HTC Incredible “HD” Launching November 23rd? [RUMOR]


Take this one lightly, guys, but new rumors suggest that a phone by the name of the HTC Incredible HD – what we suppose could be the 4.3-inch HTC device headed for Verizon – will be coming to Big Red on November 23rd. That’s just two days ahead of America’s biggest shopping day, if you aren’t keeping track.

The news comes from DroidForums’ admin Miami1683, who was apparently the first to bring us a solid release date for the original Droid Incredible. I didn’t have time to look through the entire thread where this claim was made, but traversing a few pages of trusting members tells me we could very well have something to be VERY thankful for from Verizon two days before Thanksgiving.

htc incredible hd

It’s worth noting that Verizon doesn’t like to make much noise leading up to the launch of a “sequel” device, as was proven with the quiet launch of the Motorola Droid 2. That could be a reason we haven’t heard much about this device. But until further evidence suggests otherwise, we’re going to have to tread lightly, here. I’m still circling the date on my calendar.

[DroidForums via Limitless Droid, Thanks OMJ!]

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  1. First

  2. Second

  3. As soon as I read the heading to this article, that leaked image popped in my head. That was leaked a while back & then vanished. Makes sense to me that this could be true. I think they’re rushing some devices out, because Tegra 2 devices are already leaked. They probably won’t be here until next year. So many options to choose.

  4. I’ll pass. It’s nice, but I’m waiting for LTE and dual core :)

  5. Nooooo! My Incredible will finally feel insignificant! NOOOOOOOOO!

    ……any chance of htcsense.com integration?

  6. Yeah, as others have said, it’s too close to dual-core processors (Tegra 2) to pull the trigger on any of these 1GHz last generation phones.

    If only Google would release a Nexus 2 with dual-core and stock, unlocked Gingerbread…

  7. 7th.

  8. Gay

  9. Sixth

  10. Wait, tenth

  11. Fourteenth

  12. 12th

  13. I am liking it but must stay with my DX even though I prefer HTC. Wait it out for LTE and Dual Core.

  14. 69th…. Ooooh yeeeahhh….

  15. I can live without LTE in my next phone but a dual core Cortex A9 is a must. Whether it be a Tegra 2 250 or OMAP 44xx.

  16. Next phone MUST have:
    Dual Core
    Front Facing Camera
    Accessories (OEM cradle, etc.)

  17. Next phone must have…
    Dual core
    Wireless N
    discrete ATI graphics
    Dual led flash
    Front facing camera
    Shoot 1080p video
    Brush my teeth
    Android 3.0
    Dual mics
    4.3 inches
    Surround sound speakers

    O and 23 hours of battery life(heavy usagw)

  18. Looks like the Desire HD?

  19. Sooooo…..is THIS one going to have a companion deskside dock?

  20. This could explain why Verizon (at least in NYC) ramped up advertising for the Incredible over the last month. They wanted to get that name back out there and/or clear out inventory.

    I’m tempted coming from the original Droid, but I’ll pass as well. It’s way too close to LTE, dual-core and Gingerbread. Plus I still want a physical keyboard.

  21. If this is true, it feels like that phone would be really insignificant and un-noteworthy unless Verizon feels like they just really need to have a 4.3-inch device with Sense.

  22. I can wait on LTE as well since it will probably be late ’11 or early ’12 before my area gets it anyway (Norfolk, VA) and I will hopefully be about due for an another anual upgrade then. Still I need my next phone to have

    4+” hi res screen
    front facing cam
    dual core
    N Wifi
    720p recording would be nice as well

  23. Hmm maybe I can pay 20$ for an early upgrade :P my upgrade date isnt till next september( got my eris in like dec/january, when it came out). I hate this eris P

  24. We’ve all seen this phone before. Just not on Verizon. First came the HTC Evo. Then came the Desire HD. Nothing new here. And yes, I know it all likely hood it has a second generation Snapdragon processor.

  25. This makes me angry, considering the complete lack of support and accessories available for the CURRENT Droid Incredible. FAIL.

  26. Who is saying this phone cannot be LTE ready like the tablets buy providing a slot for an LTE SIM card? Who is saying that this phone cannot have Gingerbread? The Gingerbread Man has been spotted on Goggle’s front lawn.

  27. Even if it is LTE, it still wont be dual core… I love the current Droid Inc (minus the battery) but it will be incredibly dated just a couple months after it comes out when the new LG’s and Motorola’s with the T2’s arrive. Im holding out until more info on that LG surfaces… I want that phone bad already, knowing so little about it.

  28. omg yes yes yes!!

    THIS is the phone i have been waiting on……IDK if i’ll get it now though…..will have to wait and hear about the upcoming Gingerbread phone…..if it makes its way to Verizon that will be my next phone. I hope solid news leaks about that on/before Nov 23!!!

  29. The FUCK does Verizon need another 4.3″ Android for? T-mobile aint even got ONE yet and VZW will have two…SMH

  30. Yeah this may do it for me. Hopefully they’ll dual core it, I like the Incredible but its a little lightweight for me, I want some bulk to my phone.

  31. How bout sending to AT&T cause I really need a good ass Android phone right now. Verizon have way too many Android phones and so does Sprint that includes T-Mobile

  32. Paris’ post beats every post on this article. And this phone is no Evo 4G!

  33. I have been waiting for this phone for months, hoping I could get rid of my Eris and could finally stop checking these damn blogs.
    But now I am determined to run my rooted and over-clocked Eris into the ground and wait for the next gen of processors.

  34. If it ships that late in the game I wouldn;t be surpised if it had 4g capability. So I dno why everyone is getting bent out of shape when no details have even been released. I love that one person will say no lte and everyone follows up going insane about not have lte just relax people the specs havent even been released

  35. This is probably their Evo if nothing else. It’s been about 4 months since these new 4.3″ phones started coming out so it’s hardly too late to buy one. Then again, if you’re on Verizon you have to wait two years for a new subsidy so I guess you guys need to be pickier :P

  36. If this is true, then this will be my next phone. I have the Eris, and though I love HTC’s style and Sense UI, the phone’s internal workings are just not cutting it for me. I was going to pick up a Droid X next week, but I may wait it out until Nov. 23. Just in case :)

  37. @jerbear – Upgrade is only 1 year, NE2 you only get $50 more.

  38. Lol thanks for the rec. Tony. I think people are asking for too much lol, in the end theses are only phones.

  39. That shits looks tight AF it better have a front facing camera or else I’ll probably get the merge!!

  40. If it’s “HD” it had better have more resolution

  41. Next Phone Must Have…


    This looks sweet

  42. I don’t think this is a Verizon phone. All Verizon phones are branded. This could be the Nexus 2 that supposedly coming out for the the holidays. Remember how the nexus one came out and everyone thought that it was a Verizon phone. Something to think about.

  43. Next phone:

    4.0+ screen size
    dual core
    front facing camera
    * decent rear facing camera/camcorder *
    Gingerbread (preferably vanilla)
    battery that can last a day
    preferably moto

    Not much to ask but it seems no one can get the camera right!! Its not that hard…

  44. Next phone must have
    wide 4.0 súper amoled display
    5 or 8 mp camera with HD video
    android 2.2 and new version of sense
    track pad and camera button
    super fast processer
    and 10000 mah battry
    that’ll be the best phone ever

  45. It will be interesting to see if this does indeed land on the Verizon network. I could see myself jumping from the Sprint network back to VZW for a phone spec’d similar to the Evo- more features/faster processors would be better- time will tell. Not too happy with the Sprint network so far…

  46. Dam this phone is perfectly what I am waiting for, but it is just a little to late. With LTE coming to Verizon and 2GHZ processors coming out make me have to wait. If I waited this long for a phone like this I bet I can wait just a little bit longer.

  47. @cee
    the incredible wasnt branded at first when it was leaked. This photo leaked awhile back they could have still been tweaking it a little for a release

  48. Why do they by pass AT&T by everytime with these great phones?

  49. @lenn
    because at&t doesnt want anything that is better then the iphone

  50. The EVO was Sprints first 4G/WiMax phone. What do you think the chances are this will be Verizon’s first 4G/LTE phone?

    It would explain why they are begin so quiet about it … once it is announced, all other Verizon phones will be obsolete, for anyone in a LTE area.

  51. @JJFNIGHTS8 agreed. you said everything I would have said. And others can’t speak for a carrier, such as at&t. Your just assuming, don’t be such a hater were an android family. And each carrier should have a share of good and bad phones.

  52. Love it. Want it. Still love my DINC. But please NO BING!!!! nothing remotely connected to MS.

  53. AAAAhhh!!! 53rd to comment! yes! lol. not to crazy bout the phone.. where is the Evo HD with 720p screen resolution and 10 mega pixel camera for verizon?

  54. pft, i have no interest in this beast. Evo and the like are way too big. I like my incredible perfectly the way it is, although i would take a faster processor, i’d rather take have the more compact version.

  55. wtf is it with all the people yelling first and second. Go troll on youtube if you’ve got nothing else to do, I’m looking for intelligent comments and opinions down here. No wonder gawker media sites switched to the approved commenter style.

  56. Oh yeah, 55th & 56th !! HA HA HA

  57. I think this will be similar to the Desire HD

  58. I just got rid of my peice of sh@t Fascinate hoping this is really coming to Verizon

  59. this thing better blow the evo out of the water and it better have a 1080 or 720p screen like the mytouch HD
    and it should be the first dual core phone on the verizon network and better have lte

  60. Any new word on this phone? I’d love to get off of the Sprint network. Hopefully the 23rd is the magic day.

  61. a lot of sites are now saying yes to LTE for this phone… and also yes to a much later release. I see March 2011 popping up a lot =(

    I would LOVE to get this phone… but I can’t wait that long… might have to get a merge.

  62. Some say, good chance of a 3G version released Nov or Dec and an LTE version around Mar 2011.

  63. 982nd!! Douchebags!

  64. Next phone must have:
    * front and back camera 5mp or better
    * back camera needs good flash, face recognition and better focus. My old LG (non droid) had better camera.
    * HDMI out – and decoders that can send content with 5.1 surround and 1080p (either from saved files or from streamed content from netflix/blockbuster or wherever)
    * WiFI 802.11 b/g/n
    * battery with 2 day average use or at least 1 day heavy use.
    * Android 2.2 or higher
    * slide out or clam-shell keyboard with good layout (e.g. droid2 is better than droid1) – I would not be against a small outer non-touch screen for time and status info and a brighter inner touch screen.

    an ear piece that IS the mobile phone that has advanced voice recognition, bluetooth and acts as a Mifi. A tiny bluetooth keyboard that could be used to dial or maybe even text. Then a nice tablet device that can use that ear piece as a tether to get on the web. That tablet should run android, have the front & back cameras – either a slide out or bluetooth keyboard.

  65. Well the launch of this phone is being pushed back looking more like December maybe January.. But I am here to say WAIT this HTC is the last to roll of the line. Does have FFC and LTE ready but 1ghz!! We will be launching dual core in February and March.. All phones from then on will most likely have FFC all Phones are going to HD 1080 True resolution. and Samsung has a new screen(not gorilla glass) that is flexable.. imagine the possibilities!!!! The HTC HD is very nive but.. Hold out we have much in store. Believe me or not I will not release any info as I am an employee and not a sales rep they are bottom feeders with limited information. thank you and keep your hopes up the future is bright RULE THE AIR!!!!!

  66. Talked with a Verizon rep yesterday and he stated that a new phone would be coming out on the 23rd, but would not reveal what it is. We can only hope.

  67. It is November 23rd, 8:44a.m. EST. Come on Verizon, we (I), we are waiting!!

  68. Does anyone have an idea when the Dell Thunder is coming out and with whom?

  69. 69th.

  70. Kinda funny how the “supposed” release date came and went and no one is talking about it or wondering WTF happened… Me personally, I won’t be upgrading from my incredible until HTC releases a 4″ plus LTE Android 3.0 device with an A9 or similar dual core processor. Since LTE is a requirement of mine and Verizon has already said they will not be selling LTE phones until the 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2011 all that stuff may happen just about that time. Anyone who wraps up in a 2 year 6 months away from LTE handset releases is nutz IMO.

  71. Its gonna be 2 years before LTE is really that big a deal on a smartphone. Right now its just a hype machine… Not saying don’t get it… just don’t expect much different out the gate…


  73. what i think is tha V is coming with a whole bunch of new devices that is why they trying to get rid of the inventory they have now to make room for the new toys.

  74. Why is everybody obsessed with these phones so much? Just buy one and when you hate it complain and verizon will upgrade you for free! Done it several times

  75. will not be out as the name it will be the Tunderbolt a LTE phone

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