Motorola’s Tegra 2 Device (T2?) Headed For More than Just Verizon?


More info from our friends at Android and Me regarding the Tegra 2-enabled handset Motorola’s putting out has just rolled in. According to them, the device – which, for now, is affectionately known as the T2 (or Terminator) – won’t just be for Verizon as all of Motorola’s high-end handset have been here in the states. Latest rumors from his source suggests that the device is going to be treated by Motorola similar to how the Galaxy S was treated by Samsung: try to get this thing into as many hands as possible.


It would be a welcome change of pace from all of the exclusivity Verizon’s been enjoying lately. It’s not that I don’t like that Verizon’s getting all of the goods, it’s just that I’m rooting for Motorola to make an even bigger impact than they already have, and if they have a dual-core Tegra 2 phone coming out, I want a chance to own it on the carrier I prefer as a die-hard Phandroid like myself would jump at an opportunity to own what surely sounds to be the next generation of Android handsets. Now we just have to wait and see if Motorola Mobility (new company, remember?) will be willing to spill out a few tidbits before CES rolls around. Regardless, January’s looking to prove to be a very exciting month.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I sent back the G2…show me what you’ve got Moto!

  2. AT&T please? And sooooon.

  3. please give us a GSM version

  4. Verizon, please don’t Bing this phone. Moto, please make it lte capable and don’t put your ugly not-mototblur ui on it. Oh and 4″ screen please.

  5. AT&T has the Iphone4….just be happy with that will ya? Muuhaahaahaaaa!!! Otherwise get a real carrier and come over to big red.

  6. AT&T and Motorola have bad juju from their past. (SLVR, anyone?) I don’t think you’ll be seeing too much Moto on AT&T any time soon.

    So with that in mind… Glad I have Verizon.

  7. tmobile baby, oh and rogers

  8. I like the sound of a “Motorola Terminator” on Verizon.
    iPhone4 Killer:

    LTE 4G/CDMA 3G combo
    Tegra 2 @ 1.2-1.5GHz
    Ag-Zn Rechargeable battery (40% more capacity than Lithium)
    8MP Camera, video capture @ 720p
    720p 4″ x 2.25″ Screen (1280×720, 16:9 aspect)
    Latest vanilla Android

    “Ditch that fruity phone for a Motorola Terminator… Only on Verizon Wireless”
    Clip of Arnold saying “Come with me if you want to live”

    249.99 with 2-year contract
    329.99 with one year
    649.99 without


  9. This is the news I was hoping to hear; that Samsung’s Galaxy S strategy would be picked up by other manufacturers. Much in the same way console exclusivity in videogames is going away, I want to see carrier exclusivity die. I want to combo the best phones with the best plans for me. That may just mean a T2 on T-Mobile!

  10. @Satsu thats perfect! just lower the price to $200 with 2yr,and make it 2 devices (T1 & T2 or the terminator package), one with keyboard and one with out

  11. @satsu

    you’re a god amongst men. lol

  12. I hope they make it a world version!!

  13. If they’d make their phones more developer friendly then this phone would be at the top of my list for my next upgrade.

  14. @satsu @toastnjam actually fyi motorola is coming out with 3 phones going to at&t. they may not be highend, what can you expect from motorola. so what if they made the droid x or 2. htc is the king in making the best handsets. so stop being a hater to at&t not everyone wants a iphone which is why we prefer androids. and not everyone can shit out money to jump carrier to carrier just because one carrier came out with a better phone than the others, and if you can waste your money with early termination fees every other month than more power to you. hahaha

  15. @JaylanPHNX “I want to see carrier exclusivity die” AGREED!

  16. @satsu, while the idea of a AgZn battery sounds appealing, everything I can find says the cost is so much higher for anything above a watch size battery (due to the price of silver) that it is not a commercially viable technology beyond a few specialty markets where the benefits outway the added cost (like in space shuttles).

  17. Each carrier having their own set of phones is what drives people to a carrier other wise then there would be no point of having other carriers. Also it would probably cost them more money because they all use different chips. For example verizon is using lte for 4g and so is AT&T when they put theirs up. Well you would javento order different chips to send out signals because it has to be 4g/ 3G so veriZon would be LTE/ CDMA and AT&T would be LTE/ GSM. Over all it will probably never happen plus I like the idea of you have a better network for better phones( that would be why verizon has all the exclusive basically) you pay for what you get

  18. It’s a wrap. All else will be toast! The only would-be competition, wasn’t…The much bally-hoo’d Project Emerald is not even in the same class as the Moto Terminator. As much as I salivated over the early “leaked” specs of the would-be Emerald, the reality was a huge let-down.

    The Terminator on the other hand may have a lot riding on it: The “baby” of the CEO of the new-to-be-born Motorola Mobility Company? It is perhaps the initial entry of that new company? – Regardless, the Terminator will put Moto back at the head of the pack! And the fact that it is not bogged down to any “single carrier” only makes Moto’s domination certain. I love it!!! Welcome back, Moto!!!

  19. @james- as a t-mobile customer I can assure you that, events if t-mobile had competitive phones, there’s still a huge difference. T-mobile is cheaper but my phone doesn’t work in half the buildings I walk into, it doesn’t work between cities, and even though I live in a city with well over a million people in it I spend a lot of time on the E and G networks. On the other hand tmobile has the fastest data there is. Im in san antonio, my nexus one regularly gets 5up and 2down when I’m in 3g. Point is, carriers are far com equal. But I do wish I could have a decent phone to look forward to. Carriers like sprint and Verizon advertise “full ghz processor”, or “8mp camera” etc,etc. T-mobile advertised “the genius button” (which my wife has never pressed on her slide, its 100% pontless), “customizable desktop” (which is the cornerstone of any and every android) or “Dwayne Wade uses one” (which I’m sure he doesnt). T-mobile is cheap, and when it works its blazing fast, butt its phone suck, they are touting up the new mytouch which is basically a nexus with a front camera, so it hasnt even come out yet and its barely an upgrade com a phone that’s a year old

  20. I would never call the MyTouch a Nexus. The difference is build quality alone is astounding.

  21. DO WANT! I’m stuck with at&t so heres to hoping that it will make its way to at&t

  22. It’s reportedly going to ATT and then Verizon?
    Wow…another letdown.

  23. Why do these company’s not get it. Stop making phones for companies like At&T until they make their network better.

    These are phones! They should work well as a phone first! They can’t do that on crap newtorks like AT&T or borrowing service like Sprint.

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