Nov 2nd, 2010

SCVNGR – the geo-location firm who offers unique location-based mobile experiences using GPS and extensive databases of destinations of all shapes, sizes, and forms – is opening up support to a global audience. Before, they were using GeoAPI’s database and tools to serve up directories of businesses, but they only supposed the United States. Google – being just as global as global can be – opened their arms and allowed SCVNGR into an early developer preview of their Places API to enable them to go beyond our finicky borders.


The app update also does away with the need to enter a venue for yourself as it will now utilize GPS and wireless networks to bring up the locations surrounding you. I’ve never been a SCVNGR guy myself, but it sounds like it could be a very nice update for those of you who are into it. Be sure to get the latest version from the Android market.

[via TechCrunch]