Logitech Revue Being Sold by Best Buy Now


It was announced that the Revue would be out by the end of this month (October) and rumors stated that the device would be launching October 21st. Sure enough, it’s nearly the 21st (the 20th, from where I’m sitting) and Best Buy’s starting to take orders for the device online. It seems that the device has already been generating interest from a lot of early adopters as it’s already backordered and sold out (the only bundles currently available are going for $349.98 – which includes two HDMI cables – and $599.96 – which includes cables, the camera, and the controller.) If you aren’t looking to pay that much, then you’ll have to settle for ordering the base unit and hope it ships out in a timely fashion.


[Best Buy via Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Picked up mine this afternoon at lunchtime. One local Best buy I saw had it available for in store pickup today. So I ordered it online and picked it up today! Now to get through work to hook it up tonight!

  2. Is Google going to open source the code? I have so many computers laying around I could whip one up real quick w/o spending a dime.

  3. Got an email from Logitech saying mine will be shipping tomorrow on 2 day delivery. Weekend in front of the (Google) TV, I think… :D

  4. When did you order yours from Logitech? I ordered mine on 10/06 and still have not received a shipping email.

  5. Is it worth it to just get the sony bluray with google instead?

  6. Just got my shipping confirmation from logitech. Hope I get it by friday.

  7. Ordered mine on the 16th and no shipping notification yet :(

  8. @methodz – I’d say personal preference… though for the kind of scratch they’re asking on the blu-ray version, if you haven’t got a PS3, it’s the same price… and it seems almost a done deal that they’ll be throwing Google TV into it. I don’t know your thoughts on that, but option #3 for ya…

  9. The Logitech Revue more sleek than a Sony Blue-ray version and also the logitech Have more accessories including the TV Cam with HD Video Calling TV-TV TV-PV TV-Mac, more options for keyboards and Harmony Remote and Logitech alert security cameras connections and more will come regarding Gaming.

  10. I have my doubts that GoogleTv will ever show up on PS3, PS3 has no HDMI input, therefore how would it hook “instream” of the signal from your television input device? I suppose that you could have a hobbled version of GoogleTV, one that will not let you have the overlay over your TV watching and only function via the PS3 but then you lose the beauty of the ability to have that overlay work while you are viewing television.

  11. The BB in my hood had these in-store yesterday. All the others in my city were not selling in store. Seems like they were letting them out early in 1 store in each major city.

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