Gingerbread Man Arrives at Building 44


It’s that time of the year, again. Google’s just gotten a nice, tasty delivery of an oversized Gingerbread man. (I was personally hoping for a house, but Gingerbread is Gingerbread.) They’ve taken the momentous arrival right to YouTube for all of the Android-crazy to witness. For some reason, I don’t think he was too happy to be sitting next to Froyo as he realized people would want to dunk his gingery arms right into it before taking a mean bite. Check the video out below.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. That made me so happy! :D

  2. Stoked

  3. I’ve just had a thought that should’ve occurred earlier and others have likely already mentioned. If the Google Voice application incorporates SIP and can be used over Wi-Fi, this would pave the way for Google Voice to be launched in other countries.
    As far as I understand it, the main barrier for launching in Europe would be that we pay higher rates for calls to landlines. If you could suddenly make and receive calls using data, that issue is eliminated.

  4. Sweety..!!!!!!

  5. Excited!!! I hoe they surprise me with this new uprade.. all i want is better apps smoother ui and better battery!

  6. Statues can only mean 1 thing. That the release isn’t that far away. I think we will all be enjoying gingerbread sooner rather than later.

  7. “We bought some tranquilizer cuz I heard this dude was hard to catch up with.”
    Did anybody else catch that? lol

  8. The release of the sdk should be about a week away. Usually the statues arrive about a week ahead of the announcement. The froyo statue (though wrapped at the time) was spotted on May 13th, and the SDK was released I believe on the 19th….followed shortly by a leaked rom for the nexus one.

    I would say by the end of October/first week of November the nexus one will have a leaked rom.

  9. What has the History been from Statue to Launch in the past? Does anyone know? My N1 is getting hungry for some Gingerbread.

    My wish is it would magically expand my phone’s internal storage.

  10. Phandorid completely neglect Google music, a HUGE addition to gingerbread

  11. @Alex I hope you’re right!

  12. Please tell me theyll name 4.0 Jellybean.

  13. man, Google is so frigging cool. I wish I had a useful talent to work for them.

  14. yummy yum yum yum!!!

    Phandroid, get that Bing shit off the site for God’s sake!!!!

  15. @Dave,

    You and me both buddy.. I work in IT, but I doubt I have as much computer skills as the janitor at Google!!! I guess I could do the labor like haul the new statues out ha.

  16. This is really making my decision between the evo and the epic more difficult. The evo will probably have a version of this cooked up within a month while it appears that no one has made any head way porting FROYO to the epic yet. Why must the epic have the hummingbird???

  17. It’s like a Blair Witch video.

  18. When will it be released for my Galaxy S Vibrant? I’ve been waiting forever! /joke

  19. I was desperate for Froyo with tethering and exchange sync. 2.2.1 brought my exchange sync up to compliance. But right now, I am pretty happy. But, improvement is always wanted. N1 user.

  20. remember the mention a little while ago of google slowing down it’s update cycle?

  21. Damn!! i am so hungry now..

  22. Me Nexus is patiently awaiting the “Gingerbread Man” .


  23. mikeeee: they mean NEXT time ;)

    of course they might say that every 6 months… God bless ’em.

  24. Love my N1 even more…enjoying froyo now for a while while my other Android brethren still stock in Android 2.1. Will soon have me some Gingerbread in a few weeks while they will be thinking when they will get froyo. EWven with all the recent releases my N1 is still holding its own. Even though i like n want the G2 or Mytouch HD…i might just wait for an Nvidia Dual core Stock Android next year. Also will hope this update will also increase internal storage…i read somewhere that the N1 still have many unlocked secrets…hope so cz i love the device

  25. @Noel
    Google should make another phone like the N1 but release it on all carriers. It would be a big seller IMO I wish they would have released it for verizon and not cancelled it.

  26. He looks so edible. Lol rumor has it samsung working on gingerberead os (2.3) phone 1st one to launch with os gingerbread.

  27. I hope Nexus One users remember the experience of waiting for Froyo, starting from its announcement at Google I/O. It was a long wait, made all the more frustrating by the lack of information coming from Google. No doubt we’ve still got at least a month of waiting ahead of us. But it’s all good because we’ll still be first in line, and there will be new, high-end phones coming out in the near future that will still be waiting for Gingerbread when we’re about to get Honeycomb.

  28. Haha, that was cool. Google is always projecting this laid-back, fun demeanor. That is in stark contrast to iJobs and his “we’re the #1 tech company in the world so I’ll be a grouch because life sucks.”

  29. Will really gingerbread implement GPU acceleration?

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