Docs to Go 3.0 is Out


The folks from DataViz were just anticipating a release of Docs to Go 3.0 within a week’s time, and hours after we originally reported it, it looks to be out. There’s not much we can say about the new features because we’ve detailed them twice before. Instead, why don’t you take this time to go update/download the new version (free if you’re just looking to take advantage of the read-only features, or $14.99 to get the whole shebang) to make your mobile document-editing lives a lot easier.

DTG3_02_File_Browser DTG3_01_Main_App_Launcher

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. still no ability to add tracked changes? fail. at least it can be moved to SD now.

  2. New interface is much improved, love this program but I picked up a G2 last night and it has Quick Office installed on it. Have to see which of the two is a better program.

  3. @ Aeires

    Since you have quickoffice too,, can you compare the two and give the plus and minus points please for the latest version. Will buy the full version of one of them soon.

  4. This has Google Docs integrated. Wish it would also work with Dropbox, but I’m stoked and loving it so far. Quickoffice is ok – but DTG is a little more robust.

  5. just downloaded the update and says “old key found” then takes me to the market to pay $15 for new key

  6. Quickoffice can’t be compared with DocsToGo. I paid for DTG while still had QO preinstalled. No comparisson especially now with the version 3 – and I hate to pay for apps, except really good ones :)

  7. I would suggest when updating that one should update the Main App first, then update the Full Version Key App.

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