Oct 5th, 2010

Samsung’s hit another Galaxy milestone that they’re rightfully proud of. Today, we learn that they’ve crossed the 5-million mark for the amount of Galaxy S phones sold in all regions. This includes the United States where over two million people have grabbed up arguably one of the fastest Android phones on the market thanks to the 1GHz Hummingbird processor it packs. Their next biggest market was their home turf – South Korea – where the Galaxy S and the Galaxy U (We don’t know how Samsung can tie this phone into these figures, but it’s their money.) sold a combined 1.2 million units.


Recently, we learned Samsung wasn’t going to stop with the Galaxy S just because it’s been launched on most major carriers in the regions that count. It’s said they’ll be bringing out more variations like the U to shake things up while still considering it a part of the Galaxy S family. (We heard they might do this with the Samsung Continuum, though nothing’s confirmed.)

Say what you want about the Galaxy S phones: they’re popular, fast, and successful. The fact that they run Android makes me optimistic for the future as more companies learn they can turn a sinking ship around by producing stellar products. (Just ask Motorola how they’re doing these days.)

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