Motorola FlipOut Coming to AT&T this Weekend?



Motorola’s small and quirky FlipOut has been absent from North America and little buzz has popped up since we first caught wind that it would be landing on AT&T, but a new leaked set of details pertaining to upcoming releases on the carrier has the phone pegged for launch this Sunday, September 19th. Will it mirror the huge success that was the Motorola BackFlip, a device it seems poised to take the place of in AT&T’s lineup?  Oh, the BackFlip wasn’t a huge success? Well I’m guessing it will be at least feature the same restrictions that AT&T seems to slap on all of their Android handsets. Expect it to be pretty cheap and available in multiple colors.

[via Engadget]

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  1. My friend has this phone, it definitely turns a lot of heads. It’s a neat little machine and is very snappy and responsive. Screen is very crappy though, but that’s to be expected

  2. Fuck this POS phone. Now I really hate Motorola more than ever.

  3. This phone has a 700MHz OMAP processor and a tiny low res screen. It should be FAST.

  4. When the hell is AT&T going to get a fast phone with a large screen, camera with a flash, and HDMI out?

    Are phone manufacturers afraid to go up against the iPhone? Or does Apple squeeze AT&T’s balls any time it tries to bring a decent contender to its lineup?

  5. @JJFNIGHTS80, It’s ok to hate an inferior product or carrier, but to hate Motorola because of limitations of the carrier is probably too harsh. Of course, you are entitle to your own opinion. Have you used the Droid, Droid X or Droid2? I have a Droid and my wife just got the Droid X and they both are well built high quality hand sets. By the way, I am okay with Moto locking the bootloader, since I am not an Android techie and would hate to brick my phone.

  6. It’s not absent from North America. Rogers released it some time ago.

  7. Apple won’t let anything in that will hurt sells of the iphone. They didn’t think the Captivate would cripply iphone sales but it is putting a little dent in it. Screw the iphone!!!!

  8. If I’m not mistaken… isn’t the Moto FlipOut almost exactly like the Nokie Twist? A little square guy you rotate for a QWERTY keyboard? I could be suffering from a brain fart right now though.

  9. Twist and Flipout looks similar, but hardware(OMAP running at 700Mhz) and software(Android) makes all the difference.

  10. Ugliest… Phone… Ever.

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