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Facebook has something up their sleeve today, but what it is we aren’t quite sure. While many are hoping it may be the fabled Facebook phone, which could possibly be built around Android with more intense social integration, we may just end up seeing new mobile apps coupled with a new mobile strategy. Whatever it, the biggest social network in the world isn’t about to underwhelm us, or is it? You can tune in live come 10:30 on the west coast or 1:30 on the east to their announcement event and find out for yourself.

Watch it live: Facebook

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  1. At the very least, they’ll hopefully announce that they’re releasing a working app. The current one is absolutely shocking.

  2. Just give us the iPhone FB app please. Facebook For Android is complete RUBBISH!!!!!

  3. Announcing a phone before a working app would be quite funny though!

  4. The Facebook app for Android is not coded by Facebook themselves, it’s simply a third party app which has official backing. An official Facebook app with full features would be awesome.

  5. better facebook app please!

  6. @#4 would be nice to have chat feature built into it and fully working menus

  7. I’m guessing it’s the addition of video and audio to Facebook chat/IM.

  8. If it isn’t a decent Facebook app for Android none of us care. Who wants a Facebook phone? It will probably share all your info with advertisers by default.

  9. Hopefully its a better app because the iOS one is way better. I wonder who got these invitations was it just Android people or did it go out to Apple sites also because if it did then that means its going to be a new app, why would they want Apple people there if they were going to announce an Android/Facebook phone.

  10. facebook bankrot pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

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