Oct 22nd, 2010

As we head into the holiday seasons wondering what each OEM’s and carrier’s late-year launch strategies consist of, Samsung has always been one such company that’s been quite secretive. Today, new rumors have surfaced that suggest Samsung isn’t looking to sleep while their competitors will be coming to the table with some juicy offerings of their own.

Taylor from Android & Me has uncovered new information regarding a Google Experience phone being manufactured by Samsung in partnership with Google. It’s said that this will be the first phone to be shipped with Android Gingerbread, will sport an AMOLED screen (no word on Super) and will be equipped with Mastercard PayPass technology that will allow you to wave your phone in order to pay your pennies.


It’s said we probably won’t see a consumer release of this phone (this year) but it would be in the hands of testers soon. Not only does that mean the phone itself is a month or so shy of being finished, but that Gingerbread might be as well.

This isn’t the first Google Experience phone we’ve seen come out of Samsung, but it is the first we’ve seen in a while. (And it would be the first time Samsung’s introduced a new major version of Android.) We’re reluctant to say that this could be considered a (unofficial) replacement for the Nexus One, but if Google treats the phone that way going into 2011, I wouldn’t be surprised to see that idea catch on.

We’ll pass along any information that happens to turn up regarding whatever Samsung’s got cooking up in time for Santa Claus.

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