Over 5-Million Samsung Galaxy S Phones Sold Worldwide


Samsung’s hit another Galaxy milestone that they’re rightfully proud of. Today, we learn that they’ve crossed the 5-million mark for the amount of Galaxy S phones sold in all regions. This includes the United States where over two million people have grabbed up arguably one of the fastest Android phones on the market thanks to the 1GHz Hummingbird processor it packs. Their next biggest market was their home turf – South Korea – where the Galaxy S and the Galaxy U (We don’t know how Samsung can tie this phone into these figures, but it’s their money.) sold a combined 1.2 million units.


Recently, we learned Samsung wasn’t going to stop with the Galaxy S just because it’s been launched on most major carriers in the regions that count. It’s said they’ll be bringing out more variations like the U to shake things up while still considering it a part of the Galaxy S family. (We heard they might do this with the Samsung Continuum, though nothing’s confirmed.)

Say what you want about the Galaxy S phones: they’re popular, fast, and successful. The fact that they run Android makes me optimistic for the future as more companies learn they can turn a sinking ship around by producing stellar products. (Just ask Motorola how they’re doing these days.)

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I think with that many damn phones being sold they need to quit dragging their feet on developement-give us froyo 2.2. You sell that many devices you are going to have a lot of unhappy customers if you dont stay with HTC on updates of software.


  2. That means over 5 million users cannot get a GPS lock…

  3. oooh great you sold alot… thats amazing but where is my 2.2 update?

  4. @Paul beat me to it, I almost made the mistake of getting one.

  5. wow @paul that made me LOL

  6. @paul
    you said it, sir!

  7. Amen! Where is 2.2? I could kick my own ass for not waiting on the G2 instead of getting this. Unless they get their act together, this will be the last Samsung I ever own.

  8. I am getting antsy about my 2.2 fix, Samsung if you are listening, hurry on up, I am one of those that people come to when they are looking for a new phone, you don’t want me to steer them to HTC or Motorola

  9. I have a Samsung Captivate and I absolutely love it. Froyo is coming very soon as a unofficial froyo release is on xda developers website.

  10. Yea that is too bad. Samsung hardware…awesome. Samsung software…issues issues issues. But the beauty of android is that you do not have to suffer with Samsung’s software issues….that is if you root your phone and use some developer updates. My Vibrant has fast GPS lock, tethering, removed bloatware and the developers will soon create Froyo ROMs; I would say in the next few weeks.

    I will probably have Froyo with all the necessary upgrades before TMO even has their first GPS fix update sent out.


  11. You guys need to calm down and let them take their time unless you want any 2.2 glitches.

  12. 5 Million Devices sold how come there isn’t any Vanilla Roms yet :( (Or am I just not looking hard enough?)
    I Must be so lucky! No GPS issue for me (i9000 Australia)
    I don’t mind waiting a little bit longer for 2.2 but if it’s only going from 2.1 -> 2.2 does that mean it will take even longer to go from 2.2 -> 3.0??

  13. Are you guys really this clueless? Froyo is available in various flavors for all different Galaxy S phones on XDA… sheesh

  14. What does, “Their next biggest market was their home turf – South Korea – where the Galaxy S and the Galaxy U (We don’t know how Samsung can tie this phone into these figures, but it’s their money.)” mean?

    It’s essentially the same hardware with a DMB, especially the Galaxy S (the U might have a smaller screen, can’t remember). The Galaxy S version here had sold 1M on one carrier alone in a much smaller region, where smartphones aren’t popular. This is an impressive accomplishment.

  15. @El Guapista
    Would you be able to help point one out for me?
    I really have been keeping an eye out but have not yet come across a vanilla rom for the i9000?

  16. I just want to use my phone. I love Samsung products man this phone is a nightmare.

  17. I love this phone. GPS is a bit glitchy, but seriously… could you imagine owning the windows 7 phone? The last windows phone I had was the real nightmare! It was supposed to be innovative and amazing. It was a clock, a phone and a text box! (And the phone app crashed all the time!

    By the end of this month, all your woes will be quenched. Froyo, will be had by all… and all will have Froyo.

  18. Damnit, I don’t think I should be patient with the wait for 2.2. It should have been released by now. I know there are set backs in the tech world but really, a lot of the issues have been known for months now. Do small updates for the urgent issues like gps then work on getting the full 2.2 out. I say fire the I.T Project Managers in charge off this project as they are missing deadlines and users are noticing, and suffering (some).

  19. I wonder what people will complain once official fixes are out.

  20. Samsung almost in the lead of advanced cpu, graphics, and over all technology

  21. @paul
    I have a Vibrant that gets a GPS lock within seconds every time and works flawlessly. I have not applied any “fix” – it worked when I bought it.

    They’re not all broken.

  22. If Samsung is not serious about its update then seriously everyone should ditch this phone. A good company would never advertise like update will be on somewhere in September and then around last of October.

  23. Well as Windows 7 mobile and Android 3 are about to launch you will probably have a new phone before you upgrade your Galaxy! Dual core and 2GHz processors are coming soon too, so consider carefully which make you go for because Sammy are unlikely to speed up their software releases.

  24. Glad I ditched my Galaxy S phone.

    They are like a finicky sports car: ful of features and chiny, but finicky and spend most of their lives in the shop, offering only costly downtime. Sort of like Windows.

  25. Vibrant owner here. Love the screen. Love how the phone handles gaming. Excellent phone for gaming. The camera is pretty sweet too. Those are the two things that work best on this phone. Everything else however….fucking blows fat monkey dick. GPS…not even worth talking about. Lag…fucking terrible. Simple tasks that should be lightning fast take 10’s of seconds to perform. Simple shit like opening an app, or simply pressing the messaging button to send somebody a text can take fucking 15 to 20 seconds! Samsung also screwed me on the Gravity. I had that peice of shit phone for about a week and returned it and got the G1. Best decision I’ve ever made. At least HTC knows how to implement successful software into their phones. SAMSUNG, listen up buddy…I AM DONE WITH YOU! I don’t even care any more if you come out with an update that fixes everything on the Vibrant. It’s too late. You screwed the FUCKING pooch buddy. And for that, you lose my cell phone business. I’ll still buy TV’s from you because at least you seem to get that right.

  26. I think samsung is going to dominate the phone market in 2011,because now it has the best screen on the market “super amoled” even the retina display of the iphone4 could not beat it,also the humming bird processor which has 1Ghz of speed with the best 3d gaming graphics that even beats the upcoming nokia n8 dedicated gpu,in 2011 samsung will introduce phones with break resistant super amoled screens and the powerful Orion processors which only samsung haters will try to resist.

  27. I love my Samsung. There will always be people complaining, just like for any other phone. Let these whiners whine. I love my made in Korea product! Look out for the Giant.

  28. If I was to re-create the Galaxy S phone (I’m a Vibrant user). First, i’ll be very transparent on the update track. There will be no doubt on any OS updates/fixes. I’ll create a schedule and be very open to any changes/issues that may come. I believe if they kept us informed BETTER, I wouldn’t have these negative feelings.

    Second, I’ll have a front facing camera, or a little do-hickiey thingy that attaches to the top of the phone which has a mirror to use the rear camera as a front camera for video conferencing. Also, ill have a way to uninstall bloatware without having to root my phone.

  29. I’m about to jump shift to the HTC desire HD if Samsung doesn’t give me froyo by the end of the month

  30. I love my new phone (Fascinate). I really don’t know what are all these people talking about GPS issues and blah blah blah. I have no issues with GPS of phone being laggy or anything, does it mean i got lucky and got the good phone? This phone is billion times faster than my BB Storm and I coulnt be happier with android even being on 2.1

  31. I want an update for 2.2 already… think about it, if its taking soo long to bring out 2.2 from 2.1 .. how long are we gonna wait till we get 3.0 , of course, if we EVER do get it?

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