[Update: Rolling Out for Everyone?] Limited Droid 2 Update Promises Improved Battery Life, Other Fixes


[Update]: We’ve just received official word from Verizon that they are pushing the update out today. Everyone should have it before too long, but they didn’t say whether or not the process would be staggered. In any case, good things come to those who wait so just sit tight.

Hey, Droid 2 owners, Motorola and Verizon are gearing up to roll out a new software update for your device. To test it, they’ve released the goods for a limited amount of users. No mention on how long the test period will take, but if things go smoothly, I don’t think you’ll be waiting for long. Here is the full list of improvements and enhancements.


  • Improved battery life.
  • Heightened proximity sensor accuracy to enable faster screen response.
  • View the Weather widget in both landscape and portrait orientation.
  • Simpler setup, improved user interactions, and better notifications for Visual Voice Mail.
  • Background Email Sync during display inactivity for better user experience.
  • Support for email domain suffixes containing more than three characters.
  • Keep text messages organized with chronological in-box screen.
  • Edit text messages after you’ve inserted a video file.
  • Improved audio sound during recorded video playbacks.
  • Stream Guided Tour videos on device in Help Center application with ease.
  • Faster location tracking during GPS navigation.
  • Faster transitions between Wi-Fi and 3G in data connection.


  • New ability to add pictures from your Gallery to a contact.
  • Export all your contacts to the SD card.


All of it sounds good to me! If any of you have been lucky enough to receive the update, let us know how it is.

[Motorola, Verizon via Android & Me]

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  1. Iv gotten the updat testing it out now..At the lock screen they made the sliders higher then where they was originally set and the phone is actually moving faster and the music so far isn’t locking up the phone

  2. The update was available for my wife’s phone, but the download failed part of the way through. Now it says the phone is up to date, but is still showing the version as 2.2.30 (or whatever the old version was).

    dunno if this was an issue with the update, or my wife’s phone. I will have to remove the battery and try again after work.

  3. Yet they still can’t fix Facebook friends showing up in your phone contacts list?

  4. Just remove facebook. Worked fine for me.

  5. The only thing on this list that I actually care about is “Faster transitions between Wi-Fi and 3G in data connection.”

    The rest of it is all junk related to the horrible MotoBlur apps. Thanks Moto for sucking. This is why I’ve rooted my phone and removed MotoBlur and won’t be going back. You want better battery life and improved response? You should do the same.

  6. @Michael, here is what I did to solve your facebook problem. Screw the Blur facebook integration. Delete the facebook account in your accounts list. I believe this will remove facebook contact info from your contact list.

    Now install the facebook app from the market. Enter your account info into the facebook app. The facebook app has a setting to only sync facebook friend information for friends that are already in your contact list. I think you can even turn that off so it doesn’t sync any contact info.

    – Joe

  7. I haven’t gotten the update yet on my Droid 2 yet. I’m going to reset my phone and see if that does anything.

  8. Just d/l the update, and the installer began doing it’s thing without sufficient battery; I’ll have to leave it plugged in for a bit and hope it doesn’t brick!

  9. OK, Belay that last; plugging it into the wall instead of the Laptop gets me the “Unpacking” graphics….cool. I would have made the user wait for a complete charge. What if the power goes out? They could be in California with them rolling blackouts!

  10. I received the update a few days ago and it seems that my battery life is half of what it used to be. Has anyone else seen this?

  11. @Rob – I received the update just about a week ago and my battery life is draining by 3pm everyday. I used to be able to go all day at work and most of the night before having to plug in. I called Verizon and they gave me the stupid talk of having advanced task killer would fix this and I said I use it at times but never used it before and my battery was fine. Then he said that could have been an error during download and that I should save everything to my SD card and reset to factory settings and install everything again. WTH? He said if that doesn’t work, since it is under warranty they will send me a new one. It is just such a pain to have to set all the email accounts up again. UGH. Anyone know anything about this?

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