Verizon 4G Press Conference Tomorrow, LTE Details Forthcoming


Right now only Sprint boasts 4G speeds in America, but Verizon Wireless looks to kick off their own 4G LTE efforts with a bang, launching in 30 cities across the nation later in 2010. They’ll be able to reach up to 100 million people with their 4G range- nothing short of astounding.

But what devices will run on Verizon’s 4G network when it launches? That’s something we’re hoping to find out tomorrow, at CTIA Apps & Enterprise, when Verizon’s head honcho hosts a Press Conference on the future of Verizon’s 4G LTE Network.


It’s possible we don’t hear anything about specific devices, but we’ve got our fingers crossed. And either way, streaming the NFL Mobile App on Verizon just in time for the playoffs will be straight up sugar.

lteQuentyn and I are in San Francisco now to cover the event and Verizon is marked down as one of our top priorities so expect coverage tomorrow. It goes down at 2:30pm EDT and if you’re not at CTIA you can watch and listen in here.

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  1. nm lol

  2. tmobile with hspa+ will cover 200 million,double that also tmobiles 4G tech is faster atm and are doubling their speeds in 2011,they cost less,have the G2 and have the best customer i need to go on?

  3. Since when does San Fransisco run on EDT? Last time I checked it was PST. That’s a tad bit confusing guys. now i could totally see posting the time in EDT if the event was being held in the EDT time zone… but it’s not.

  4. If they can cover that many people before years end then why not bring out an lte phone before years end? Is this really not possible for them? Does anyone know how many people sprints 4g network covers?

  5. I so wish my Droid X was LTE. It’s the only reason I would upgrade from this phone. I really need to be able to place calls while using NAV.

  6. LTE will not be just for their Wireless consumers. It’ll be for their MiFi customers, too, and they’ll have a MiFi device out to coincide with the LTE launch.

  7. @mike, no you don’t have to. In the end, it’s all about choice of the consumer. It’s great to have these carriers expanding or developing HIGH SPEED mobile data.

    I for one will stick with VzW. They have been good to me, the devices are mostly great, the pricing are within my budget. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

  8. I think Sprint 4G only covers like 5 ppl. So if you have Verizin 3g network you can’t talk and use you device to navy at the same time? Wow my g1 bin doing that since 2 years alreay

  9. @aberkae, lol about Sprint 4G, but they are turning on more 4G in various areas of the country (not sure how frequent though). You are correct about no simultaneous data/voice on VzW. That’s a minus for CDMA tech compared to GSM (T-Mo, AT&T).

  10. What are the chances we get LTE 4g on DroidX? Hopefully it is a hidden hardware feature in the DX and D2 that will be unlocked.

  11. @topshelf….Your droidx can’t nav & make a call? I do not have troubles with this, I have Dinc….just curious….

  12. @mike…did you have to come on a Verizon article and talk about T-mobile? And just to let you know T-mobile is not as good…or won’t be because they don’t really even have 4g… Lite is where its at that’s why its taking so long to come out. Think about it Verizon is much bigger then T-mobile…so they could have came out with HASP..(or whatever its called) before T-mobile but they didn’t…for a reason …anyhey also I had T-mobile and well if your a edge fan or a teen…T-mobile is dandy fore… you

  13. Only the verizon zombies think verizon is the best but in reality they really arent!!

  14. My,VZW stated no lte phones, until q1 / March of 2011, let’s see if he’s right ;-)…

  15. *vzw contact, er…

  16. “simultaneous data/voice on VzW. That’s a minus for CDMA tech compared to GSM (T-Mo, AT&T).”

    Actually, GSM is limited in the exact same way. If you are on EDGE, which is 3G GSM and where the upgrade path ends for that technology, you can’t do voice and data at the same time. If you are on the new “3G” network they use, then you can do both…. because the new 3G path they took is CDMA. W-CDMA to be exact. It forces them to include 2 separate radios to access both technologies on the same frequencies. If it were that big of an issue, Verizon and Sprint could do it by asking manufacturers to include a second radio as well…

  17. By 2013 Verizon’s 3G coverage will be covered by their LTE coverage. This is the real deal, not some stop-gap tech.

  18. Metro PCS has LTE live in Las Vegas and Dallas/Ft.Worth, Sprint IS NOT the only one with 4G live right now.

  19. Sprint/Clearwire will have 120M POPs by year’s end.

  20. its me the same mike as 3rd commenter but anyways nobody really has a 4G network not tmobile,sprint nor verizon every one just uses that as a advertising term none meet requirements to be called 4G networks

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