HTC Bee ROM Leak Indicates Phone Headed to Verizon, Alltel


We haven’t heard much about the HTC Bee since it showed up next to the Lexikon in an earlier leak. Today, a new leak gives us an early press render of the phone without any carrier branding, but a look at the phone’s ROM shows signs of this thing headed to Alltel. It’s worthy to note that we’ve also heard of this phone going to Verizon, and sure enough Alltel sits comfortably beneath Verizon’s umbrella.


It’s still not clear who the device will be offered through – nor is it clear whether or not Verizon and Alltel will allow you to use it interchangeably between their networks – but I can’t imagine those details will remain hidden for too long. In the meantime, let’s go over some stats: Android 2.2, a QVGA touchscreen (no word on screen size, but a safe estimation is 2.8 to 3.1 inches if we’re going by the resolution.), a 528 MHz Qualcomm processor, 386 MB of RAM, and a 5-megapixel camera. It definitely is a “bee” of a device as it would be accurate to describe it as Verizon’s HTC Aria. Or Alltel’s. Or whose ever.

[via PocketNow]

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  1. i love HTC but why are they coming out with phones that look like this?!they need to make the best for:Verizon,AT&T,T-Mobile,and Sprint.Phones like this could and SHOULD be made for:Cricket,Boost,Virgin Mobile,and U.S. Cellular!!this runs on 2.2 but still,why get this when you can get the droid incredible for Verizon??

  2. it looks cheap!!

  3. First mafakas. Should I copy and paste again? Na, not this time

  4. I caved: Fuck verizon 4g, Here Is what WE CARE ABOUT:Were the fuck is Project emerald from tmobile. That new plasticly MyTouch blows! Fuck you Phandroid and fuck your source who said there would be a “dual release” of two phones. Where is it?!?!?! And where the fuck is the htc Glacier? The Glacier’s cpu PWNED the shit out of every phone, And PWNED most phones gpus. The new mytouch’s 1ghz processor is NOT the glacier. Not done trollin yet

  5. the new mytouch might not be that bad if it comes in black…

  6. meh….

  7. damm keller…i don’t know how many copy and paste paragraphs i have seen of yours..haha..it funny!!

  8. No “it” not. It’s stupid and they should start blocking his stupidity.

  9. keller…lol i dont no what to say

  10. it’s a midgrade phone, for those who aren’t looking to fork over the big bucks for the high end phone. as for the project emarald phone that had the new dual core 1.5 GHz snapdragon and new gpu, it blew all away except for the galaxy s, it was about dead even with the galaxy s numbers. as for alltel, i understand they are now owned by verizon, however it’s time that alltel got some high end android phones. right now the best they have is the htc hero, and that’s far behind the high end phones we have today. alltel really needs to step up and snatch a top of the line phone. maybe get samsung to make the galaxy s for them, and/or get motorola to bring the droid x to alltel, maybe the droid 2, or how about the htc evo? or well, at least an alltel version of those phones.

  11. And you want something that resembles an Aria Because?

  12. can someone show keller the wrath of the ban hammer? im sick of reading that dumb a$$, obscene post in every article on phandroid!

  13. Good for HTC. Like Motorola is doing, HTC is thinking about the midrange, low end markets…

    Sounds like good business….helps keep the Android market share up…when my oldest kid get a lil older I could see me getting a mid range, low end Android phone for her…

  14. I knew as soon as I saw the topic title that keller would rear their ugly post in here like a pimple on your butt.

  15. Alltel was divided into 3 sections. The largest went to Verizon, a small portion to at&t. Those are no longer part of alltel. The only portion that is still alltel, is 1 million subs that will be a separate company called Allied Wireless. That is most likely where the bee will end up.

  16. Anymore it is nothing but the same copy and paste from keller crying and bitching please someone ban this person its getting ridiclous you cant read anything without a lot of obscene language

  17. This sounds like its the Wildfire for the U.S. Even has a similar design

  18. The bottom line is EVERYONE has the right to own a capable android, no matter their personal budget. I think offering this phone on Verizon is a smart move, seeing how Verizon’s service is so damn expensive to begin with…it’s nice to be able to buy a phone from them that won’t clear their pockets…that is until they receive their first bill…haha. Like a few people said already, it’s good business to try to tackle all markets. Good job HTC, you’re ok in my book…it’s just not for me…I love my Evo 4G waaaay too much, lol.

  19. Tired of these phones with less than a 4 inch screen

  20. he is getting quite annoying.i would like to actually talk about phones and write my actual opinion without this stupid keller ruining it for everybody!!shut up keller!!you are ignorant!!!

  21. I’m sure big red wants an entry level smartphone a-la Eris. The Devour and Ally are holding that position right now, but the people seem to want an entry-level phone from HTC. So here it is.

    Morons like Keller don’t understand marketing strategy.

    nVidia’s Tegra platform is the one to build on. Dual 1+ ghz cores and a GPU all-in-one. Raw benchmark tests show that it KILLS the competition on performance and battery life.

  22. I don’t understand why you guys want them to offer 50 evos. Please give me a phone this size with a good camera and processor thanks.

  23. I whole heartedly apologize to anyone I may have offended with my ignorance and vulgarity. I do it because I have no life and am in dire need of some attention, be it positive or negative.

  24. LMAO at Keller.. aah.. it will be okay dude..

    I tested out the G2 and I love it.. and it was blazing fast.. faster than my EVO.. well did have my EVO.. and I also got to test 4G on my EVO and it didnt impress me much.. totally sucked my battery dry.. but on the G2 I got almost 16 hours of no charge… and thats with moderate use.. thats right 16 hours..

    I returned the G2 because of the hinge.. just pissed me off because it would open and dial people.. so I ordered the myTouch 4G due out next WED 11/03.. I can’t wait.. I am very impressed with TMo’s HSPA+ aka 4G (not really 4G but eh speeds seem like it)…

    the only thing I also didnt like that the G2 had and I am pretty sure the myTouch will also is the camera.. with the EVO you can auto focus at a certain point or position, with the G2 you couldnt it did it for you.. YUCK! I do still miss my EVO..

  25. Oh and I got totally caught up with my stupid response.. HAHAHA I agree this phone totally looks cheap.. almost looks like Sprint’s Moment.. WTF.. at least they could have put a SuperAmoled screen on it to compensate for the dinky sized screen..

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