Motorola Olympus MB860 Passes WiFi, Bluetooth Certifications – Is This Jha’s Secret Project?


So we still have no idea what the Motorola MB860 is (most are still referring to it as the Olympus – a supposed Tegra 2-enabled tablet – even though we are still expecting the Stingray MZ600 to be one of two), but it’s just gotten its certifications for WiFi (September 29th) and Bluetooth (September 28th) from the respective groups. Its WiFi entry still refers to this device as a smartphone.


If this is accurate, it could be that project we’ve been hearing so much about that Sanjay Jha’s protecting as if it were the last piece of gold on earth. That would rule the Olympus out as a tablet, but that still leaves us with another codename or model number to uncover. Everything is still speculation at this point, but just know that details should be rolling out in no time.

[Thanks, Leona!] [via Ameblo]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Personal wish list 4.3 screen, ffc, Tegra 2, 16gb memory with sd slot, stock Gingerbread and T-Mobile HSPA+ compatible…then I can say good bye to my sexy Nexi.

  2. I agree with 2c…..except Verizon and not T-Mobile!

  3. I agree with you both except for EVERY carrier that the Galaxy S is/has released on..

  4. What? You mean you guys aren’t interested in ATT’s iPhone4?…

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