Logitech Revue HD Video Chat is the Most Gorgeous Iteration of Video Calling to Date [Video]



Out of everything we can take away from yesterday’s unveiling of the Logitech Revue, perhaps the most surprising is the handling of video chat for the device. Maybe that shouldn’t be surprising, as Logitech has sold millions upon millions of webcams and accessories to date. But they have taken it a step further with video chat on Google TV. They have built up a device with hardware compression allowing for a gorgeous, widescreen, 720p HD video stream with an upstream rate of less than 1Mbps. Pretty impressive. I must say the ability to relax on your couch, get the whole family in the picture, and see the beautiful HD images streaming from the other side is a nice touch that could be a cornerstone of the Revue, even if it hasn’t been the most talked up feature of Google TV. Imagine what this could do for Chat Roulette!

The following video probably won’t do the actual video quality of the service justice, and that’s a real shame, but hopefully my excitement will be enough to sway you into believing just how awesome this feature is. (Also apologies for the abrupt stop and start halfway through the video due to memory card switch-over.)

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  1. I know a lot of people probably don’t care much for this. I like it since a lot of my family lives far away from me and visits don’t happen as much as we would like. Glad to see 720p is viable. Hopefully this doesn’t cost a billion dollars.

  2. No Skype…bummer. Does anyone actually use their Vid HD program?

  3. Wow that’s crystal clear no complaints here.

  4. What does this have to do with android?

  5. Very cool idea, but yet again will it be limited so that only the VID HD software can use the camera or can other apps ie a still camera use the interface?

  6. The modding community will be all over this as soon as it comes out.

    This thing will be doing skype. . . it’s just too damn good to resist…

  7. It lets you could Communicate with other Revues or PC or Notebook or Netbook and i assume at apoint the Logitech HD VID will be available for tablets and Smartphones as Logitech announced in 201 it will focus on the 4 Screens.

    Also they utilizing the Video Conferencing Technology from their LifeSize Communication company Acquisition, one of the main player in the Business Video Telepresence space and other Acquisitions in the same space in the last year

  8. Also could communicate with an Apple Mac

  9. @Jerry springer are you serious? The revue runs on android!

  10. I think the idea is to let everyone communicate with everyone.

    This could be interesting to have as a feature..

  11. yeah it’s way sweet. but i don’t wanna see some dude jerking his tiny penis on chat roulette on a computer screen, let alone in HD on my plasma.

  12. @iamsteventucker: that error would seem more yours than theirs, though.

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