MyTouch HD/4G Promo Video Ripped From Leaked ROM


It seems our friends at Android Central have been able to download the newly-leaked MyTouch HD ROM and rip the promo video from it. They’ve uploaded it to YouTube, and while it’s nothing out of the ordinary compared to other mobile phone promos, it’s still a nice, quick watch between today’s juicy stories. Give that play button a nice helping of “click” below.

PS: No, you’re not crazy. The video came out sideways. We’re sure this is because it was meant to be played in portrait mode on the MyTouch, as AC clears up for us at the conclusion of their post.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. nice video!!!phone looks good!!i don’t like that it doesn’t have a qwerty keyboard but it looks like it doesn’t even need one!!

  2. well it uses that shit espresso ui…so I will pass and go on to Windows Phone 7 with the HTC HD7.

  3. Hopefully gets rooted soon after release.

    MyTouch 4G + Expresso = FAIL

    MyTouch 4G + Cyanogen= WIN :)

  4. @Saint – just get Launcher Pro and you are set to go.

  5. I think the end clears up the name… myTouch 4G!

  6. WTF. Expresso UI BLOWS. Fuck tmobile.

  7. I got launcher Pro and ADW on my Nexus One….I was at a Windows Phone 7 event last week in Detroit and I will say the devices and the UI is good…

  8. *Breathes slowly and heavily* If. This. Is. The. Glacier….. Fuck. Since it isn’t officially confirmed, I will refrain from 980723u0hcfreji apopoij gw0- g-erg.

  9. OMFUCKINGG. This eye sore is the glacier. WTf. Oh my god tmobile you fuckin noobs. Where the fuck is your phone with a screen of at least 4″ (sorry, NO galaxy crap)? Tmobile needs to grow the FUCK up and learn that nobody wants these plasticy kid phones anymore. Sure it has a nice processor and a front facing camera (VERY nice features), but look at it. How am I going to carry that phone around and get blowjobs at the same time. Total Fucking fail, so ugly. The sad part is that I’m going to have to settle for that shit. With T-mobile, I always have to settle for some crap not as good as I hoped. Now excuse me while I go cut off my 4.3 inch dick (soft), I wont be needing it after a girl see’s me with that phone. Cio.

  10. Make it for Verizon

  11. Ya kno wat? I aint got time! Im goin wit the G2 this phone had me debating. But I guess not so much now

  12. @xOneSaintx

    have you lost your mind? why would you seriously consider a windows phone compared to this mytouch 4G phone?

    myTouch 4G: +1 front facing camera for video chat
    windows phone = fail
    myTouch 4G: +1 for super fast HSPA+ 4G speeds
    windows phone = fail
    myTouch 4G: +1 for having tens of thousands of more apps
    windows phone = fail
    myTouch 4G: view the full web with adobe flash videos
    windows phone = view the web without adobe flash videos
    windows phone = FAIL
    myTouch 4G: wirelessly send video to your HDTV from phone
    windows phone = FAIL

    seriously………cmon people, why would anyone think a windows phone is better than Any android phone, but especially this one.

  13. Good old Keller never fails hahah

  14. OMG!!!!! I looks like t mobile dosent get it, Verizon and Sprint are doing very well with there nice line up OF 4INCH!!!!!! 1GHZ!!!!! phones. If anybody at t mobile would ever do a lil research on a android forum site they would hit gold. Sprint had it with the epic too bad it has horrible signal 3g/4g in Orlando. CANT WAIT TILL JUDGMENT DAY January 6th, lets see what the big M has in store for us,hopefully 2 top of the line android phone a full touch and a qwerty 1,FFC!!!, DUAL CORE (cauz it about time), Stock android so we can get some nice gingerbread (well not for x mast obviesly) but hopefully before winter ends. a nice HD SCREEN, and a 5+ rear cam, or is that too much to ask, cauz apparently all that is out there but no one but samsung was able to put it together (except for the dual core). AND moto should adopt samsungs strategy and get it on all 4 carriers except with for the variety and exclusivity on different networks. THIS WAY EVERYONE IS HAPPY WITH THERE OWN PHONE ON THERE OWN NETWORK

  15. Lol @ keller! I thought the same thing but it is starting to grow on me. The red one on engadget actually looks ok, u can prolly get a hand job minimum with that one.

  16. This phone has absolutely top-notch specs. Why the fail moniker? Because of Espresso? Get LP or ADW; how hard is that? Is it because of its aesthetics? Wait to see it in person. These things often look more plastic-y in photos than in real life.

  17. Ok .
    Now me neck hurts.


  18. doesn’t look too bad actually… better than I initially thought… so what if it has Sense UI/Espresso… can easily be rooted once the devs get their hands on it… it seems to be a solid device and surely better in the end than the floppy keyboarded G2 failure…

  19. I don’t think this is the glacier. Wasn’t the glacier going to launch with stock gingerbread. Tmobile has launched every other update besides 2.0 but that was quickly overshadowed by 2.1 on the Nexus on tmobile. I can see the glacier being a new offical google phone made by HTC like the Nexus maybe a new dev phone because of the new features

  20. guys to see it normally hold alt and ctrl and the press one of the directional keys lol

  21. i think this is awesome thought of some features.

  22. Nice video, but side way view!

  23. @Keller, you appear to wanna roll Apple balls about in your mouth-unhappy? Then, leave tmo & save the rest of us your bandwidth, you cheeky, castrated bastard.4.3, sursly? Way too soft, girly boy, lol!!!

  24. Keller-this will be embarrassing, but honestly, grow a set & then, seek me out. Although, It’s not about the size, a good woman knows how to make your insufficient shortcomings work to both our benefit :) call me, I’m in the book, lol!!!

  25. Love ya, Keller, come over to our backside, since It’s evident you need glasses to see the shit your about to step in-my future holds prison time & I want you beneath me, lovey.

  26. You, seriously, suck,keller-why don’t you go to Sprintless & try to enjoy that there “4g” can’t compete w HSPA+ hahaha!!!

  27. Keller, honestly, you couldn’t get a bj, with or wo a phone, could you? You ole’ softy.

  28. @Gmg I’m pretty sure it is bro. I’m just as sorry as you.

    @Davis Apple balls? Wtf are you smoking? And if its weed please share. Its android or die.

    @Androidess ummm….. what? hah

  29. I don’t see why there’s so much hate for Sense/Espresso UI. Both of them are just fine. Sure there’s bloatware but seriously. Titanium Backup kaythanks?

  30. you know, im sure the black one will look much more professional if you dont like this white one. and if it doesnt, get a case or skin for it. that way, itll cover it up and provide protection at the same time. personally, the white one isnt that bad. considering its not just cheap plastic, but “good, nice(i guess)” plastic, makes it artsy. if the black one has a matte finish rather than glossy, id like that. and espresso really makes me hesitate, but hopefully it can get rooted…or be turned off. you think the skin can turned off?

  31. oh, and is that a rear microphone at 00:17 right above the silver?

  32. I just hope this thing doesn’t have the same root issues that the G2 does, or I’ll be passing up ANOTHER phone and sticking with my G1 >.>

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