize that the Post Script message was intended for DInc owners who actually want the V Cast on their phones and don’t want to wait for the OTA update. Most DInc owners could care less about this OTA update and don’t even want V Cast.
    @Alex… Thanks for being retarded.

  23. I got my incredible about 2 weeks ago and still running 2.1 — will this OTA update bring me up to 2.2? how can I get the latest on my phone?


  24. Just got the update….they pushed the slacker app on there, too. I hate bloatware…..

  25. Received the update this morning. Oddly it appears to have wiped all my screens. All my apps are still installed and the new stuff is there (Vcast App Store). Phone appears to work fine so I’m just repopulating my screens. I don’t run any modifications of any kind – the phone is unrooted. Anyone else experience anything like this?

  26. Ooh – to answer myself – power-off and back on resolved the missing icons on the screens.

  27. Just got the OTA update. Overall… worthless. *yawn* Looks like it’s time for me to root.

    @dd: I got my dinc about 3 weeks ago with 2.1. I had to manually update to 2.2. Search this site and you’ll find all the info you need.

  28. Just got mine on my Dinc and am getting the same error mentioned above. Way to go Big-V.

  29. VCast blows. Update fail.

  30. Wow, looks a lot like the old “walled garden” decks dumb phones used to have. A little late to make a play for a closed system on a droid, Verizon. I hope no developers are paying you for deck rank. I can’t imagine it would be worth it.

  31. V CAST Apps doesn’t work on my Dinc either.

  32. @brian yeah, I also hav a rooted incredible(rooted with unrevoked) does anyone know if I can download this update without ending up with a brick.

  33. This wiped all my contacts and I had to reinstall all my apps…worthless!!

  34. I got a rooted dinc and I wanted to know if I need to unroot before update. Any help would be appreciated.

  35. Hey I got the update message this morning an when I clickedto update now, the countdown started. After the 10 seconds countdown, it was suppose to restart my phone….but it didn’t. My Droid Incredible phone is rooted with Unrevoked and I was wondering if anyone else having problems like this. thanks

  36. I finally gave in and downloaded the paid version of Asphalt 5 HD. VCast downloaded the 1st part and refuses to d/l the rest. Great… 1st & last time I use VCast.

  37. I have a droid x and am excited to see this app when it comes. The revs get more money so just maybe the apps and games wont suck as hard a year from now compared to the iphone. If it doesn’t improve by my upgrade im ditching this droid piece of trash. I want the latest games. Not a bunch or memory matches made by 3 year olds. Im pulling for Verizon on this one.

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