Motorola Defy to T-Mobile November 3rd, $99.99


We’ve seen this thing launched in Germany already, but T-Mobile was hush on a date and price for themselves, up to this point. They’ve officially “tweeted” that the Motorola Defy will be launching November 3rd for $99.99 after a two-year agreement. This phone “defies life” as it can seemingly take any and everything you could possibly dish out. (We’re not saying to go and rent a steamroller to see if it’ll hold up. Just don’t expect it to give up quickly in every day situations.)


We got some nice hands-on time with the defy at CTIA a couple of weeks ago. Be sure to check out our look at the device here. How many of you are looking to pick this up? We’re sure more than just a handful of people have left their cellphones in their jean pockets without realizing it before chucking them into the laundry.

[via T-Mobile]

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  1. Phandroid try to get some more information on the Motorola Begonia, also known as the T-Mobile Cliq 2. N some more info on the Android 2.1 update on the first T-Mobile Motorola Cliq

  2. I know what im getting for thanksgiving :)

  3. Too bad this isnt on AT&T. I live an extreme life and need a phone that wont be mad at me for being rough with it…Hopefully it will sell well and this concept will catch on for other carriers and other manufacturers…

    Theres gotta be more nerdy outdoor enthusiast out there than just me that would love to have a hardcore piece of technology that can handle hardcore situations, right?

  4. i live an extreme life too..

  5. I want to do a hands-on comparison with the Defy and the MyTouch 4G. Then I will decide which phone to get. But right now the MyTouch 4G is winning in my mind.

  6. Unlocking is always an option for those who have ATT

  7. @lancaster09

    well the MyTouch 4G has better specs but the main thing that is a selling point for the Defy is it’s toughness. and honestly the defy should be a really good phone if MOTO didn’t mess up on their programing. but it will be good enough for one to be satisfied for at least 2 years i say.

  8. I wish it came out on AT&T… Indestructibility has become a requirement on my cameras (I own the Olympus Stylus Tough 8000 and now the Sony DSC-TX5) but I go through cell phones like crazy :(

  9. Excellent read, I think motorola and android is the best device……

  10. @Aztec I currently have a friends old t-mobile mytouch 3g unlocked and am using on ATT…not having 3g eliminates any sort of timely web browsing or data transmission. I wouldnt want to cripple a nicer phone with such slow speeds.

  11. I really wish they would make a phone like this for att.. But with specs like the non rugged smart phones. Ive been through every iphone and a captivate. I dont care if it adds bulk. It wuld still beat carrying it in a huge ass otter box that still leaves it vaunrable to a puddle. I really hope this thing sets a trend…..

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