Access Locked Levels in Angry Birds Early Via Hack [VIDEO]


Well, folks, it’s that time where a popular game eventually has its exploits exposed to the world. This isn’t really a game breaking glitch (In fact, you can even make the argument that it’s game making.), but with a bit of trickery and a lot of tapping, you can apparently unlock the second and third set of levels on Angry Birds without having to finish Poached Eggs.  Our good friend Kellex from Droid-Life shows us how to do just that in this video. The instructions, which can be found below (and reproduced in the video) are pretty straightforward and should be easy enough for anyone cheap enough to do this.

I’m not going to access the levels this way myself, but if you’re of the impatient, lazy, or curious type and you want access to the rest of the game, be sure to try this out for yourself. (I might even do it if I continue to have as hard a time as I am on some of these levels!)

1. Load up Angry Birds and go to the world select screen.
2. Center a locked world on the screen.
3. Push back button on your phone all the way out of Angry Birds.
4. Load Angry Birds back up and when the “Play” button appears, hammer on it!
5. You should be inside the locked worlds stage select screen.
6. To keep it unlocked just pass the first world.

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  1. Found a glitch that allows you to super-launch a bird to what looks like about 5x further than the top of the screen. Was only able to do it once (on accident), but it was pretty cool.

  2. I am SOOOOO freaking addicted to this game. I literally am flinging birds in my sleep. After Poached Eggs, I accidentally went to level 3 and completed it. Now I’m tackling level 2 and having a hard time… lol.

  3. EA to acquire Chillingo, the publisher of Angry Birds. The beginning of the end of mobile gaming.

  4. This makes about as much sense as the yahoos who boost in Xbox Live.

  5. Why would you want to? Then you miss out on all the fun of passing each level.

  6. Why would you want to do this? It spoils what makes the game fun…the challenge of beating new levels.

  7. I too somehow got into the upper levels and then went back to complete level 2. Didn’t know how that happened.

    Finished all the levels :). But not with 3 stars. Yikes, that might take the rest of the year ;)

  8. niiiiiiiiiiiceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  9. Per CNN Money

    “RovioMobile’s Twitter account was rapidly firing off tweets, clarifying that it did not sell itself to EA and maintaining that it owns Angry Birds and all of its associated intellectual-property rights.”

  10. It also works on the ipod touch. I just did it with no issues whatsoever. You open the game hover over level 2 and then hit home button then re-open and pound the play button and sure enough!

  11. Already beat the game and have Golden Egg unlocks .

  12. Think I’ll go through the levels on my own. That’s what makes is challenging. Never understood why you would buy or download a game and then use cheat codes on it, whats the point?

  13. haha worked! Thanks!

  14. guess i hammered tooo hard i smashed my screen…maybe i shouldnt of used a real hammer

  15. Too bad I finished all the levels already.

  16. I did this by accident, I often back out of angry birds to do other things. Must have tapped play a lot next time of opening and hey presto they were unlocked. I didn’t even want them unlocked either :D.

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