Samsung Bringing a Google Experience Phone this Year?


As we head into the holiday seasons wondering what each OEM’s and carrier’s late-year launch strategies consist of, Samsung has always been one such company that’s been quite secretive. Today, new rumors have surfaced that suggest Samsung isn’t looking to sleep while their competitors will be coming to the table with some juicy offerings of their own.

Taylor from Android & Me has uncovered new information regarding a Google Experience phone being manufactured by Samsung in partnership with Google. It’s said that this will be the first phone to be shipped with Android Gingerbread, will sport an AMOLED screen (no word on Super) and will be equipped with Mastercard PayPass technology that will allow you to wave your phone in order to pay your pennies.


It’s said we probably won’t see a consumer release of this phone (this year) but it would be in the hands of testers soon. Not only does that mean the phone itself is a month or so shy of being finished, but that Gingerbread might be as well.

This isn’t the first Google Experience phone we’ve seen come out of Samsung, but it is the first we’ve seen in a while. (And it would be the first time Samsung’s introduced a new major version of Android.) We’re reluctant to say that this could be considered a (unofficial) replacement for the Nexus One, but if Google treats the phone that way going into 2011, I wouldn’t be surprised to see that idea catch on.

We’ll pass along any information that happens to turn up regarding whatever Samsung’s got cooking up in time for Santa Claus.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. So this means there won’t be a Nexus Two, but a Samsung/Google phone instead. Most probably high end aswell with a processor of 1,5 Ghz (dual core) and a graphic chip that supports 1080p output on tv. I’m expecting 768MB – 1 GB of ram.

    Also important; I hope this phone will have a more expensive design than the nexus one.

  2. I wish my Vibrant was a Google Experience phone and I’m sure you all know why… Well If Samsung makes a G.E. Gingerbread handset that is more sturdily made and doesnt feel so “cheap and plasticky” AND slaps a SamOLED on it with a choice of 3.7″ and 4.3″ then you best believe that that will be the hottest phone selling at the time.

  3. there should be google experience phones at all price points not just high end

  4. I remember reading a while back a post from some google insider citing that samsung and google were working on a nexus 2 and everyone quickly dismissed it as rubbish. It looks like now the dots are really piecing together. I really wish they could have gone back with htc though because I’m not too fond of samsung. However with all the software os being 100% google this may turn out to be really sweet; gingerbread sweet. Now all I want is a 4inch super amoled screen with a front facing camera 8 mp back camera with flash a flashing track pad (to replace the nexus flashimg ball) and the fastest mobile processor currently available…. That ladies and gentlemen is the foundation for a proper gingerbread house. Nexus one meet nexus 2 :-)

  5. Would definitely consider this phone!

    Holding out for:
    720p video recording
    hdmi out

  6. I was just thinking the other day Samsung would be the best partner for a Nexus 2 phone, so long as updating it was taken out of their hands. Samsung’s camera’s are generally higher quality than others, they have super AMOLED, their own flash memory and last but best of all the freaking ORION chip. This could really be a huge step up and I hope it’s true, but only as a Nexus 2, not some Milestone/Droid type device that takes months to get updates.

  7. @ Tockar – so your just holding out for Gingerbread then.

  8. I was thking of upgrading from a moment to a evo or epic but after this news why should?

  9. 720P I assume is standard with samsung

    hdmi will be too and gingerbread stock is great addition.

  10. Given Samsung track records of supporting its phones, I’ll have many doubts.

  11. Samsung did roll out 2.2 froyofor its galaxy S right? that means Samsung is changing its way and putting more efforts into software support.so this time,I will trust Samsung because no handset maker can crush Samsung in hardware.

  12. Whoa,I can’t wait. It seems that google is slowly dumbing htc,which is a good thing because i hate htc.they always say bullshit just like steve jobs. This rumored Samsung is gonna be my next phone since I love my Galaxy S .thanks Samsung.finally,you are supporting 2.2 in Galaxy S. by the way,where is Galaxy Q?

  13. I hope they can get the carriers to release unmodified phones(easy for GSM, but you have to get the CDMA carriers to play along). And that Mastercard thing sounds pretty sweet….now if only more places supported paypass. Only glitch I see is that I really want my next phone to be a Google phone(ie Nexus line), but I really want my next phone to have LTE, and it sounds like this phone will be a little early to have both….here’s hoping it isn’t!

  14. @androidToy
    But think about it if this were to be a google experience phone samsung would only provide the phone and drivers and google would take the rest. Meaning updates would be from google and that they would come out really fast. But I agree samsung is not the best to bringing updates for phones.

  15. I still don’t trust Samsung. They have been horrible when it comes to updating their phones. Let’s not forget the very first galaxy that got released in Europe. That phone never got past 1.5. I think they did upgrade it to 1.6 just like the behold II and that’s it. When it comes to android updating I trust the HTC phones more.

  16. A google experience phone would be the only Samsung phone I would get. I have a Vibrant now and love it but the whole froyo fiasco as turned me off of samsung. They are dead last by a long shot in getting froyo out and that is frustrating.

  17. Yeah of all the updates Samsung refuses to offer, sleeping on froyo might be their biggest mistake. Having wifi hotspot and adobe flash really transformed my nexus into the best thing going. I love the samsung hardware and touchwiz is growing on me but the lack of froyo so long after its availability is beyond an inconvenience. Its questionable motives, I mean at this point galaxy s owners will be a full firmware update behind Android. And that’s not OK

  18. I used to have a G1 and now I have an iphone 3Gs. I miss android and really want to switch back, but, my problem with Android is that new phones and operating system versions are being released at such a rate that I can never make the decision to take the plunge before finding out about a new phone.

    I thought I’d get the MyTouch Slide, but then I found out about the G2. Now that I was ready to take the plunge on the G2, there’s going to be a google experience phone with gingerbread? What phone will be announced when that one’s ready for sale?

  19. could this be the Samsung Orion?

  20. If this is anything like the Galaxy S line…Ill be definitely considering this phone. Shaping up to be a fun Android Xmas

  21. Samsung can’t even pull their heads out of their asses long enough to release 2.2 for the Galaxy S. If it’ll be the next iteration of the Nexus, then Google had better be handling the entire OS development/release process because Samsung can’t do it for shit.

  22. Google Experience phone from Samsung — yea!
    But if a certain network that I won’t name gets hold of it, they’ll change it from a Google Experience phone to an AT&T Experience phone.

  23. Not quite sure what you guys are talking about. But I am quite sure Google will require contractually that Samsung stays on top of it. I cant imagine Google wanting the preprocessor to the N1 to be a flop. No company wants this. Everyone keeps complaining about the 2.2 Update. Samsung have to cater to the Carriers at this point. The carriers are the reason all of our Galaxy S phone are different. It goes from Google, to the manufacturer then the carrier. Stop placing blame simply on the Manufacturer.

    On the flipside of all this….look how well Samsung has treated there loyal TV customer. “3D Ready” DLP TVs arent being supported! I buy electronics for there potential life expectancy. And you guys are complaining about a small little update. It will be here so calm the F down

  24. Google Sucks I have the Transform and got it 2 days ago and still have not beena ble to really use it bc Google servers are down… really thinking about going back to the Iphone…

  25. PayPass technology huh? So I could potentially butt-bump people and steal their credit card info. Nice.

  26. guys i said it before if it was a google experience phone samsung would bot do any of the software just like the N1. they would just provide the hardware but that is about it.

  27. @louie googles servers are not down – I think your device is not setup properly or network connected…

    I think you should go back to the iphone

  28. Best hardware from Samsung and best software from Google. You can’t beat that.

  29. Just give me a 4″ – 4.3″ Super AMOLED, 8 GB/16GB of internal storage, FFC and compatibility with T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network and I’ll gladly move on from my Nexus One.

  30. I can confirm this rumor. My roommate is working on the ads for the phone as we speak.

  31. “this time,I will trust Samsung because no handset maker can crush Samsung in hardware”

    true to that
    Samsung makes the best hardware & with Google software…
    it will kill everything in its path.
    Just like the galaxy s now :D

    Will keep my galaxy S until this thing arrives!

  32. 2C…add the dual core A9 processor from Samsung and that is a phone:)

  33. Considering the huge time it takes to Samsung to provide new Android release for it’s phones, when it consents to provide an update at all (the Galaxy is still in 1.5 and the Galaxy S is still not in Froyo!!!), I consider it a very *bad* news for developers

  34. @Alan +1 lol. @Darren K yes that’s a serious issue, even more so in my country because it takes months before phones are released in the Netherlands after initial launch. My strategy now is to renew ASAP when eligible for a new device and pick the best phone available then. I renew each year and that is almost acceptable in terms of better devices coming out. A new phone every 6 months is even better. So get the G2 now, and see what’s hot when you’re done with it.

  35. Wish list:

    1) Samsung Dual-Core ORION processor

    2) Android Gingerbread

    3) 4″ Super AMOLED or 4″ Super TFT LCD

    4) NO keyboard + Swype

    5) Radio

    6) 5MP + Flash

    7) AllShare (DLNA)

    8) HDMI if needed

    9) 1600 Mah battery


  36. Yes! This will replace my Nexus One!

  37. Here is what it will take for me to jump, in order of importance.:

    * T-mobile network compatible;
    * No physical kb (thin form factor);
    * Android 2.2 or 3.0 (vanilla preferred or I will root);
    * 4.3″ super AMOLED w thin bezzle;
    * At least Hummingbird-class cpu;
    * At least 4gig internal mem + card slot;
    * Removable battery;
    * Front-facing camera;
    * HDMI-out;
    * Tiny multi-color LED for notifications; and
    * Speakers on front or sides instead of back (not a deal killer).

    Basically an EVO with faster processor & super AMOLED or Samsung Galaxy-class keyboardless with 4.3″ screen.

  38. I just became eligible for an upgrade on Verizon. I badly want to just go and pick up the Samsung Facinate (Galaxy S) today. It’s gonna get Froyo soon and the GPS issue will probably be resolved by then. We haven’t heard anything, but I’m wondering if there are going to be some Android releases for Xmas that I should just wait for. Any thoughts?

  39. JayKap – I’d wait on the Galaxy S. I have it and it lags a lot, I love the phone but I just can’t get over the laggy-ness of the phone. If this phone didn’t slow down so much I would say it’s the best phone on the market.

  40. Orion, Orion, Orion…PLEASE.

    I know for a fact that I’m not buying a non-Tegra 2, non-Orion, non-Scorpion phone. I want my phone to last on a charge, and I want it to remain current gen for a while. Snapdragon is already pushing 3 years old having first showed up on the Toshiba phone.

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