Verizon iPad October 28th: Let The Apple & Android Showdown Begin


ipadVerizon Wireless just issued a press release announcing the launch of the Apple iPad on October 28th in over 2,000 Verizon Wireless stores. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the start of a new frontier in the Android vs. Apple war and the details make it even more interesting.

The Verizon iPad will NOT be sold as a CDMA device – rather it will be a Wi-Fi only iPad that is bundled with the company’s MiFi service allowing a mobile modem of sorts. Whereas the AT&T iPad can simply roam around and get service via AT&T’s 3G signal, the Verizon version will require an external device – or a $20/month Android Mobile Hotspot Contract – to get the job done.

Either way, this is a huge symbolic shift in the way mobile politics are being played and it definitely foreshadows changes to come. Android and Apple have been very secluded in their own little carrier worlds. AT&T has had the exclusive contract on the iPhone for some time. Since the launch of the Motorola Droid, Verizon and the “Droid” campaign have been the dominating Android influence. The Verizon vs. AT&T war has run parallel to the Android vs. Apple war, accentuated by AT&T being the last carrier to get an Android device. And when they did get an Android, they did a bit of locking down.

The implications are obvious- this totally opens the door for the Verizon iPhone 4G early next year. The fact is that Verizon and Apple are now officially working together. There is a clear partnership. The remaining hurdle is stuffing CDMA specs inside Apple devices, something that hasn’t  yet been done, but something that we’re now pretty darn sure will come soon. And of course with Verizon getting the iPhone, and other carriers possibly getting the iPhone as well, it makes Android’s competitive landscape in the United States much, MUCH different.

How quickly will Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile customers adopt the iPhone vs Android if given the choice? We’re not sure when or if they’ll all get the choice, but it’s quite possible that Android’s growth – at least domestically – could slow with Apple offering the iPhone directly against Android offerings on lineups besides AT&T.

Another interesting point is that the Verizon iPad will be going head to head with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, an Android device that won’t need a MiFi mobile modem/hotspot in order to collect 3G data. So on Verizon do you go with the Galaxy Tab? Or with the iPad Wi-Fi and Verizon MiFi service plan?

The question is rhetorical… I’m pretty sure I know what everyone reading this will answer. But it’s a question that many, many customers will be asking.

The Apple & Android showdown has been pretty fun for everyone involved. Not to mention, it’s been GREAT for consumers who are seeing manufacturers and carriers push devices, capabilities, and prices to the limits. But with an Apple product being sold within the House That Droid Built? Let the games begin… everything up until now was just preseason.

Full press release from Verizon and Apple below:

Verizon Wireless Offers iPad at Stores Nationwide on October 28

BASKING RIDGE, N.J. & CUPERTINO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Verizon Wireless and Apple® today announced that iPad™ will be available at over 2,000 Verizon Wireless Stores nationwide beginning Thursday, October 28. Verizon Wireless will offer three bundles, all featuring an iPad Wi-Fi model and a Verizon MiFi 2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot, for a suggested retail price of $629.99 for iPad Wi-Fi 16GB + MiFi, $729.99 for iPad Wi-Fi 32GB + MiFi and $829.99 for iPad Wi-Fi 64GB + MiFi. Verizon Wireless is offering a monthly access plan to iPad customers of up to 1GB of data for just $20 a month. In addition, Verizon Wireless will also offer all three iPad Wi-Fi models on a stand-alone basis.

“iPad together with the nation’s largest and most reliable 3G data network allows customers to easily connect on the go wherever they are.”
“This is the perfect pairing for holiday travels,” said John Stratton, chief operating officer for Verizon Wireless. “iPad together with the nation’s largest and most reliable 3G data network allows customers to easily connect on the go wherever they are.”

“We’re thrilled to be working with Verizon Wireless to get iPad into the hands of even more customers this holiday season,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s COO. “iPad allows users to connect with their apps and content in a more intimate, intuitive and fun way than ever before, and together with Verizon Wireless we’re offering an easy way to stay connected wherever you go.”

iPad allows users to browse the web, read and send email, enjoy and share photos, watch HD videos, listen to music, play games, read ebooks and much more, all using iPad’s revolutionary Multi-Touch™ user interface. iPad Wi-Fi models are just 0.5 inches thick and weigh just 1.5 pounds—thinner and lighter than any laptop or netbook—and deliver up to 10 hours of battery life.*

Apple’s App Store℠ offers iPad users access to the world’s largest catalog of apps with over 280,000 apps and more than 30,000 iPad specific apps in 20 categories, including games, business, news, sports, health, reference and travel. With Apple’s iBookstore℠, the best way to browse, buy and read books on a mobile device, iPad users have access to more than 100,000 books from major and independent publishers.

MiFi 2200 is small enough to fit in a pocket and allows customers to create a personal Wi-Fi cloud capable of sharing the high-speed Internet connectivity of the Verizon Wireless 3G Mobile Broadband network with up to five Wi-Fi-enabled devices. The MiFi 2200’s rechargeable battery provides up to four hours of active use and 40 hours of standby time on a single charge.

Customers can sign up for more information on Apple’s iPad together with Verizon Wireless’ MiFi 2200 at www.verizonwireless.com/iPad, at any Verizon Wireless Communications Store or by calling 1-800-2 JOIN IN.

*Battery life depends on device settings, usage and other factors. Actual results vary.

Verizon Wireless operates the nation’s most reliable and largest wireless voice and 3G data network, serving more than 92 million customers. Headquartered in Basking Ridge, N.J., with 79,000 employees nationwide, Verizon Wireless is a joint venture of Verizon Communications (NYSE, NASDAQ: VZ) and Vodafone (LSE, NASDAQ: VOD). For more information, visit www.verizonwireless.com.

Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world, along with OS X, iLife, iWork, and professional software. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store. Apple is reinventing the mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store, and has recently introduced its magical iPad which is defining the future of mobile media and computing devices.

We will be reading the infinite number of comments sure to accumulate below.

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. let the games BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. plus there is windows phone 7 as well.

  3. Its stupid it is not a CDMA ipad plus there extra $130 for what……………

  4. I will use android 4life.. but apple have made a HUGE move.if the rest of the carriers follow verizon then it’s going to be VERY hard for android to catch up.. because most people got android only because the iphone wasn’t on their carrier. wasn’t the case for me at all. i LOVE the idea of a open os and got the g1 on the first day. so like i said above “LET THE GAMES BEGIN”

  5. “The question is rhetorical… I’m pretty sure I know what everyone reading this will answer. But it’s a question that many, many customers will be asking.”

    Really? I think you should take a poll. If the prices are in the same ballpark, I would definitely buy the iPad. I have a Nexus One that I love, and I see no real reason to duplicate that in merely a larger form factor. I’d go for diversity of software and get the Apple experience.

    (Besides which I can hotspot an iPad to my Nexus….)

  6. @BOB true windows phone 7 is coming out. but i believe its already yrs behind. most people that left windows for a iphone or an android phone are by now fans of their os and will not be so quick to jump back in the arms of a windows phone. i could be wrong but with the way android phones are coming out every damn week. window got some major catching up to do!!!

  7. Verizon/Apple found a loophole in an exclusivity deal. They could sell non-carrier devices (wifi only) via any channel.

    I don’t think this puts the CDMA iPhone any closer to reality.

  8. @BOB – In addition to being a site of Android lovers, I can’t find a great reason to lug around a MiFi and an iPad unless you already have or want MiFi or Mobile Hotspot. That product offering/bundle just doesn’t seem like a great proposition compared to Galaxy Tab or AT&T iPad, all things considered.

  9. Very hard to predict who is going to end up with what share. Here is my prediction if IPhone comes to verizon

    IPhone market share jumps to 40
    Android market share 30-32

    remaining will be split between WP7 and Blackberry. WP7 is coming out with a massive ad campaign and windows is a recognizable brand even today. Let see

  10. Verizon $20 = 1gb
    AT&T $25 = 2gb

    Why did Verizon feel that they had to screw their customers even worse than AT&T does? And since it comes with the MiFi, does this mean they will want a 2yr contract, or will they go prepaid like AT&T (iPad) / Virgin Mobile (MiFi)?

  11. hey Rob, put the disqus system for your comments, this commenting system is not that good.

  12. I don’t see the point to carrying an iPad or a Galaxy Tab in the first place. Ofcourse if you’re a business professional it makes more sense..but to the average consumer? The 4.3″ screen on my Evo is already more enough real estate to manage. I’m contnent, and I have a feeling that a lot of other android users are as well. Just my opinion ofcourse..no bashing, lol.

  13. Wow this is not a battle with Apple and Android. Wait until early 2011 when the tablets that everybody is waiting for comes out the make a statement like that. This is an AT&T vs Verizon battle

  14. makes you wonder if Verizon will maybe start to carry the ipod touch 4… they could push it with the mifi just as they are doing with the ipad… could tie them over until the at&t exclusivity on iphone truly comes to an end…

  15. LOL. This is nothing but VZW selling the iPad just like Walmart and Best Buy. The only difference is because VZW is a telecom they can sell you their MiFi hotspot to use with the same WiFi iPad you can buy in Walmart for $449 vs. $629 on VZW. Simply put, no CDMA antenna.

  16. i could see this going better if they dropped the price of the ipad. but you could go to bestbuy and get the mifi for 50 bucks and ipad for 500 so you are going to save 80 bucks right away

  17. The real kicker is $20 for 1GB of service.

    I know all you can eat is going away, but that wouldn’t meet my current 2GB smartphone usage!

  18. I’m an Android fanatic hands down. But being as though the iPad was the only worth tablet out right now, I picked one up from Target to see if I could really find a need for it. After 1 week. I returned it to Target for a full refund.

    1. I have a Droid X, having an iPad and a Windows 7 laptop made iPad redundant. I felt like I was keeping data in 3 different places. I think if I had an Android tablet, I might have enjoyed it better since apps, data, etc would be easy to swap back and forth.

    2. This thing was so limited I basically read the news, surfed the web a little, and that was it. There are some cross OS apps like GroceryIQ, Evernote, etc, but I’m not going to carry an iPad to the grocery store.

    3. Even after I jailbroke it, it still felt very limited. I want to pop an SD card in the damn thing and move app data from Android to the iPad but you just couldn’t do it.

    In the end, I’m not sure any tablet will be of much use if you have a decent smartphone and a laptop. However, it’s possible that the RIGHT tablet might do the job (i.e. something running Android) giving you more options like SD, web cam, etc.

    Only time will tell.

  19. I’ve played with the WAY over-priced maxiPad, and a few android tablets. Personally, I don’t get it. They aren’t phones and they aren’t laptops. I have an original droid1 (rooted and OC’d, of course)and 2 laptops (I only carry 1 laptop at a time, they serve different purposes. That said(again only speaking for myself, and possibly anyone else who has a good smartphone and a laptop), even if someone outright GAVE me an iPad/tablet, aside from sell it, I honestly wouldn’t know what to do with one. I can’t make a phone call on the thing(I have a phone anyway) and NO iPad or tablet is going to be running Mathematica 7 anytime in the near future (M7 is a program that I use on a daily basis; again, I already have laptops, etc.) I don’t knock people who use them, I just don’t get it. I know more than a few people who play that Farmville game, who bought ipads,etc. Thinking they were going to get it to “play on the go”, who I had to expalin to that they would probably NEVER see it on an ipad because amongst other people/corporate entities Steve B. Jobs pissed off or insulted, adobe was one of them, and as far as I knew it wasn’t available on android phones with flash anyway. I was really surprised at how many people bought pads/tabs JUST for that reason. I suppose we should all be glad that FV doesn’t owrks on phones and tabs, we have enough people trying to text while they’re driving (why are these three people dead? Oh, because this stupid bitch had to let her bff know that she lol’d) I can imagine “pad-games” contributing to this.
    Even with all of that said, I am curious what gingerbread will bring to and do for Android tabs. Just because they are useless to me now, doesn’t mean I won’t find them handy in the future.
    Just leave Farmville out of them. For everyones safety.

  20. With the explosion of Android phones,I don’t see iPhone just walking in and stealing all of the customers. When iPhone came out I wanted one BADLY! The reason was simple. It was more like a computer and destroyed what others were offering. If people wanted an iPhone, most would have switched through the years to ATT to get one.

    Android’s release changed my whole perspective. I didn’t have to have an iPhone to get the device I was pining for. As a Droid owner I just couldn’t fathom getting an iPhone now. If I was to switch from Android, W7 phones may be more enticing down the road.

    I like Flash 10.1 and find it very useful. Unless Apple changes their ways I won’t ever buy an iPhone. Many people I know have switched to Android and laugh at the iPhone. iPhone will take sales, but Android will still be top dog.

  21. shits about to get real.

  22. I think you have to edit the article because there is no contract required for the MiFi…it’s $20 month to month for 1GB of data…also, this makes me wonder how much data will cost for the Galaxy Tab especially since you will be locked into a 2 year contract…

  23. There are some additional infomation about the data plan.
    Q: What are the data plans that will be offered for use with the iPad and MiFi promotional bundle?
    A: $20 for 1GB ($20/1GB overage), $35 for 3GB ($10/1GB overage) or $50 for 5GB ($10/1 GB overage)

    Here’s the website I got the information from:


  24. Now I tell you whats going to be HILARIOUS is if the thing just sells OK or not at all. If they don’t have lines waiting outside Verizon its a fail. It lets you know that the iPhone is probably not going to get the market share jump that everyone thinks it will if it were to go to Verizon. People aren’t just buying Android because they can’t get an iPhone. There is way more to offer now from Android.

    Personally I would buy the Galaxy Tab still because it is a PHONE as well as a tablet.

  25. Any pricing model for a consumer product that complicated = customer getting screwed. I have a MiFi from Verizon. I pay $50/month for 5GB.

    I guess that Verizon figures if the Apple fanboys can buy a new $500 iSomething every 6-9 months, they can overpay for wireless access…

  26. Hmmm such a choice…

    Apple vs Google.

    Iphone vs Android

    Ipad vs APad

    Closed and restricted vs Open.

    I choose open.

  27. This is the dumbest, most lame attempt, Verizon has made in a while. Why in the world would I carry around a stupid mifi box so I can access internet for more than the at&t data plan? Plus they should just be promoting this with the droid tether plans. This is a lame attempt to get some of the holiday ipad business until the android tabs become more known and in demand. Anyway as a droid devote with an ipad it annoys me a bit that they aren’t even making an attempt at knocking down the price a bit with a mifi contract (which you do have to sign).

  28. PHUC Apple and Verizon, expensive ass pricing structure and locked down boodldrs and iOS. Would never pay 140 bucks a month with Verizon to get what I have with Sprint for 99 bucks.

  29. the verizon ipad will probably have BING too…

  30. @ BLAH the iPad has options for yahoo, google, and bing search already.

  31. Jerry, I think that’s what he meant mate… It’s obvious the iPad will win. The Galaxy pad is ridiculously expensive and has way less customer awareness compared to the iPad.

  32. I hope this competition pushes the android manufacturers to up their game. I’m not talking harware but software, update, inovation etc now that the android option looks like it will not be a ‘my carrier doesn’t do iphone’ option

  33. I would leave Android and my Droid X the very second hell freezes over. I will never purchase any device with an Apple logo on it.
    And why would you want to lug around an oversized iphone that overheats on you? My 4.3 inch display is all I need.
    Sure the trendy nontech-savvy i-diots will stand in line for hours at my local Verizon store to get the thing. Then they’ll make sure they’re seen using it at Starbucks. Plastic, cookie cutter, apple sheep ha ha!!! Why pay to get it broke off in your a$$?

  34. And another thing. I like Google. I like that they’ve created Android and gave it out for free to struggling cell phone manufacturers (Motorola) and up and coming manufacturers (HTC). I like the ability to customize my Android phone any way I see fit. And mostly for free. And most of all I like how for the first time I finally feel like I’m getting more than I pay for with Android.

  35. I’m not sure the difference in sound quality, but I use my Dinc as my primary music player, and if the iPhone sound quality was significantly better I would think long and hard about making the switch.

  36. I dont get why this is any different… I bought mine from an apple store right when it came out and did the exact same thing.
    PS. I still <3 android phones.

  37. Pass.

  38. This is stupid, I really hope anyone thinking about this offer will do thier research. First, you can buy just the wifi version, save money, and tether your current mobile device to it, plus pickup any open wifi signals for free, no need to pay anyone $20 a month for anything. Second, you should also research upcoming android tablets, such as the Archos 101, this will put a nice dent in ijunk sales, at half the price. I harldy believe this offer constitutes any kind of “showdown”. Android devices has already been outselling its compitition for the past six months, and I dont see that changing anytime soon, oh, and good luck to micro$oft, your way too late to jump back in the game.

  39. What a rip off. $35 for a 3gb plan. Just go out and buy the virgin mobile mifi and get unlimited data for $40 a month, or root your phone and get wifi tether.

  40. I have a iPad and tethers just fine to my Droid X. I pay $25 a month for 5GB of Hotspot which i do not use because i rooted and using wireless tether app so unlimited usage. iPad $499 wireless tether app priceless

  41. aha, great, and I think the 5th iPad, “Mini’ iPad” also can stun me!! Though now Im very happy with the WiFi one, has almost completely replaced my personal computer. For the things I do… It is perfect! Easy of use, fast, and efficient. Especially the e-book reading and movie watching, Im totally sucked in enjoying kinds of videos and movies with iPad, though some times need in the help of iPad video converter from iFunia for lack of flash support. Ugggggg!!!!

    But if the Mini iPad and VZW iPhone ever comes out, I’ll sell all this and switch without hesitation.

  42. Well one thing… (and I think its the main thing outside of how many Android phones are selling) is that gingerbread is not out yet…but it is said to be a big improvement to Android OS…

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