Yahoo Video Chat App Leaked Thanks to MyTouch 4G/HD ROM


Well jeez, leaked myTouch ROM, you’re just letting everything go, aren’t you? Yesterday, we were able to get a sideways glimpse (literally) of a video that comes with the device, and now the Yahoo Messenger app with video chat in tow has made its way to surface. Reports from XDA – where this ROM originally leaked – said it works great for EVO to EVO video-calling over WiFi, though he couldn’t get anything shakin’ on the desktop version of Yahoo Messenger for the Mac. We’re sure there’ll be some incompatibility issues considering the app isn’t supposed to be out yet, so don’t let that stop you from checking it out anyway. Head on over to XDA now to download.


[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

PS: That smiley above is exactly how I picture some of you reacting after reading this news.

Quentyn Kennemer
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MyTouch HD/4G Promo Video Ripped From Leaked ROM

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  1. Yeah, but who uses yahoo messenger? Also, first.

  2. Got it! Works so far on Evo, Facebook video chat would kill Ny other competitor though.

  3. ^^^
    I do. I also use other IM clients. Also ask yourself this, what other clients have video chat for mobile? Aim doesn’t, Windows doesn’t, Skype is limited for now. I’m sure some of these clients will come around. Just take it for what it is. If you don’t use it then okay. Just know it’s becoming more desktop like & not just some chat box.

  4. Wonder if I can get this working on my vibrant??? That would be sweet.

  5. @Terrell if you’ve hacked in a galaxy s replacement ffc, probably.

  6. I just installed both files (apk) and got this function to work on my HTC Incredible (VZW).

    Very cool stuff (even if the Incredible only has a back facing camera).

  7. Anybody get this to work on G1??

  8. Works pretty well!

  9. Seems to work evo to pc it makes a call to your pc quality is so so. On the 3g network.

  10. Okay I’m not very high tech so bare with me… but I would love to get this goin on my Ego 4 so I can talk to my boo who’s 3,000 miles away n tango isn’t working. I down loaded both files but how do I get them workin? Somebody please help me!!

  11. @BERENICE all you have to do is email them to the email account that is your default on your phone go into settings>application> check the unknown sources, then go into gmail and you will see a install button next to both apps once you install them both you will log in and enjoy all the perks of the app

  12. works awesome between unrooted vibrant and droid 2. might work better than tango since its messenger but i dont know many people who use yahoo like that. also did the video chat wit someone in germany and worked perfect.

  13. Sorry ineed a bit of help i have the my touch 4g and the other person cant hear me over yahoo messenger video chat any ideas

  14. wassup guys I got mytouch.4g, and I.was wondering what
    App I could use to do video conference with my gf which has a mac book,thing is she doesmt have a smart phone and its either this way or nothing please help any ideas ????

  15. i have the mytouch 4g… but it wont let me do the video chat with anything other than qik
    is that right?

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