Motorola Olympus MB860 to AT&T First?


Remember @Androidevicespy? It was the same Twitter account that tipped us off to Verizon’s collection of Motorola phones long before Verizon was willing to come clean (and before any of their leaksters were willing to spill the beans beforehand.) It seems the same Twitter account has picked up on the Motorola Olympus MB860 that just passed WiFi certification a couple of weeks ago. We know the phone is out there by now, but the device tracker suggests this phone has already been in testing for AT&T.


We suspect the Olympus MB860 could be the super-duper-phone that Motorola Mobility’s CEO Sanjay Jha isn’t trying to unwrap for the time being, but we have no hard evidence to back that up just yet (just the trusty word of industry colleagues.) It was once believed that this device would be headed for Verizon and Verizon only, but later reports suggested Verizon wouldn’t be the only carrier to enjoy Motorola’s high-end goods as they’ve been keen on doing.

[via Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Please let it be so. When you think about it, AT&T is the best place to launch a very high-end Android phone. There are a ton of people (like myself) stuck on AT&T, waiting for a decent Android phone who would jump at a phone like this.

  2. Please like AT&T even cares bout a 1GHZ phone from Motorola all they get is shitty phones from Motorola.

  3. Yeah I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the Motorola Kobe and if the Motorola Terminator Tegra 2 device is different. All I’ve seen on the Olympus is WiFi certification. No idea how it goes from WiFi certification to Tegra 2 device.

  4. At least AT&T has the cream of the crop of Android phones with the Captivate, but yes, AT&T needs more Android phones.

  5. Motorola’s CEO himself did say Droid T2 will be launched at multiple carriers. Who knows if it will also end up at AT&T.

    In fact, it may end up landing at non-Verizon carrier first mainly because Verizon’s LTE may not be ready on time.

    Source: http://droidt2.com/index.php?/topic/15-motorola-droid-t2-to-be-headed-to-multiple-carriers/

  6. @belmonte

    The Captivate is a nice attempt at a great Android phone, but but I wouldn’t call it cream of the crop. It lacks a few basic features that you’d expect in a top tier device, such as a flash for the camera, front facing camera, and potentially HDMI output. Couple that with its glaring GPS issues among other bugs and glitches, and you get a pretty disappointing device.

  7. @quantum…having flash and front facing camera does not make a phone a top-tier android phone. The captivate is a great android phone.

  8. FYI folks this device is not even a phone. And on that note a lot of the info going around recently about Motos future devices is totally inaccurate.

  9. you people need to stop hateing and being closeminded, someday maybe soon at&t will have high end android phones like sprint. and verizon even though I prefer htc over motorola its a good attempt

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