CyanogenMod 6.1.0 RC1


cyanogenmod-siteMoments ago CM6.1-RC1 was unleashed on the world. Cyanogen is, without argument, the most well known Android ROM developer. With his team of developers, porters and support staff they bring Cyanogen to countless devices breathe new life into old handsets and have an overall positive aura about them that handset makers and retailers can only dream of.

You’ll find some really great features in this release like Pedlar’s notification powerbar, insane performance boosts on all platforms (install SetCPU if you want to take it further), powerful new features in the camera app, new email features, a whole lot of other great stuff!

If you use ROM Manager you may have already been notified of the update, or you can get a link to the build in your specific device forums.

Remember, these are only release candidates. So while CM and company have deemed them appropriate for mass distribution you may come across unforeseen hiccups.

Models ready for 6.1.0RC1:

  • HTC Aria
  • HTC Dream
  • HTC Magic
  • HTC Evo 4G
  • HTC Slide
  • Nexus One

[via CyanogenMod]

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  1. awesome.
    upgrading now.

  2. Where the hell is the vibrant version? If Eugene can make a pretty solid 2.2 rom for the vibrant how in the hell can’t a group of team douchebags or whatever they call themselves. Bring out cm6.1 for the vibrant? Blame Wes is getting old, and his excuses are getting old too.

  3. it is also available for all galaxy s variants too!

  4. hahahaahah way to fucking fail CM yet again you fail to deliver. Team Whiskey FTW. Eat a massive horse dick wes

  5. Does anyone know if the gps/wifi/bluetooth issues were fixed on the mytouch slide?

  6. Quit your whining and go make your own if you aren’t happy. These groups do a lot of work and don’t charge, so suck it up princess.

  7. waiting for the dhd support :(

  8. Could not agree more, OMG Ponies! (awesome screen name by the way)

  9. CyanogenMod is AWESOME.

    This is the only ROM i have found which had the bluetooth support for my ThinkOutside Stowaway bluetooth keyboard on my HTC Desire. Pair that with psx4droid = awesome.

    Look forward to the full release (hopefully cuts down the ocassional FCs)

  10. These guys are the greatest, hope to see if for my Dinc soon!

  11. Available for GSM Hero as well.

  12. @cwalker

    If Samsung itself won’t/can’t release an Android 2.2 for their phones then why are you complaining if Cyanogen won’t/can’t do the same? You call Cyanogen team Douchebags, I wish they will read this and make your Galaxy S the last priority?
    People, Cyanogen Team is doing this for free, you guys don’t have tiniest right to complain if they don’t want to make your ROM.

  13. Don’t charge?? F.. O.. Donations make it into the thousands. Not bad for doing something you love.

  14. @Jeetu, they really do call themselves Team Douchebag FWIW.

  15. Cwalker is just jealous that he is a douchebag and no one wants him on their team.

  16. Weren’t they working on HTC Legend, too? I hope they are and will be ready for final version.

  17. C’mon TheDudesAndroid!! We all love you! :-)

    Make us Galaxy S users happy!! The screenshots on Twitter give me hope, as does the fact that Samsung “accidentally” released the source. (probably they realised that they’re sh1t at making the software and decided to help the people that can… ie the CM guys!) Hopefully this made your job easier!!

    Can’t wait for the proper software to utilize my brilliant phone! :-)

    Go CM!!

  18. Yeah some SGS Vibrant support would be awesome, hopefully it’s out sooner rather than later

  19. Samsung doesn’t support Galaxy S so why should anyone else? haha

  20. Didn’t see any mention of apps2sd. For older phone users, that’s critical

  21. firstly, one retard talking shit shouldn’t make the phone last priority. Second, froyo wasn’t meant for the g1 yet it had it. We’ve been promised and let down so many times it’s understandable the frustration. I hope they do work on the galaxy more. I’m sure it’s not a slaving issue and am waiting and thankful. ;)

  22. *slacking. See? I need the swype upgrade lol. Case in point.

  23. @Aeires

    There is no Apps2SD from what I read…

  24. Alright, I’ve had it with my peice of shit stock Vibrant. I’ve never rooted anything in my life. But I’m about 2 shakes of a lambs tail from rooting my less than steller Vibrant to see if that will fix this fucking thing once and for all. The GPS seems to work ok now since the update (still not as good as the G1). But everything else just fucking blows.

  25. @ Contraus

    hey man you should definitely check out Team Whiskey than. By FAR the best thing going for the vibrant atm

  26. does anyone know how to get rid of the adw launcher they use on cyanogen mod

  27. People stop complaining. If you actually kept up with the development for SGS phones you would understand how difficult the software is compared to others. This is Samsung making faulty software don’t blame developers. Keep up the good work Wes and Gdanko. I know its hard but you guys will get it done.

  28. @Aeires & @Rozza C – You can move apps to SD with CM.
    @Dan – You can install whatever launcher you want. ADW Launcher looks the same as vanilla, however you get to modify the crap out of it, unlike vanilla.

  29. Cyanogenmod devs please work on a ROM for Epic 4G! I am many buddies are willing to donate! I was between evo and epic, went with epic cuz I need full keyboard and liked the AMOLED screen. Figured it would get more devs interested than it has and now im wishing I had the Evo but its too late to return. Seems Evo and Epic are most capable phones out now, atleast at the top of the list as well as more features than others (front facing camera, kickastand) to name a few. Alot of nice droids out now but most mix 1 or 2 major features such as front camera, 4G radio, Evo and Epic have them. Please bring some love to Epic!!!

  30. All of you complaining about the Galaxy S ……….

    Just read their forum to see where things stand. They are working on them.

  31. @JO
    “Don’t charge?? F.. O.. Donations make it into the thousands. Not bad for doing something you love.”

    You just qualified my argument. Thank you. Charge does not equal Donations.

  32. No Incredible version up yet D: it’s like the only model without the release yet :'(

    The demo video has me hyped though, the only thing generating more hype will be their Gingerbread release

  33. Guys! I’m new to the rooting thing. Bought a 2nd N1(rooted) just so I could get the AWESOME features of Cyanogen 6! FM radio, performance boosts, etc,OMG! Thanks and keep up the great work!

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