Glasses-Free 3D (Autostereo) Interface Demoed With Android


The Nintendo 3DS shocked and wowed many at E3 2010 as the media was anxious to see how glasses-free 3D could be done on a handheld gaming platform. We knew the technology existed, but we didn’t know how good it’d translate to consumer products and didn’t have any clue as to when we could expect to see stuff like this on store shelves. Nintendo proved that they’re ready to take the leap, and one company going by the name of Scaleform – together with Master Image and NVIDIA – will take things even further with our beloved Android leading the software charge.

The device was featured at NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference show going down this year with a Tegra processor (version unknown) providing 3D acceleration. It’s looking to be targeted for cellular phones and tablets – which we assume will primarily start with Android – starting sometime in 2011 (most likely later in the year). We’ve speculated before about Android devices coming with autostereo  technology to provide a 3D experience without glasses, but nothing concrete has ever come to form until recently.


This isn’t to say we’ll be seeing the technology picked up by our favorite, major Android manufacturers such as HTC, Samsung, Motorola, and more, but I certainly don’t think we’re far off from seeing a manufacturer coming out of left field with a killer device to start a wave of products built around this technology. As we move into 2011, we should get a better idea of where these manufacturers go next in terms of Android, and if it isn’t careful, glasses-free 3D technology just might be the next breakout innovation.

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  1. Anyone seen this in action? I need a new TV and I’m considering shutter glasses 3D. But I’ve heard that TV’s with this autostereo parallax barrier tech are coming. Looks like it’ll work well for handhelds, but I’m wondering how well it could possibly work for a TV given the limited viewing angle.

  2. I knew they were going to do that.. I’m sure they are going to put it on TVs..that’s why I think the 3D televisions right now are a stupid idea. Nobody wants to wear glasses whole watching your favorite channel.

    I wondered why they wouldn’t put the same lens on the glasses in a larger scale against the television for all to see?

  3. I agree, I will call 3D a silly fad until glasses-less technology is implemented.

  4. I’d rather wear glasses than have to sit exactly perpendicular with the TV. I’d imagine that if you’re on a slight angle you’re going to see a distorted double image just like those hologram stickers.

  5. Toshiba is supposed to be launching glasses free 3D tv’s before Christmas (in Japan at least).

  6. Don’t bother buying a 3D TV that requires glasses. Stupid fad. I did 3D TV with glasses back 20 years ago and it sucked as bad then as it does now. Yawn! Wait for 3D TV without glasses that works on multiple viewing angles.

  7. Glasses free TV that works at multiple angle, yeah I’d love that. I’d also love a flying car, and puppy that shits out real gold. Since I can’t have either of these thing’s I love, I am going to settle on a car that never leaves the ground, a regular dog, and an awesome 2D TV that’s 3D capable when I want it to be. Did someone above said no one wants such a thing?

  8. @rajendra82
    And in the future when we have antimatter chopsticks and wireless internet connections in our skulls, you will understand how silly it seems to compare glasses-less 3d with good viewing angles to a dog that poops gold.

  9. well put

  10. @rajendra82 I really dont think you are technically savvy!!!

  11. @rajendra82 didn’t people say the same thing about lcd viewing angles?

  12. @Z-liberator
    I think rajendra82 understands the tech better than you: the current incarnation of glasses-free TV cannot handle multiple viewing angles, and as I understand it, multiple viewing angles is a huge hurdle.

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