PowerAMP Updated to Build 243 to Allow You to Purchase the Application for $4.99


Not to be left out, PowerAmp – the music player that’s won the hearts and ears of many – has been updated today. The most notable fix is the ability to purchase the full version of the application for $4.99. (The version released before was only a trial. Users will have to upgrade after a two week period to continue to enjoy the app. And yes, I know this is more of a “change” then a “fix,” but I thought it was wrong that an application this good was being offered for free. Thus, I consider it a fix.) Here’s the full list of changes:


-Full Version Unlocker is now available on Market

-All Artist Songs via header in Artists -> Albums list

-shuffle by Artist/Album/Genre selection for SHUFFLE button

-option to enable “return to player” button in Folders/Library

-option to hide equalizer deck in portrait mode

-other fixes and improvements

A lot of this is exacty what people have been asking for and developer Max MP has delivered quite nicely. Go ahead and update now in the Android market, and be sure to buy the full version if you like it to support the development of this great new music player.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. not until i can pay for it through paypal…

  2. -option to hide qualizer deck in portrait mode
    I think you meant to say “equalizer”

  3. @jdog That I did. Thanks!

  4. May want to fix the “Applicationnn” in the title, Quentyn.

  5. This definitely one of my favorites just for having a great EQ. I’ll pay for it after the 2 weeks happily

  6. Thanks a lot, Artem!

  7. i love this amp…its one of my most used app’s not sure if i am willing to pay specially since winamp and doubletwist are free….

  8. Damn you guys sure are experimenting with all the ads lately aren’t you?


  9. be nice if they ever port pocketplayer to android. thats the best music player ive seen so far. this will do until then though.

  10. What’s so great about this app?

  11. Love the app but for some bizarre reason, it will not play my legally purchased “Arcade Fire – The Suburbs” DRM-free mp3s in this latest build, whereas in the previous build it did play that album no problem.

  12. sean you want the best answer to your questiom?

    This app is great because unlike all other music player apps, this one actually does what a classic ipod does when you put it on shuffle…it doesn’t repeat any songs it has already played….itouches and all these apps for android suck because they do not do this and i hate knowing that there is a chance if i hit the skip button i am going to eventually re-heara song i already heard not too long ago

  13. The best Music player for android….

  14. Audio fades in and out.

  15. This player grabs all the music files it can and no other music player can use them. Kind of weird. I want to use my stock Galaxy S music player too. It also has EQ and cool UI.

  16. Way too expensive for a player without compelling advantage over other players. At this price, where is cross fading as well as gapless play back? Lithium music player does both at half price with a very modern UI. Winamp does a much better job delivering sound quality and it is free. Mixzing is as expensive but provides free clips and a much smoother interface. $2.99 I may buy it, $4.99 and forget about it.

  17. @pax: What’s the compelling advantage? Its own codecs to play ogg, wma, flac, m4a, etc. It may not matter to you if your files are all mp3s, but my files are a mix of various formats. Unless you have a Samsung Android phone, which I think plays most of these formats (HTC can play wma but not ogg), this music player is really useful. I upgraded from a Hero to a Nexus One, and then realised a whole lot of wma files were no longer playable unless I bothered to convert them, which might have degraded the sound quality further. With Poweramp, they were playable again. Then, I realised the ogg files on my SD card that were previously not playable by my Hero and N1 were now playable by Poweramp. That is the difference between this and other music player apps that merely support whatever file formats the phone itself already supports.

  18. Max will add gapless, xf and cue support in near future, so be a man and just say that 5$ will make you starve (yet buying expensive android device did not, as usually).

    Anyway, this player is the best: EQ, support for many formats, library, folders, nice UI, useful widget, working lock screen widget and much more – there are no competitors at the time.

  19. If your into quality music…ogg,flac, etc recorded at higher quality setings and not highly compressed mp3’s…then you will appreciate this app for rendering your music closer to “audiophile” quality better than anything else in the marketplace

  20. @Aux: $5 will not put a dent on my pocket at all. I have already bought Lithium as well as MixZing players. I am just saying 5 bucks is a bit too much for this. Don’t get defensive, it is just my opinion.

  21. Does this app support scrobbling…

  22. What this app needs is gesture control on the widget for the lockscreen (safer for driving) :)

  23. no flac support…comeon guys meridian does.

  24. When it is on pause, and I turn my vehicle of and on,(bluetooth) or leave my vehicle and return, it resumes playing automatically. There is no stop button, only play and pause. I am constantly having to open the app and press pause, only for it to happen again when I hop in and out of my vehicle. It is usually running in the background unless I check. The android standard app does the same thing. Or is it just me? my vehicle? Any thoughts?

  25. What is missing is possibility to play “Recently added music” or sorting the folders according the date.

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