Google Shows You How to Improve App Quality


Are you a developer struggling to move those 1-3 stars to 4 and 5 in the Android market? Just not satisfied with the way your app looks, feels, and functions? Google’s taken a moment to round up all of the different ways you can make sure your app meets the quality standards that your users should rightfully expect.


They go over everything from user interface design to performance, stability to system integration, and a lot more. If you’re a developer, you’ve likely already glanced over the many topics they link to, but it’s a good resource if you’re new to the game and need somewhere to start. Go ahead and check it out now at the Android Developers blog.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Stop Binging Guys!!

  2. Bing obviously paid for advertising space so it will not get removed….who really likes bing anyway?

  3. I don’t get why you guys complain about an ad. I like Google and Bing. Have you really tried Bing or do you prefer eating the same food every day?

  4. same food.

  5. I like Bing, shrug.

  6. Most standard android app looks ugly. Looks like unfinished app and not professional at all. This is what google should do to improve their app.

  7. Tried Bing. Didn’t like it. Google gets me where I need to be faster.

  8. Plus, MS Bing is trying to corrupt Android by paying carriers (For now VZ) to make Bing the only search engine on Android phones! Also, MSFT is after Android shamelessly for money! (I know they are paying Palm for few patents that’s cause HP owns Palm now and HP is one of MSFT’s major OEM and its a no brainer that MSFT wants to make peace with them!) This is just a stupid idea or money hungryness of Phandroid team!! I am seriously considering to stop following!!

  9. The Phandroid Application in the Android Market is starting to look a little aged. Maybe the developer of the Phandroid App should use this to improve the looks of the app.

  10. That giant Bing ad on every Phandroid pages is a DISGRACE!

  11. And an Insult

  12. i haven’t seen a ping ad (that i can recall). lots of HTC ads. that doesn’t bother me.
    if its arealy issue, then get firefox with the noscript and cookie monster plugins, and deny all the M$-related sites. problem solved. (that will also discourage sites from using M$ ads because they cant’ be tracked, and therefore not paid on)

  13. oops… “bing” not “ping” sorry. should have caught that

  14. If I wanted to stare at Bing I would have bought a MSFT device. ANDROID = GOOGLE. End of story.

  15. Bing? Don’t make me laugh.
    Early on I tried Googling and Binging several terms like “Linux”, “Open Source”, etc. The results were brazenly and obviously quite biased.
    I’ll take a search engine whose goal seems to be serving the most relevant results vs one whose goal seems to be serving results biased toward the “correct” viewpoint.

  16. Um..Bing searches suck, sorry to say. Google is king of search.

  17. I use Google to search and I use Bing. Both work very well and if I can’t find something on one I use the other. It is great having a choice of what tool I want to use. If I didn’t like the choice I would move to a system that doesn’t let me choose and tells me what to think and use….

  18. Wow, some people have a bit of cock envy. Maybe if google paid for add space here, you wouldn’t have to stair at bing…

  19. Why people talk about bing and google search? I think this post is about how to improve app quality.

  20. On the path of improving your android app quality, detecting and curing crashes is essential. The android market provides a “standard” crash reporting feature, but it is quite limited as it only works on Android 2.X and for apps which are installed through Google’s market.

    If you care about running flawlessly on ANY android version from 1.5, and/or plan to distribute your application through other markets or download/deployment systems, have a look at the open source project ACRA (http://acra.googlecode.com) which allows to send detailed and customizable crash reports to a simple spreadsheet in your Google Docs.

    It’s free (Apache licence), and easy to install on your app.

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