Sep 29th, 2010

dell looking glasss

Not so long ago we caught wind of a confirmed 7-inch Android tablet coming from Dell to fill in the product range between the Streak and an iPad-sized variant. The 10-inch tab won’t be hitting shelves for 6-12 months, but the 7-inch version will be coming to shelves in a mere matter of weeks according to Amit Midha, President of Dell Greater China. Also mentioned were 3 and 4-inch “tablets” (if you could call them that).

While the 7-incher is most definitely an Android beast, the others mentioned have no confirmed OS and — for the largest one at least — may end up featuring Windows 7 as the OS of choice. Provided this thing really does get out before the end of the year, Dell might just make the Samsung Galaxy Tab buying decision a bit harder for those looking at Android tablets in the 7-inch range.

[via Gizmodo]

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