Angry Birds Doubles its First Day Downloads, Now at 2 Million



If you thought one million downloads in Angry Bird’s first day of release was an impressive figure, wait until you hear the latest report from Rovio. The company has tweeted that they have just doubled that figure and reached an astonishing two million downloads of the game over the weekend. Judging by the number I probably don’t have to say if you haven’t already downloaded it you should, but in case anyone has been living under a rock Angry Birds is out and you really should grab it free in the market or from GetJar.

As for those of you who have been playing the game all weekend, how far along are you? Anyone beat the game with three stars in every level yet?

[via Gizmodo]

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  1. I’ve been playing it now and then when I have some time, like when I’m on the crapper.
    So far I have three stars in all the first few levels. I keep playing a level until I have all three stars, then I move onto the next one.

  2. GREAT game, but haven’t beaten it yet. I get stuck for half-a-day at a time on some of the levels. The higher I go, the more about LUCK it becomes. I’m not completely down with that, but still a rockin’ game.

  3. Me too… well, all but the crapper part!

  4. I wonder how many more that number would be if they released it to Market to start with and people didn’t have to resort to downloading the apk off of file sharing…

  5. Almost finished the third lot of levels in Poached Eggs, but I’ve been retrying every level to get three stars before moving to the next. It’s a little annoying how luck-based the three star system can be but it’s a huge, great game that for the price is absolutely fantastic. I hope more popular iPhone games make it to Android on the back of these figures.

  6. I got 3 stars in all levels except in levels 4, 7 and 15. I’ll get there!

  7. Downloaded from getjar to my sony x10 and when I run it I get a black screen and then the tune plays until I press the back button to quit. ?

  8. Hopefully, other developers will start believing more in Android now, and will also offer their full apps/games for free.

  9. Awesome game especially on the crapper like @alexander said lol and i m struggling to get 3 stars on lvl 7 :(

  10. I have been looking on the market for this game all weekend long and it is not there.Just looked again before I posted still cant find it there. So im calling shananagins

  11. I am kind of addicted. I was playing in the crapper when I got to work, and I was playing so long the motion detector lights went out, that’s when I know its time to get back to work!

  12. LOL!! I’ve done that before Incredibill…too funny!

  13. Does not seem to be available for Android 1.5 or 1.6 :(

  14. I’ve got three stars on the first 25 levels (1-1 to 1-21 and 2-1 to 2-4) and have three-starred many levels in the first chapter.

  15. To answer the posters orig question: I got stuck on level 1-20 for the longest time. Currently on level 2-3. ZimLanfre makes a good point, sometimes it’s just pure luck getting through some of these levels. I don’t like the way it doesn’t save and continue using your score from the very beginning, perhaps I’m doing something wrong?

  16. @ToastnJam

    It’s not a continuous score that’s displayed on each level. Your cumulative score for each chapter will be listed on the chapter select screen.

  17. What is it?

  18. Stuck on stage 20! I’ll beat it though (even if it’s just by luck).

  19. It would be nice if it were available on the Market for Galaxy S phones.

  20. just doesnt work on x10. not on market place, but get jar will download it for x10. annoying me rather than the birds

  21. I’m stuck on Poached Eggs, second screen, #15.

  22. 3 stars for all levels on Poached Eggs… :D

  23. I still can’t find it on the market nor can I get the apk to install. It insists I do not have room yet I have 45mb free. Hero running 2.1 stock rom.

  24. Wasn’t there going to be a paid, ad-free version? I haven’t seen it in the market yet. Any information?

    The ads aren’t terribly intrusive, but I was going to but the ad-free version just to show my support.

  25. I have been playing the game all weekend since seconds after it was released and ive still got a rubbish score.

  26. Great game indeed, 2 millions its quite a number…I got 146
    so far in the first 3 levels

  27. its a ok game don’t really see the hype about it. but good for the dev’s anyway. i’m still waiting for those next gen games for android to pop up. i seen some shit on the iphone 4 that blow my mind. come on android our phones are just as powerful if not better the iphone.. vibrant

  28. I love watching statistics and such, but why is it that marked have a max on 250,000+? makes no sence
    I want to see more!!

  29. Yeah I’ve been badly addicted ever since I first downloaded two days ago. I spent all day in school on 5-15. finally beat after way too long and am currently on 5-17. LOVE THIS GAME

  30. @kidphat – Um, what am I missing? I downloaded it from the Market on my Galaxy S a couple of days ago. Standard firmware etc.

  31. This game is awesome and there is plenty of levels! Just finished poached Eggs…

  32. I’m running stock 2.1 on a Sprint Hero and it is not available in the market for me either. Anyone know what is up with this?

  33. I’ve got the first episode already done, about 18 levels in episode two, and a good 12 in episode 3. I’m stuck now though so I haven’t been playing it as much, some of the levels are crazy hard! And how in the world do all you people get three stars? I’m satisfied winning the levels. G2.

  34. I got his the day it was available on the Market. Getjar was way to slammed the first day. I have beat levels 1 through 5. All of level 6 except 6-14 and move of 7. Love the game, though it is very addicting. Anyone who says it is “MORE LUCK” is not looking at the details. If you are off by a fraction, you will not get 3 stars. This makes the game more challenging, and for me more fun!! Keep the great games comming!!!

  35. Great game! I’m currently waiting on Level 14 to be released, but have 3-stars in levels 1 thru 13. Took forever! I also have 3-stars on all levels of Angry Birds “seasons” which currently has holloween, christmas and valentines day levels. You can call my wife an Angry Birds widow ;)

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