Oct 10th, 2010

A few of you guys have chimed in saying you don’t know why your phone’s market looks different suddenly, but one thing’s for certain: the Android market looks a lot different for those of you still on Android 2.1. A hot update (meaning there was no OTA update to accept and install) over this past weekend adds the ability to update all, automatically update apps, and also gives us the new tabbed layout for individual app entries. I haven’t heard reports of crash reporting being added, but I’ll bet that’s trickled down the ladder too.


If you’ve been wondering why your market looks different, don’t fret: you’re not crazy. You are probably still on Android 2.1 if you didn’t accept a system request to download an update file over the air, but at least you’re getting some of the very useful features Froyo users have been enjoying for a while. Now let’s hope some of you actually get stepped up to 2.2 before 2011 makes its way here. (And I’m still rooting for those of you on 1.5 and 1.6 who were promised an update to Eclair. Hang in there, guys!)

[Update]: Sounds like some of you on Android 1.6 are seeing this, too. Anyone on 1.5 seeing the same? Let us know in the comments section with device name and network!

[Photo courtesy of AC]

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