Samsung’s Galaxy Player Finally Gets an Ad


We’re still waiting on this thing to launch, but Samsung’s finally going gung ho with the Galaxy Player now that they’ve got the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab out of the way. They’ve released a comprehensive video showing off all of the device’s features. Most will describe it as a smaller Galaxy S without the phone features, and that’s exactly what it is. So watch the video, fall in love with the music, and prepare to buy this sooner or later whenever Samsung’s ready to put it up for sale (that’s if you don’t already have a Galaxy S phone.)

[via Samsung Hub]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. well as a matter of fact i do already have a galaxy s phone, so no need for me :D

  2. Seems a bit thick

  3. What kind of screen? Will it have the Super Amoled screen?

  4. Looks like a good solid advert, but rather just get an Android phone to make it do even more :)

  5. Great googley moogley, that thing is thick as hell, is this the answer to the iPod touch, because if it is samsung needs to go back to the drawing board

  6. This is exactly like a phone in every single way except without the phone features. The least they could do is give it a unique design, stereo speakers, SOMETHING different from all those android phones that look 99% like this.

    Is it gonna cost at least $200 less than a phone? It better, otherwise this device has no reason to exist.

  7. @Nick…That’s what she said.

    I think this is cool if you don’t need or want a phone.
    I wish my market worked that fast :). just select an app and it’s downloaded, installed and launched in under a second.

  8. Im confused, will this work only over wifi or will it have gps and 3g on the go. And also, why wouldnt you just buy a galaxy s phone instead, it seems like the same thing but without the ability to make an actual phone call.

  9. well i refuse to buy an ipod, and i cant afford a data plan so this is a nice compromise for now

  10. I think Apple has created this artificial and contrived need for thinner and thinner devices. Is this device as thin as the new model ipod touch? No. Does it need to be. Not really. How many of these do you need to put in a pocket anyway?

  11. I think this is a GREAT idea! Direct competition to the iPod touch. The ad made me want one and I already have a Droid. Great marketing.

  12. Its a nice video though! Not sure if I will buy one!

  13. If this is a MP3 Player. why would it have a Airplane mode?

  14. I meant to say Media Player.

  15. @Corey
    It is good for people how have a blackberry given by work (android not good enough on the security for enterprise). It would need a stand and proper mini hdmi out to be really good. Also depends on capacity/price
    But this advert really show people what android can do in a simple video.

  16. Corey wrote “why wouldn’t you just buy the Galaxy S phone”…I was reading a post at Fascinate Forums and there was someone there who posted he bought a Galaxy S Fascinate as a replacement media player/GPS Unit. He didn’t want the phone (and couldn’t use it anyways as he lives in Canada) but he liked all the other features of the phone itself. So I think it makes sense in instances such as that and will give the Ipod a run for it’s money. I also don’t think the thickness of the device is that big a deal. Actually it makes it easy to hold onto imo.

  17. Its a pretty device though =) I like it but that won’t be something I would buy when I have an Android Phone

  18. and yes….it does feature the super amoled screen…

  19. It has an airplane mode to let you turn off the wifi radio presumably.

  20. I like a seperate music player from my phone. I get sweaty running, and I drain down the battery as well. My Ipod bit the bullet so I am using the phone for now, but I will probably break down and get another music player someday. Lets hope Android has better solutions to accomodate us library and synch wise soon.

  21. @ CR67
    The article you linked to says it DOES NOT have an AMOLED screen. Just wanted to clear that up.

  22. Once again I have to wonder if this thing can really include the Android market if it doesn’t have 3G data. So far devices that tried that got the Market pulled when Google took notice.

    Does Samsung have a special deal? Or are they waiting for Gingerbread before they actually release this?

    Once that is cleared up I might consider a purchase, but price will be a big factor. Also depending on how T-Mobile’s new prepaid data rates work out I might wind up with a phone anyway… but not a terribly high-end one.

  23. Am I missing something? I have a samsung epic and an ipod touch. The music player on the samsung epic is an afront to the modern world. The ipod music player is refined and easy to use. Please tell me they have a more advanced music player. Otherwise it’ll never fly. The ipod music player, zune music player, (probably even sansa and archeos) are better choices.

  24. I hate to be a negative nancy, especially in the comments section(unlike most douche bags) but is anyone really going to get this? Is nobody happy with ipod or zune? There really is no need for this, especially from samsung who, in my opnion isn’t a great cell phone manufacturer. The epic looks like it has the keys from a T81 calculator! Samsung, just make tvs and monitors leave the apple rips for someone else.

  25. This isn’t teh Galaxy Player, its the Galazy Player 25 (or is it 50) either way, it’s not THE Galaxy Player (4-inch screen)

  26. Am I the only one that likes this and sees a purpose for it? Do you know how many times a day I here, “Dad can I play with your phone?” My 9yr. old and 3yr. old already know how to use my Galaxy S, so it would work great. I’d like to know the price.

  27. Hooray for crappy video editing at 2:05….

  28. i bet they will make it cost more than the itouch 4 lol.

  29. At gabe, the epic 4g has vanilla android music player while all other the other galaxy devices have samsung’s custom music player (really good). It has been ported to the epic 4g so I have it on mine and love it. It just needs a widget and ability to re order the playlist

  30. I switched phones and now use my HTC Hero as this…You can pick them up on the cheap. Sure it is a slow pile of crap (compared to new stuff), but it is for music and web surfing!

  31. Samsung default music player is awesome on Galaxy S. Easily best one on Android. They probably have it on this one too.

  32. I agree with Gotandroid… there are many people in my life with Galaxy S envy including my 7yr old son who won’t leave me alone about it. I would much rather buy him his own stripped-down version of it than keep getting mine back with 2% battery life! My daughter (13) and girlfriend want it terribly, but I just can’t cope with the extra $50 every month for data so this would be great for them as well.

  33. why was this person pushing the screen so hard? does this have a resistive screen?

  34. Ill hope to get it for christmas. Its kinda nice to have a dedicated music player. I go to the gym at least an hour or more every day. That’s time my phone can be stuck in a locker and my tunes and workouts wont be interrupted by phone calls. Works for me! Plus if its urgent u can even access your google voice mail transcripts over wifi WIN WIN! GOOGLE ROCKS
    solutions all over the place :)

  35. The REAL 4″ Super AMOLED enabled media player from Samsung is the YP-MB2.

    It’s there Yepp model line up.

  36. @Pax its a non-working device that they put video on. You can tell all throughout the video I was like, “stop being slow and keep time with it.” I like the concept, but the execution of the video makes me question. I for one think Samsung’s only strength is its TV market, but of course im still bitter over the Behold 2.

  37. @gotandroid & GODCYPH,

    My thoughts exactly. My 10yo has an ipod touch on his christmas list, which would be a great gift for him if it wasn’t made by Apple. In all fairness, I think Apple is innovative, I just don’t like to be fenced in their restrictive playground.

    If this is available by Christmas with a good entry price ($150-$200), I would probably consider it for 3 of my kids. I am not a big believer in phones for Elementary kids nor paying the monthly fee for them. This seems ideal.

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