HTC Knight Actually Called the HTC Speedy, Launching January 6th?


Just a day removed from the original rumor and before we can even get information on the device itself, the HTC Knight that was uncovered the other day seems to have gotten a name change. BGR‘s been tipped with an internal screenshot of Sprint’s for an accessory for the phone – a blue/black phone cover – for what’s now being called the HTC Speedy, according to their sources.


What’s more is that the screenshot shows a launch date of January 6th, 2011. It’s only safe to assume that the device’s accessory would be launching the same day as it. What’s even more noteworthy is that January 6th is the day that the main festivities for CES 2011 begin in Las Vegas, Nevada. I would say we’re in for a nice round of announcements heading into the new year. (Though that doesn’t surprise me one bit.)

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  1. Haha, and I just got my sprint premier membership! I am definetly getting this phone, I knew i was smart when i passed up on the evo.

  2. But we know nothing about it yet. What makes you want it?

  3. He’s probably assuming that it’ll have a dual core processor. The part that’s stopping me from getting an EVO is knowing that it has been out for a half a year. It comes down to “do I wait for next gen or go with current gen?”.

  4. We dont have to know much about it to know that’s its going to be the next top end phone rrom htc. Or else such a big deal wouldnt be made about it. Im not woeried about a dual core chip, just the ract that its bettrr than snapdragon. Honestly I dont want anything unless it has the next iteration of android on it…..and sorry for the typos, I’m typing this from my hero

  5. my ideal is about 4″ screen, 4G, front facing camera. I know Epic and EVO fit the bill, and the upcoming MyTouch4G does as well, but is that it?

  6. Heard a lot of rumors that the screen will be 3.7 inches, and it looks like it’ll also have a physical keyboard. Double fail. Bring on the Evo 2 with a better screen already and I’ll make the jump.

  7. How is it a double fail because of a keyboard???

  8. When will you people realize that there is not a single US carrier with a 4G network? The “4G” that you hear all the time is nothing more than a marketing tool. WiMax is nowhere near a true 4G network. If your requirements to purchase a new phone include 4G….you will be waiting until at least 2012.

  9. Sprint is pushing the slider keyboard to much on android phones and it’s getting annoying. Some of us don’t want a hard keyboard we’re jst fine wiith the touchscreen. Any type of slider is unnacceptable to me and many I know because they just feel cheap. I’m happy with my evo but if they don’t come out with a suitable replacement soon I’m going to be thinking reall hard about whether I’m going to actually stay with sprint.

  10. @DroidDev

    When will tech freaks like you realize that NO ONE CARES whether we have 3.9G/fake 4G/whatever you want to call it? Its way way way better than “3G” and there’s no reason not to want it just because it isn’t “technically” 4G. 4G or not, its the best there’s going to be for a while, like you said yourself.

  11. All u people complaining about sprint releasing to many phones with keyboard. need to wait for the non keyboard phone or move on to something else to complain about. Also sprint may have put out to many phones with keyboard. BUT HOW MANY OF THE NEW HIGH END PHONES WITH A KEYBOARD ARE FROM HTC? exactly. there are those like me that want a keyboard on a phone like the evo from htc. not a keyboard phone from someone else. Yall cant speak for every one. just like im not trying to speak for everyone. i know plenty of people who have an evo and wish it had a keybaord. and im one of them. now dont get me wrong i love my evo. and the only way i can see trading it for someting else is if it was made by HTC and had a keyboard. with all the features of the evo and of course better precessor.

  12. @2 the reason I want it is because I currently have the HTC Hero (blergh) and there hasn’t been any new Android HTC phones released since the EVO, which has a $10 premium on it for 4G, something that isn’t available in my area. the HTC Knight/Speedy should be faster than the HTC Hero, and if it has a keyboard, holy man that’d be awesome.

  13. Its funny how the carriers always take a cool codename like “Knight” and rebrand a device with a suck name like “Speedy”.

  14. I was really excited about this phone until I read that it would come with and sliding keyboard. If that’s true, I’m gonna have to pass this one up too. A sliding keyboard makes a phone feel even thicker, and unless you have fat fingers, then I don’t see why you would need a sliding keyboard.

  15. Some of us actually use the smart phones for work, and on screen keyboards don’t cut it when you are emailing from them all day. A random text or comment with misspellings may be ok, but work emails generally are not.

  16. That being said, as a user with the HTC Touch Pro 2, I am excited for the possibility of a new HTC phone with both a slider keyboard and Android OS. I am done with windows mobile phones.

  17. Gigi, I hear what you’re saying about texting and emailing all day, but the Evos on screen keyboard is quite well sized when in landscape mode, and it also has a standard spellcheck system… But a preference is a preference, when it comes to a hard key style keyboard. I personally prefer the thinner design of the touchscreen phones.

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