Oct 15th, 2010

Now here is a sort of bizarre though still very troubling security flaw surfacing for the Motorola Droid 2: With the phone in its locked state and resting at the passcode entry screen, holding the search softkey (or keyboard key) for four seconds and then following with a voice command will still respond by proceeding to complete the action requested. The phone will not respond with any sort of prompt indicating that it is listening for Voice Actions, but lo and behold asking the phone to ring a number will indeed pull up the dialer and place the call.

The issue cannot be replicated in other devices carrying Android 2.2, so it seems to be relegated to specifically the Droid 2 and its specific iteration of MotoBlur. Check out the following video to see the exploit in action.

[UPDATE]: DroidLife is reporting that the Motorola Droid X is also susceptible to the same issue. Looks like no Android 2.2 device with the latest iteration of [not] MotoBlur is safe from lockscreen voice dialing.

[via BGR]

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