Galaxy Tab Launches on T-Mobile November 10?


tabsalesdate.jpgLooks like things are falling into place with T-Mobile’s launching of the Galaxy Tab.  T-Mo news seems to have gotten word that November 10th is the day of days.  This falls on a Wednesday which is T-Mobile’s day of choice to launch products, and it conveniently one-ups Verizon’s Veteran’s Day launch.

If you’re one of the Phandroidians itching to get your hands on this guy, don’t forget to sign up for updates over at T-Mobile!

[via TmoNews]

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  1. Always first on T-Mobile.

  2. i still find it hard to believe anyone will buy this.

  3. Ive said once before, this has already been sold in Israel and i think its disrespectful that u guys dont post that cuz it shows disrespect to Israel…i9f u guys need proof, here ya go:

  4. I’ll buy it only when Amazon drops the price to like $99.00.

  5. WTF…does not posting has to do with begin disrespectful to a bunch of Jews? The article is talking about when it will/might/rumor this might be release.

    Played with it a bit at the Engadget get together and I have to say it is pretty nice. I wasn’t considering it but I might have to rethink it.

  6. @Marcos

    omfg how is it not posting shit from Israel is disrespecting ur country?!?! u r starting to get up on my nerve, I’m from hk and I dun see post relating to hk release date etc and I dun feel it’s disrespectful at all. To be honest I dun give a crap wat Israel has to offer while I do Lewis myself updated to wat happens in the u.s, u.k and Canada. So get a goddamn life n shut up about Israel

  7. Still waiting for more info on the WiFi only version…

  8. @ J.C. dude it isn’t disrespectful, phandroid can’t cover every single thing about android. I can write an article about a rumored phone or something, would you expect them to write an article about that? It would be disrespectful if they didn’t, wouldn’t it J.C.?

  9. lol oops not J.C. haha looked at the wrong person. i meant @ marcos

  10. Why does the info show a 5mp camera on the tab. This is not true. Th Samsung website clearly states a 3mp rear camera.

  11. I never said it was offensive to jews, i said it was offensiive to the israeli viewers. And i believe this cuz i have sent them multiple emails, showing them proof of android stuff comin out in Israel and they dont even post it up, when with other countries such as US, China, Korea, etc. they have no problem posting…In my opinion its offensive that they dont cover Israel at all when they have Viewers too. Whther u others agree or not, i really dont care. Im not trying to fight, as long as no one gets racist here im good….i just felt i should express what i believe…

    On another note tho, glad to see that T-mo is finally getting some badass stuff! :) Wish they had it while i was there -.-

  12. I want voice or some tmo app for voice.

  13. Marcos, you’re the racist here. The link you gave doesn’t show the tab and it’s unreadable in addition. You can’t fault this site because they don’t read chicken scratch. And what if some gray market importer sold a few in some little country. I run a website, and Israeli internet traffic is virtually non-existant on a .com English site. Get over yourself, racist.

  14. israel. you mean occupied palestine.
    so it was released in occupied palestine big deal

  15. @teckel it’s upside down English.

  16. O cmon guys leave that poor guy along remember freedom of speech this is america and if you guys are so uneducated and only speak one language go to college and stop this nonsence

  17. Yeah shawty

  18. @Teckel, Are u a fuckin dumbass or do u not know what the galaxy tab looks like?!?! U dont need to understand hebrew to understand the picture and see the pricing on the left side. And Dont even dare to call me a racist u dumbass, what im doin is not racist and if u think that Hebrew is Unreadable, ur a dumbass cuz theres something called Google Translate u fucktard. Finally, like i give a shit if u own a website! Israelis go on .com sites alot cuz all the sites suck. Facebook is a .com Myspace is a .com, Nike is a .com, and i can list more. Dont talk about shit u dont know! And if u think the site is illegitamate, go on google and type “cellcom israel wiki” and ull see that cellcom is the name of the biggest cellular carrier of israel.
    and @ACR, dont say shit bout the hebrew writing language….

  19. Daaaaammmnn….and we wonder why there is so much violence in the Middle East! Dudes, calm down! It’s just a blog, relax both of you!

  20. Marcos,I think,as an Israeli,that you a little bit over reacting. this site is not about Jews and other religion.
    this site is about one religion that unite us all –
    The ANDROID religion.

  21. haha, @Dani, u made me laugh :P i respect the fact that at least u can reply to what i say in a nice and polite manner :P
    @Brad 2, im sorry i started with all the curses…When people start insulting (like callin my language chicken scratch [im super zionist so it pisses me off]), i get angry…:P Sorry to all that were bothered :PP

  22. This is an AMERICAN website… not Israeli. STFU.

  23. Since you guys can’t seem to cut the crap, I’ll cut it for you.

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