Did The Motorola Droid 2 (Or Motorola Shadow) Just Pass WiFi Certification?


Something very interesting just bombarded its way into our tip box. It seems that a new model from Motorola has just gotten its WiFi certification, and it appears that it might be the rumored Motorola Droid 2 (Motorola Shadow, anyone?). The model number spotted in the certification is the A955 (similar to the original Droid’s model number – the A855).

This differs from the model we found in a different WiFi Certification not too long ago – the Motorola MB810. After doing some digging, one of our tipsters – named C.Y. – tracked down more information regarding the A955 and found a twitter feed that monitors new device signatures that access the web. The end result of that curiosity was the following tweet:

motorola droid 2

If this twitter feed is accurate, it means that the device is out there, it’s coming to Verizon, and it will be the true successor to the Motorola Droid. We hope this is a first step to uncovering more information about the rumored device(s), but until then, lay your thoughts about this discovery in the comments below.

[thanks, C.Y.!]


Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. If it is coming to Verizon, then it cannot be the Nexus two right?

  2. Incorrect. Nexus was never meant to be carrier specific.

  3. hmm… based on forthcoming information, maybe I’ll skip the Incredible and wait for the Droid 2?

  4. Maybe it’s a phone that has the same look of the Droid but without a keyboard. You never know it could be since Motorola doesn’t have a all touchscreen phone on Verizon. I sure wish it was the Nexus One, 2.2 is already showing a 10x speed boost.

  5. “Shadow” and “Droid 2” are 2 different devices, both rumored to be hitting VZW around July. Shadow will be keyboardless, Droid 2 will be updated version of Droid with keyboard.

  6. It will be interesting to see a launch time frame on this. If its on Verizon they aren’t really giving their phones time to breathe lol. But I guess you can look at it as being a full selection of Android based form factors and UI customizations.

  7. The Droid 2 and the Shadow are two different Phones!!!!

    Shadow is a 4.1″ slate

    Droid 2 is a refreshed Droid

  8. I hope its a DROID 2. I feel like I cant go to another phone if it doesnt have a keyboard, and the DROID was so amazing I cant imagine what they are going to do for the DROID 2

  9. Motorola has made it pretty clear that all their new phones will have a locked down boot loader. If that’s important to you, you might want to hold off buying one of these until it’s been rooted.

  10. @zonnked Well if Motorola only plans on selling phones with locked down boot loaders from now on looks like I will be getting the next big HTC device. The ONLY reason I bought a Droid is because it was rooted. No root = no sale. Plain and simple.

  11. It has to be the Droid 2, I mean look at the model number. Droid 1 = A855. Droid 2 = A955. I hope that “9” means good things. Tegra 2, non-sucky keyboard please? Oh and that D-Pad, move it to the left.

  12. Yeah, but that won’t stop the sales. The masses don’t give a flying shit if they could root it or not. Just tech nerds like you guys do.

  13. Excelent!!! but what about GSM users??

  14. Verizon doesn’t seem shy at all about having different Android phones overlapping in price and features… The new LG Ally is not much cheaper than the original Droid and they’re still coming out with it, they had the Devour and other phones that weren’t real popular in the past just to have cheaper/more options… Pretty much the complete opposite of AT&T, damn you AT&T!

  15. I never said Nexus meant to be carrier specific. I was saying if it is the N2, then Google would sell it through their site and the CDMA networks would never allow that.

  16. Wtf! The Shadow started out as a suposed GSM phone and i was dying for it to come to tmo… now its yet ANOTHER suposed high end vzw phone! I swear Tmo better bring a phone that will murder everything out when they finally bring something to the competition.

  17. @pimpstrong….I don’t know if that’s ganna happen soon bro you are talking about T-Mobile……

  18. i just hope its GSM too…. as we dont has vzw in india and “DROID nexus” is also good or DROIDxNEXUS^2……

  19. Either way you look at it if “Big Red” is coming out with these 2 new phones it just means the masses including myself will want the latest and greatest! I keep hearing that verizon is picking up the iphone and releasing it in june or july…. ???? Definetly take the DROID2 to upgrade to before Iphone since I have had my KICK ASS Droid since it was released…

  20. it could be nexus 2
    don’t u guys noticed that google have just stop selling nexus 1 at its site?
    if google don’t sell nexus,it means nexus can carry CDMA&GSM

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