Samsung Galaxy Tab For T-Mobile – Specced, Priced at $399.99 on Contract


We don’t expect prices for the Samsung Galaxy Tab to be much different from carrier to carrier here in the US, so take this as an unofficial preview of what to expect for Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T: T-Mobile’s Tab will supposedly be priced at $399.99 after a two-year contract and a $50 mail-in rebate. Without a contract, you’re looking at $649.99 to pick up one of the first Android tablets to be released with the chance to challenge Apple’s own 10-inch beast.


We were also treated to some specs, but it doesn’t sound much different from what we’ve heard before. (All of the Galaxy Tabs will have identical specs save for the lack of a front-facing camera on the AT&T version.)  If you need  a refresher, take a quick look above.

[via TmoNews]

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  1. $400? Hahaha. I’ll pass. You’re not going to compete with the iPad with a price like that.

  2. agree. I’m holding out for the rumored iPad coming in a few months with front cam. That I will be purchasing… since you can get wifi-only or PREPAID data (no contract — hear that Samsung)

  3. How do you figure? The iPad 3G starts at $629.99. I could see these selling like hot cakes for $399.99.

    I’m going to buy one as long as the screen technology is AMOLED / SAMOLED / SLCD. We currently use our iPad to sit in front of the TV and to take on car trips, but the pocket factor of the Tab is the main appeal to me.

    Better than the $499.99 projected price point IMO as well!

  4. Upon further investigation the screen appears to be an SLCD. Can’t wait!

  5. OMG, Phandroid reported on a Sunday!

  6. i think $400 without a contract will be better and more affordable.

  7. I guess they don’t want to sell the tab

  8. Just in time for Halloween… scary prices. $650 without contract! Are you kidding me? Failure at these prices.

  9. I don’t want a contract. I’m waiting for them to announced the wi-fi version’s price.

    I already have a Nexus One, so I have no idea why I’d want another 3G enabled device. If anything, I’ll just set up my phone as a hotspot.

    Here’s hoping for $299 for a wi-fi model. I can’t see this costing even much as an iPad, which for being such a limited device is overpriced IMO.

  10. but they will… and that’s the problem… the throngs will line up trying to be all counter-culture anti-apple, and they’ll say “look at my kick-ass G-tab” and we’ll lament the price while they laud the buttons and whistles… no one wins but Samsung and BestBuy because the truly smart ones are just a very small part of the overall community.

  11. Guess that means that we Canadians can expect to see $400 plus for a 3 (yes, 3) year contract.

  12. +1 @ Phandroid post on the weekend! Price is really too steep. But the price wars will begin around XMas and early in the year!

  13. What does At&t have against front facing cameras?

  14. i dont know how accurate this is. or if it can be trusted. it states that the tab will have a 5.0 mp rear facing cam which is wrong. it will have a 3.0 mp one.

  15. Front facing cameras use up too much data for the weak AT&T network. Same reason gay FaceTime is WiFi only.

  16. $650 for a tablet??

    I would rather buy a laptop for that price.

  17. Sammy oh Sammy, what a stupid whatever you are. You are just pulling me away from Android and throwing me right into the hands of idiot SJob. No way, I will pay that much for your Tab…Never Ever.

  18. This is T-Mobile’s version.

    Sprint leaked a $399 with contract and $599 w/o contract.

    At&t might adopt the same on-demand 3G data plan as on their iPad.

  19. Epic Fail! Needs a wifi only version at $200. I would rather just teather it and use my already overpriced data plan on my vibrant. Can’t afford 2 data plans and $400. CRAZY!

  20. Why do people say this is a “limited” device?

    It can do more things than an iPad can. WAY more.

  21. Samsung needs to add back the calling feature that the European Galaxy Tabs will have. People do not want to pay for two data plans and it would be a lot more convenient to only carry around one device. Yes, it would look stupid to see people holding a seven inch device to their heads but if you’re already going to be carrying a tablet around, you could just pair it to a bluetooth device to make calls instead of carrying both a phone and a tablet.

  22. Epic Fail. Why would you buy this? It needed to be $400 without a contract to compete with the ipad. When will these companies learn.

  23. Samsung hasn’t quite failed in the product. They failed in strategy. The tablet of this quality can’t really be made for much cheaper than this. The only company that will be making money off a quite useless invention for most people is the first company to introduce it. Apple can ride the hype and sell this to some people who can really use it and most people who just bought it for no good reason. Anyone following the model will find the profit margin to be too small or even negative with a small market. It’s a small market because consumer finally realize how useless a tablet is. Ok useless maybe the wrong word. “limited” is the right word.
    When the hype is over, it doesn’t fit like a phone and it’s not as useful or powerful as a laptop. When it’s no longer a show of status, it’s just a piece of junk that’s only useful for pregnant women and people who like to read and surf on the throne.

    So, if you can find a labor market cheaper than China, you might be able to find an equal quality toy for half of the price. That’d be an acceptable price for a toy for a lot more people. By the time that happens, there will be 10 company with 30 models out there, and no one is making a buck out of it. Guess which company is the only one to ever make any money from it?

  24. R U serious, the AT&T version wont have a front facing camera? We lose voice capabilities and now this. This has gotta be a joke right, whats the deal?

  25. yeah, it’s funny how people don’t realize hardware of this caliber deserves that 400 dollar price

  26. $399.99 on crappy T-Mobile contract ?? NO WAY NO WAY NO WAY !!!! Rip off and lousy service on top of it !! I would pay $399.00 off contract wifi only version

  27. there are a few comments that try to compare the $399 (or even $650) against the iPad starting price of $629 for their 3G model. While this is try they are similar in price, Apples 3G model still does not require a contract. You know that all four carriers are most likely going to still require the contract to have data. How many other devices do they sell at subsidized and full retail pricing, but still require you to have the data plan… which in turn means a contract, unless you are a current customer with that type of plan (IE in contract or already completed your 24 month obligation). That means it just went from $650 to $650+(24×50 to be generous)…that’s now a required $1850, where as the iPad is only $25/mo (unless you have overages) and is not REQUIRED

  28. I am off contract now for my cell, so does this mean I have to pay $650 for the Tab? Since I have to get another data plan, can I sign a contract and get it for $400? I was hoping it would be $300 on and $500 off but nope. I probably would have paid $500 off contract but not sure if I can pay $650, I’m just not sure yet if I can do that. Well I might but I will most likely get in trouble by my family if I did pay that much. They wouldn’t understand, I already get enough from them for paying so much for my cell phones. Maybe I should just get one of those little laptops, they go as low as $250 now anyways but not android but windows7. Ugh android why must I have you? I already got 2 android cell, had 2 others too. why must I get an android tab too?????? I think I’m addicted to android and I need help……….

  29. why would I or anyone use this as a phone? Contract, I assume, is for another phone line. If only for data, what is the contract terms?

    The Blackberry tablet deal is definitely the way to go. Use the phone for 3G connectivity. Otherwise, use wifi for connectivity.

  30. This is being marketed completely wrong. But it’s what the carriers want. They want to sell monthly service and the more of it the better, that’s why we have no 3g talk here in the US. The Tab had a chance, but as a converged device, not an extra monthly fee. As long as the carriers are the gatekeepers we’ll never get anything truly revolutionary. They don’t want to be dumb pipes and will do anything they can to make sure they aren’t.

  31. @Phaze0085

    I can confirm the Att version will have a FFC. I have held it in my hands. Not sure who told you otherwise.

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