Sep 29th, 2010


We have been hearing about the Altek Leo off and on for the past few months, and even though the phone will carry Android 2.1 and a screen on the smaller size at 3.2-inches any possible hardware and software shortcomings you could think of are immediately forgotten in light of the phones epic 14MP camera with 3X optical zoom capabilities and 720p HD video recording. It was announced to be hitting Asia sometime in Q4 of this year, but Altek is now currently shopping the phone for a European release as well. While no carrie partners seem to have been locked down at this time, Altek is promising the beast will hit Europe’s shores in Q1 of 2011.

And if having what basically amounts to a digital camera with smartphone functionality in your pocket isn’t enough to get you excited about the Leo, we are now learning the phone will be a 3.5G handset capable of HSUPA speeds up to 5.76mbps and HSDPA speed of up to 7.2mbps. That should make it super convenient for uploading all those high quality photos at full resolution.

[via Android Authority]

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