MyTouch 4G/HD ROM Dump Roundup


Following the “dumpage” of the MyTouch HD’s (4G?) ROM the other day, lots of goodies have made their way to the internet. We were able to snag some video and crafty XDA’ers have been able to pull that video-enabled Yahoo Messenger client from the ROM to work on other devices with front-facing cameras, such as the HTC EVO 4G.

Today, we’ve learned that even more has been extracted. T-Mobile’s TV app – what most are describing as their version of Sprint TV – has been pulled from the ROM and made available to install on other devices. The app reportedly works great on the Nexus One, but might not even be functional for phones on other carriers. We’re sure XDA’s working hard to take care of that, but if you have an Android-based T-Mobile phone, it’s worth giving it a shot.


Today also brings a full port of the ROM to the Google Nexus One. Want an Android 2.2 version of Espresso-themed Sense? Then this ROM should already be on your phone. That bit of news came out courtesy of Android Central, and you can find the goods at this XDA link.

I wonder if XDA would be able to extract the actual phone out of a ROM? That would be amazing. I wouldn’t put it past them. Someone get on it!

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  1. For information, and not surprisingly, the T-Mobile TV app does not work on Donut (1.6)

  2. Link for the t-mobile TV app is not working

  3. http://androinica.com/2010/10/19/download-t-mobile-tv-video-streaming-app-coming-to-android/

    here u go guys. i downloaded it on samsung vibrant works great since my free mobi tv is up. enjoy guys and share it with the world.

  4. @Ben You seem to be a time traveler here in 2010 we run 2.2. Even G1s can do that.

  5. There’s vomit on my sweater already….

  6. hmmmm… Hanging on my Nexus running cyan 6.0 Stable with pershoot kernel…

  7. The G2 is the best ever! I love T-Mobile and HSPA+

  8. Yo does anyone have a link where I can download the latest mytouch 3g reg root firmware?

    @Keller – yes it is!

  9. rofl at the impersonator

  10. It also has Rock Band pre-installed along with Monolopy…i just got mine a couple of days ago and I can’t keep my hands off it

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