NASA Rover Gets Nexus One Controls


I love all the things people have been able to do with the Nexus One. It really is a testament to Google releasing a phone that they wanted to get into developers’ hands with an OS that is capable of doing so much more than just making phone calls and sending texts. We have already seen the N1 reach towards the heavens aboard a rocket, but now the phone is getting spacey in a different way. The NASA Ames Research team has built up a system to control one of their rovers with the Nexus.

Now don’t get too excited, as we probably won’t be driving moon rovers around from the comfort of our living room using our cell phones anytime soon — the remote controller is set up to work over Bluetooth via an Arduino board strapped on to the rover. Check out the video below for a quick demonstration.

[via Android Community]

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  1. I want one for my traxxas slash 4×4…

  2. so i guess that’s what US taxpayers are spending our billions on?


  3. Space nerds rule!

  4. Downloading android apps is forbidden in iran. Why?

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