Social Navigation App Waze Releases Version 2.0 for Android, Brings Local Driving Groups



Waze, the social navigation app that allows drivers to build live maps based on user input, has updated to version 2.0 in the Android Market. The latest installment of the app brings along local driving groups to help users get the most up to date information on road conditions in their areas based on the reports of others using the same routes. Groups can be based around those commuting to the same area for work, friends or family taking multiple cars to arrive at the same destination, or professional driving fleets such as taxis or delivery vehicles to name a few.

Version 2.0 dropped for iPhone last month and since it’s release over 5,000 driving groups have already formed, with more expected on the heels of the new Android update. Other enhancements in the latest release include multi-touch support, zoom, and rotation.

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  1. It’s pretty useless for rural areas like mine.

  2. @Mike
    Well get driving! That’s the point of this application. They started with the publicly available maps, and rely on the people using the application to fill in the missing data. It’s about as open a mapping application as you can get. I’ve remapped several interchanges in my area as they rebuilt them.

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