Samsung Galaxy S Froyo Source Code Yanked


If you didn’t get your hands on the source code yesterday for the Samsung Galaxy S’s Android 2.2 upgrade, then you better hope someone’s uploaded a mirror: it’s no longer available on Samsung’s OpenSource website. It would appear that the publishing of the source was a bit premature, and I would assume that someone’s going to be in deep trouble over it. Does this mean that the upgrade to Froyo is further off than we initially thought? I can’t say.


Samsung has yet to commit to a hard date and I’m sure they want to take all of the time they need to make sure the update is as bug-free as it can possibly be. I’m sure the trusty hackers at the usual hubs have already taken a dive into this vat of frozen yogurt, but I’d hold off on flashing any forthcoming ROMs until we figure out what happened with the original upload.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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  1. So let me get this straight. Everything to do with Android now a days seems to be “prematurly” released or and ooops hit the button to early kinda thing. Most recent was the T-Mobile fiasco with the G2 getting an update only to later tell the public that we have no idea what you are talking about, and now Samsung with Froyo…… Seems kinda odd….

  2. oh my damn! so see what had happened wuz….leeroy done hit da upload button when he was bangin ol Shaqueeta in the back room and den da boss wuz like LEEEROY! what the hell is dis man? You done put the code thing on da interwebz! And den Leeroy wuz like oh shit quick hit it with a hammer it will delete it. Boss man said aight. Bet.

    And then someone upstairs had hisself a heart attack or sumthin. Kept yelling blame wes or sumthin like that i dunno.

  3. Haha, Kudos for the Wes Garner reference.

  4. To be honest samsung got to get their shit together. i got the vibrant on the first day and yet to see 2.2 on it. plus what make matters worst, i’m seeing the old ass mt3g is getting it before us. if its taking them this long to push out 2.2 just image when 3.0 is coming out for it.

  5. I want the Fascinate so bad based on the hardware. Too bad the touch wiz interface looks like someone vomited into a computer and somebody turned it into a user interface.


  6. I am starting to see the main problem with Android, they have allowed the carriers to destroy everyting that is so great about Android. My Nexus 1 phone is pure Android and free from the carrier lock downs.It takes months to get the latest updates because of this lock down. If things continue as they are with Android the Iphone or the new Microsoft phones might make more sense. Please Google give a new phone just as great as the N1.

  7. Same thing as the Vibrant JI5 update, then being pulled later, and I think for a couple others as well. They release it then find a bug, then pull it down again, lol.

  8. I too notice a lot of these things being released prematurely and it’s not very comforting to us “noobs” looking to root when we read crap like this on a weekly basis.

  9. Meh. The source was pulled because they realized that by doing so they opened the flood gates for custom ROMs. They want TouchWiz to infiltrate the hearts and minds of the meek a little more. Too late though. Once it hits the internet it can never be deleted or removed. Same goes for the full Droid X 2.2 .sbf that went out yesterday. Can’t wait for HTC to ooops the full source for the G2 so that pesky temp-root can be killed off as well.

  10. Some of you guys read too many spy novels or something…I think they pulled it to make some changes. I have heard a lot of complaints on the XDA forums of people having issues with Bluetooth and various other issues with the leaked 2.2 code. That is why I am still running Cognition 2.1.6. I hope they actually test the code this time after the stock GPS fiasco…maybe they fired everyone on the QA team for that one and the new guys are just doing their jobs…one can always dream.

  11. I always wonder if some rouge employee is secretly saying “Yea, screw you employer and your wanna-be death grip on peoples UI” and then uploads in secret at 2am.

  12. Seriously, who here thinks touch-wiz is a nice looking interface? And… it has a freakin’ typo on a message box… what a piece of crap.

    In agreement with a poster above… I hope google comes out with a vanilla android phone on ALL networks soon.

  13. @kennon if my walking half mile test of the gps from yesterday with the leaked froyo on it is any indication, they still have not fixed it. If a GPS gets lost by over 300 yds when walking under clear skies, its got bloody issues.

  14. I have no problem with Touch-wiz. Like most phones out there it’s so easy to customize it’s really a non-issue. Besides, that big red eye really creeps me out on the Droid X, Incredible, etc.

  15. The GPS on my Galaxy S works fine. Sure there were minor loading issues in the beginning and it wasn’t spot on the first couple times I used it but after using it a couple dozen times it works perfectly for me now and is always right on the money.

  16. I’ve speculated this before and will do it again here. Samsung has not released the GPS/Froyo update galaxy phones because the fix either isn’t done(bugs), or isn’t possible(faulty hardware/design) and by not releasing it they have an opportunity to release the Galaxy Tablets without a huge black eye, get the initial sales out of the way, and then release the patch. Thats my guess as to why the patches the promised we would have in late September have been postponed.

  17. Samsungservice: @rahlquist The source code was released for European GS phones but because this isn’t through US, we don’t have more info. ^Sab

  18. Ok so im so new at all this jargon type stuff downloads etc… But i did down load the stuff from the samsung site last night…. Took forever… But i dont know what to do with it. because of the above report would you advise me not to try and do anything with it?

  19. I don’t have a problem with TW either. It would be nice if it had a scrollable dock like LP and that pinch to view all sreeens, but it looks a lot more polished since LP is missing themes right now. I have both and toggle back and forth as my mood fits.

  20. If they pull software that has bugs, not only will they never release updates they will have to wipe current software on phones as well. They release bugs and guys like Eugene and Cyanogen fix them. I’ll bet Wes has their bugs fixed before they do.

  21. @Toastnjam, I’m glad your gps is working. Unfortunately, there’s a whole lot of YMMV on that issue. I’m on my 2nd captivate; the first one couldn’t send text messages outside of at&t network. But both have 3400 meter gps accuracy–more than 2 miles! My guess is there were some bad chips or boards that got sent out to customers. I’m afraid samsung has zero commitment to QA and to customer service. Too bad, because there’s a lot I like about the phone. And frankly, I don’t have any real problems with TW, but I do wish the user could turn it off and just have android’s UI. And I DO have a problem with at&t’s nanny-state-worse-than-any-other-carrier-Alcatraz-style lockdown.

  22. The GPS works fine with the Vibrant after the recent JI6 update, it locks in under 20 seconds and has about a 40ft accuracy under a over hang.

    For TW, the launcher is crap (side scrolling apps ftl), but the rest is great imo.

  23. Agree with TigerPaw YMMV is true for example http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7490029/walk.png shows a walk I took at lunch today. The red line is my actual path, the purple swath is what the GPS says I walked.

    Not exactly accurate.

  24. For those complaining about TouchWiz, there are how many launcher replacements in the market? At least three good ones and a bunch of others that vary in quality. Get LP or ADW and shut up!

  25. Eh, Touchwiz aint Sense by any means, but it’s not all that terrible anymore…

  26. I hear ya Tigerpaw! About half of the people I know with a Galaxy S phone has had problems with GPS, but none of them with a Fascinate have, but that could just be the luck of the draw. Your best bet though is to get off AT&T. I had Cingular back in the day and they were great, service AND customer service wise. Once AT&T bought them out I started getting dropped calls, missed texts and their customer service was the worst. I switched to Verizon almost 5 years ago and it was the best move I made. I’m not saying AT&T is the sole source of your problems, but it certainly doesn’t help matters.
    Good luck!

  27. I actually prefer touchwiz over other UIs, looks really good. Epic4g

  28. Tell me if I wrong. But searching for GT-i9000 on the Samsung open source page does reveal a file to be downloaded. I am thinking this may be the same release? If not, I stand corrected.

  29. While I’m a little disappointed that samsung and touchwiz are taking their sweet time with the froyo update, it’s no big deal, really. My epic 4g is still awesome in the interim. However, I am kinda hoping froyo will improve my anemic battery life, and SOON!

    Also, touchwiz is gross. Too bad launcher pro is incompatible with froyo; this means my phone will actually get uglier when I get my OTA.

  30. For me one thing is clear. The SGS is my last Samsung phone. Before I bought it I was not sure if I should take the HTC Desire or the SGS. The hardware made me choose the SGS. If I’d known about the bad support from Samsung if had taken the Desire. HTC knows how to keep the customers happy. Samsungs support and information policy is frustrating me.
    I don’t believe Ginger Bread will ever be released officialy for the GSG. We can be happy if at least Froyo is in a working version. I bet Froyo will also be the update.


  31. ok what the fuck…i just want my phone to work,for fuck’s sake !!

    I’m considering to do a direct-sell kind of thing here – I’ll sell this bastard directly to my livingroom wall…maybe the wall will like it more.

    fuck … So now i should hate my life because Samsung is fucking us with these hit-and-miss updates? SCREW YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not ever again buying their stuff, EVER EVER EVER!

  32. my provider uploaded a customised ROM to our Galaxy S GTi9000 that has tons of bugs.
    Okay,i sorted the problems out so … i wont sell my Galaxy S ,because I like it ;) sorry for my burst of rage

    Also, if you have Skype installed…get rid of it. This app screwed up with my SMS – i was unable to send sms when my 3G connection was on, what the heck?
    After i removed Skype, i can play PS1 games extremely smooth…

    But i also feel cheated. My Galaxy S has 512mb ram, but the OS only registers 340 MB ram …what the f is this?

  33. @GawdNo, you need to take a chill pill. Samsung has said as much as that they’re committed to getting froyo on all of the Galaxy S phones. How is your phone ‘not working?’ Are you not able to place calls? Can you not browse the web at ridiculous speed? Are you prevented from texted, somehow? In what sense does a GPS issue (not even experienced by all users) which has already had a fix constitute ‘hit-and-miss updates?’ Seriously, calm your sh*t down. Everything will be fine.

  34. @GawdNo But I will concede that skype totally sucks at life for their snaily updates for galaxy s. I uninstalled it like you did.

  35. I got my Samsung OTA update from Tmobile yesterday. And — my phone wouldn’t restart. It needs a factory repair. The guy in the Tmobile store said it happened to his co-worker. And, the boards are full of similar problems. Combined with the GPS screw-up and the horrible bloatware, I think this was a complete botch. Even though I love the Vibrant, I think Tmobile and Samsung need to get their act together on this one.

  36. I just want to say how much I really like this phone. The hardware spec is fantastic and I have no problem with touch wiz. The only one issue I have is with the gps, if samsung fix this then this phone will be with me for a very long time. I’m currently running froyo jp6 with the lag fix installed and have absolutely no problems apart from the gps. Love it!!!

  37. The galexy s vibrant is my first sp. I got it back in july I think… However I’ve never been able to use my gps, it simply doesn’t connect with the gps sats. The damn phone shuts off all the time and freeze constantly… WTF should I do to fix this? Does any1 know what I should do?

  38. after upgrade my galaxy s9000 to froyo 2.2, the gps problem continue…. a very big problem.

    I have the jm8 before and the gps works better in that last rom 2.1.

    I dont understand wath is doing samsung? is that a joke?

    Im from portugal, and tellign to all the people:
    Dont buy samsung galaxy until the gps problem is solved…
    Or until Samsung said its a hardware bug and they cannot solve them and they are selling phones with hardware problems….

    That is the true…

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