Oct 22nd, 2010

As Blackberry Messenger becomes more and more popular, the race is on for someone to come up with the next best thing for everyone to enjoy. Kik – while not new to the game – has been making steady progress toward that goal and have updated their multiplatform offering recently.

For starters, they’ve done away with SMS functionality in order to open the service up to any country an Android (or Blackberry and iOS) phone exists. Additionally, you still get delivery receipts and they’re even more reliable and faster than before. Finally, they’ve done away with the complexity of Kik codes to adopt user-friendly usernames.

kik- kik-1

There’s still a lot missing from all of these BBM clones that keep them from being more than just a glorified instant messenger, though. For starters, a lot of these clones either don’t support multimedia or multimedia support is abysmal. Another popular feature of BBM is group chatrooms, but most of these clones seem to be lacking that.

So the race is still on, and now the goal is to see who can implement these two very important features first. I imagine that whoever is able to get to the finish line will pick up a lot of steam in this market. Go ahead and try Kik out now by scanning or touching the QR code below, or by searching “kik” in the Android market.