HTCSense.com Reveals HTC Mecha


It isn’t often that mention of a new phone comes straight from the horse’s mouth, but it’s been discovered that the HTC Mecha has shown up on HTCSense.com as one of the available phones with the newest version of HTC Sense. If you think back to August, the Mecha was one of four codenames in a massive codename drop (along with the HTC Speedy that looks to be headed for Sprint.)


Judging by the thumbnail on the site, the Mecha can be described as looking like a T-Mobile G1 with a larger screen. The groove between the display and the set of controls (which looks to include a trackball instead of the now-popular trackpad) could suggest that it has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

I’m getting ahead of myself, though. It’ll be fun to see what this device turns out to be and where we’ll see it launched. It’s worthy to note that the other two phones with the latest version of HTC Sense – the Desire HD and the Desire Z – have only been released in Europe thus far. Other than that, we have no clue. What do you think?

[via Engadget]

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  1. first

  2. That thumbnail is just the European HTC Hero. I got one myself.

  3. The Mecha Pic is from the one year old HTC Hero… und probably only a placeholder.

  4. Hopefully the phone will be made out of grape jelly… I love grape jelly, its makes everything better!

  5. ooo maybe this might be the new Nexus 2 everyones been banging about??? ok being hopeful? oh well…

  6. yeah I think the picture is just of the hero.

  7. I hope HTC EVO users can use this website ASAP.

  8. nexus 2 is going to be stock android, it wouldn’t be on the sense website

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