You Thought the Desire HD Booted Up Fast? Droid Incredible Shows Off 2-Second Boot


HTC’s looking to shorten boot times on their latest Sense devices by – well – a whole lot of time, and we were all impressed by how much faster it was to boot into Android compared to devices with older versions of Sense. At least for one ROM maker working on the HTC Droid Incredible, he doesn’t need any stinkin’ HTC-drafted optimizations to get his wares booting up before you can even blink. Check out the video for yourself below, courtesy of AC.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Not a fan of sense, but DAMN that is fast….and the rom isn’t even optimized for the phone. Very impressive.

  2. That is a very… very fast boot up.

  3. hehee.. that’s just a boot animation well-timed finger-swipe! ;)

  4. Incredible… i love my incredible more and more. This made me say “WHOA!” outloud. my coworkers think im nuts now…

  5. It’s not “BOOTING” – the phone is in HIBERNATE. When you pull the battery and power on it still takes just as long as before.

  6. It is really sweet! But the problem is, somehow I cannot charge the battery while it is off, maybe it’s because it is in hibernation?

  7. There is no way that is a cold boot.

  8. vroom vroom…fast boot, then… blarg…batttery dead. awwww. At least it boots fast for the few hours you can use your phone between charges.

  9. What DroidHAM said. This is clearly a phone coming out of hibernate. It’s cool that he got hibernate going, but this is not a cold boot.

  10. Actually that is the boot time, go watch the video on droid-life he powers the phone down multiple times and reboots it. He doesnt pull the battery or put it in hibernate. Its kinda like the new motherboards coming out for computers that boot instantly there is no more boot up screen, its Zero- Windows screen in 2 seconds =)

  11. a 2 second off-on bootup….dont believe it. need a little more confirmation. would be nice if it was real though!

  12. Pull the batt out, put it back and then let us see its booting.. :-)

  13. Whoa! That’s fast

  14. You are all haters! Stop hating! The battery life on the Incredible isn’t even that bad, I used it ALL day without it dying! I would love to get that ROM tho… would be nice, but then again when do I ever turn off my phone except when I have time to wait for it to boot lol..

  15. WOW….Mine takes forever….lol

    @Christopher….I love my DINC but honestly the battery life sucks and way worse that most other smart phones. I think it is an obvious issue that should be fixed in future HTC phones. My wife has a galaxy s and her battery live is easy 4x greater than mine if not better with the same usage and trust me I have stolen her phone a few times. I still think sense is the best UI for android though and again I love my incredible!

  16. ohhhhh….and another thing. I would love to see HTC provide downloadable upgrades from their website so we could get these types of features straight from them!

  17. Hibernation or not, this is the last thing id hate to see developers get Hung up on. There are plenty of improvements to be made to Android and this isn’t one at the top of the list. There are more important things already logged to resolve.

  18. The kernel needs more time to initialize. No way this steps through bootloader, boots kernel, then boots dalvik at that speed. It’s not a 16 core xeon. And even with a 16 core xeon it would need more time for the kernel to initialize the system.

  19. I’m with mark .. Video of the battery being pulled and then a boot

  20. I tried this ROM on my incredible. When you do a power down it goes into a hibernate mode. A reboot takes as long if not longer than other ROMS. Its false advertisement.

  21. ofc is hibernate! lol!

    But hibernate is also a very nice thing on the phone.
    I would love to have my phone shut down during night when i sleep. but i dont want to wait 30 sec to check the clock when i wake up. VOILA! hibernate!

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