Froyo for Galaxy S (i9000) Source Released


Samsung’s been working around the clock trying to get the upgrade to Android 2.2 ready for their flagship line – the Samsung Galaxy S series of phones – and it looks like a release may be impending. Today, they’ve released the source code for the Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000 (also known as the international Galaxy S.) This doesn’t mean an update is right around the corner – especially for those of us here in the states – but it does mean we’re damn close. I imagine the source for all of the other versions of the phone won’t be too far behind as they’re as similar as similar can be. We’re sure XDA and SDX folks have already gotten their hands on this so if you’re the rooting and ROM flashing type of user, then I’d keep close eye on those scenes from here on out.


[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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  1. First! No….j/k. Really happy the custom rom guys will get there grubby little hands on it. I have yet to run a Cyanogen mod, but I hear they are working on one for us. Would be nice if they got the source code and began working on one!

  2. nice

  3. Third!!!

  4. I bet that Canada receive the update last, even if the device is similar to the international version.

  5. Where’s the evidence Samsung have been “working round the clock?”
    And why does my GPS still teleport me randomly all over the place? Otherwise, good news.

  6. @Clive Maybe it took them so long to release their shoddy GPS fix because all their resources were on Froyo? =) But yeah, I’m fairly sure their GPS “fix” does nothing more than report that the lock accuracy is better than it actually is. I now teleport randomly around an area roughly the size of what my accuracy bubble occupied pre-JI6. Horrible, horrible decision that actually makes my GPS experience WORSE, since programs, especially Navigation, that used to be able to make a reasonable best guess based on the reported accuracy now assume that I’m in fact RIGHT where it (wrongly) says I am. /offtopicrant

    So I can’t wait to see what kind of bang-up job they’ve done with a much bigger project like Froyo.

  7. froyo out already in india.confirmed news

  8. About damn time. Why can motorola get 2.2 out for original droid, droid 2, droid X all before samsung? My bluetooth radio wont even turn on , on my epic 4G, had to have store order a replacement, had it just over 30 days. Sweet…NOT


    wondering why I had to be different and pay 50 bucks more when I could be on Evo and 2.2 already for 200 instead of the 250 i shelled out…

    (this is where samsung media team reaches out to me and hooks me up cuz they feel bad for me)

  9. Not just the source. The compiled JPM firmware for flashing using Odin was also leaked thanks to Samfirmware.com.

  10. @geek: Nope, not out in India yet. JG4 is the latest version officially distributed in India.

    @cdogg: You can’t buy a phone on contract here so you have to pay the equivalent of 600 USD to get a Galaxy S here.

  11. @lookatmike I too am also still teleporting around the map and my orientation changes all the time too. If anyone is tracking me using the GPS data from my phone they either think I’m related to Nightcrawler or I’m real fidgety. Impressive “fix.” I wanted the awesome gpu in the hummingbird, then I realized I don’t game much with the phone! Oh well, I’m pretty happy with everything else. But it’d be real nice have 2.2.

  12. Have you tried the apps

    GPS optimisation (free) http://www.appbrain.com/app/gps-optimisation/com.gps.opt

    Have to manually run this to work.


    GPS Booster (paid $2.75) http://www.appbrain.com/app/gps-booster/com.octy.gps.booster

    Works automatically

    It claims to get GPS faster locks. Did give it a quick try and it locked fast on GPS status. They are both from the same author.

  13. Anybody know how I upgrade my Samsung Galaxy S with the source code I have download from the Samsung Resource Centre?

  14. Anyone know when the update will be available in CANADA?!

  15. @zeo yeah. had this going as well as just got this phone yesterday. today I actually used it as my GPS and it failed big time. I had to swich my sim over to my HTC Dream which was locating me in the right place! Also learned the SGS doesnt even have external LEDs for notifications. :( had to search for an app to do it.

  16. Just concerned that as Samsung have sold 5m handsets that they consider their job done, and are now putting their best people on the next project.
    It appears this has been their approach on previous phones. Bah. I just want Flash so I can school the iChimps I work with.

  17. all you people with gps problems why not just flash a custom rom to fix it? no more problems i get 10 locks out of 12 satellites seen consistently on bionix 1.8. If you don’t want to root and just wait for the official release then stop bitching about it!


  19. Update,

    the source is not there anymore. It seems somebody did what he should not.

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